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Maltipoo Separation Anxiety – How To Deal With A Scared Dog!

Maltipoos are the outcome of cross-breeding a Maltese dog with a doodle. The dogs show a mix of the characteristics and attributes seen in both of the breeds. They’re very amicable and make for an interesting choice of a pet.

Maltipoo separation anxiety is an aggravated form of distress experienced by the Maltipoo when separated from the owner. Since they cannot communicate their sadness, the owner usually mistakes it for uncharacteristic behavior and get worked up.

The dogs and their pups lather affection and desire the same from you as well. When you’re unable to do so, or they experience a lack of it, they tend to distance themselves from the owner and brood about it. Over the long run, the dogs develop separation anxiety in the absence of the owner.

What Is Maltipoo Separation Anxiety?

Though they can’t communicate, they usually show distress signals, which can be rapidly identified by the owner if they take a closer look. A stranger may find it extremely hard to understand what’s wrong, but the owner will be able to comprehend the anxiety levels and outline the cause.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, you may tend to ignore the signals or not have time to separate cause from effect. Please spare some time in your day for your dog. They consider you as their whole universe, and the least you can do is pay attention to their needs when you’re home.

After all, being a pet parent is a full-time job. Like an infant, the dogs need the utmost care and love from their owners in the initial part of their lives. Also, showering them with undue affection leads to separation anxiety where they’re unable to stay away from you for a single moment.

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Underlying Causes of Maltipoo Separation Anxiety

Though the term separation anxiety may seem fancy for many pet owners, it’s nothing but your pet missing you when you’re not around. Humans are trained and adapt to certain situations over the due course of time.

It is similar to dogs too. Adequate training and practice will keep all the anxiety at bay. However, how do you help your pet if you don’t know the cause?

The answer is simple and effective. First, you find the trigger and then work on it from there. The primary cause is an inherent attribute of the dog. They are naturally enthusiastic and playful.

Early on, they develop an undeniable bond with their owners and find it difficult to let go even for a short duration. They thrive amidst humans and are the happiest with their owners.

Even as logical beings, you as a pet parent will undoubtedly miss your dog after a certain point in time. Imagine the same feeling for your dog with elevated levels of emotions and everything experienced with a heightened sense for them.

Their level of attachment with you and their inability to let go makes it challenging to handle separation for them. The dogs associate it with the feeling of loneliness and abandonment and brood over it in despair.

Imagine the tiny munchkin in despair. Isn’t it heart-breaking, right? You’re ready to do anything so that your dog doesn’t feel the same way ever again. Let us look at certain signs of separation anxiety.

Signs of Maltipoo Separation Anxiety

Just like humans, every dog is different, even if they belong to the same breed. They will show various signs that are indicators that they’re experiencing bouts of anxiety.

The below-mentioned signs are indicators of separation anxiety:

  1. A drastic change in behaviour where a usually happy dog can turn irritable and annoyed.
  2. Uncharacteristic barking and biting at anything and anyone at your house.
  3. Making moaning and howling sounds at the mere mention of you leaving and sometimes even if you leave the room.
  4. High levels of clingy behavior at the sight of you.
  5. Extremely perturbed and reacts suddenly to a minor change.
  6. Heightened reactions with a lot of jumping and pacing around involved.
  7. May urinate or pass stools within the house itself.
  8. Excessive chewing of toys or even paws as a means of calling for attention.
  9. Sitting for prolonged durations in a corner or brooding in your lap.
  10. Can get aggressive and throw fits for no reason.
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Dealing with Maltipoo Separation Anxiety

Once you’re aware of the underlying causes and the signs shown by the Maltipoo, you can take matters into your hands and focus on how to remedy the situation. Here are specific pointers that can help you better:

Normalize leaving

More often than not, pet parents are also a big reason for the issue to worsen. Just before leaving, you shower a whole lot of love and affection on the Maltipoo. Whether it is kisses or cuddles, the dog gets an excess of it and receives that shortened sense of joy.

You take it away from the Maltipoo when you make your way to the door. So, by giving a brief period of happiness to the dog, you’re raising awareness about the situation that follows wherein you leave.

Hence, the dog gets anxious and associates the leaving part with the undue affection coming their way. They will eventually realize that you will only shower them with love just before you leave, which is wrong.

Hence, it would be best to establish a connection with your dog where you’re affectionate gestures aren’t mistaken. When you leave, please do not make a big deal about it. Sooner than later, the Maltipoo will realize that and will adapt to it slowly.

You also need to train the dog to stay away from you so that they don’t get anxious in your absence. Hence, you need to take puppy steps with them and then move onto the more significant problems.

Avoid the association of objects with you leaving

Dog are good observers, and they will learn of all the ways you decide to leave. You may have a particular habit of picking a bag or shove your wallet in the pocket. You may dangle your key-chain too or play with the car keys.

All of this is seen by the dog and understood. The dogs will instantly recognize the time of your departure and associate those objects with it. Hence, when you pick the house keys, they will begin to pace the length of the room or scratch the rug.

Soon they will get anxious every time someone jiggles the keys or picks a bag. You wouldn’t want the dogs to develop a resentment for these objects. So, please do not make it clear that you follow a daily ritual.

Instead, shuffle the order a bit or change the objects altogether. Instead of picking a wallet or bag, drink a glass of water. Dab some make-up or put on some socks. Sit for a while and talk to your family before heading out.

This will, in turn, help the dog blend into the situation and not realize when you leave. You can even keep the Maltipoo occupied with their favorite chew-toy or a surprise snack.

Inculcate the habit of leaving them alone

A big part of dealing with separation anxiety is understanding the need to leave the dogs alone. If you have always been carrying them around or serenading them with affection, it will undoubtedly be tough when they’re left alone.

They get accustomed to the frequent display of affection and cannot deal with its lack thereof. It is essential to allow the dog to differentiate between space and loneliness.

Make walking away from the dog normal. Start slowly and begin with a short distance daily. It can be the backyard or the driveway but make it a habit to stay out of sight.

Once they get into the habit of staying away from the owner, it gets simpler to dissociate from the feeling of loneliness. Building up steadily on this will eventually put the dog at ease and unperturbed when you leave the room.

Distraction is key

Initially, the only way to get your dog to listen is by keeping them involved in some other activity. If they’re engrossed in something else, they will not realize your absence and stay calm.

You can either engage them with their favorite toy or food so that they are distracted from you leaving them behind. It is easy to keep them distracted, and some even enjoy a cartoon on television.

So, leaving the TV on makes it relatively simple for you to prepare to leave and them unaware about it. Another way to keep them distracted is by playing with them.

A tiring play session is all that is needed for the dog to rest or take a nap while you leave. Hence, it becomes simpler for you to leave the place without the added tension of the dog becoming a bundle of nerves.

Be careful of their housing

The feelings of a dog are a direct reflection of your emotions. They pick up on anxiety quickly and can make you feel wrong about burdening them with the floodgate of your feelings.

Hence, some of them can develop the urge to be in charge of the house when you’re gone. They may react unlike themselves and can be a source of tension for the dog-sitter or the caregiver in your absence.

Hence, to limit the dog from roaming around freely or running away, you can set up a miniature gate to block access and keep the dog confined within the limited space.

Further, do not restrict them to a cage or a box because the surroundings can trigger their nerves too. Instead, building a comfortable space as a den comes highly recommended where the dog feels safe rather than confined.

You don’t want them to feel suffocated. Keeping toys and soft covers will impart a sense of security and playfulness in them. The last thing you want is the dog stressing about where it sleeps.

If they do not like the place, they tend to search for you and will crave your warmth and the comfort you provide. It is ideal for keeping their den as comfortable as possible so that their anxiety is in check.

How to Train A Maltipoo to be Calm Prevent Maltipoo Separation Anxiety

Tips to Prevent Maltipoo Separation Anxiety

Initially, it can be a struggle to get the dog acquainted with the house space without you. Still, there is scope for improvement, and you can adopt the necessary strategies so that they don’t feel low.

Here are a bunch of handy tips when you’re away from home:

  • Build a playing area for the dog where all the playthings are available to keep the dog happy and in the best of moods.
  • A den or a pen imparts a sense of comfort and security to the dog. Make it count by adding things that will keep the dog at ease.
  • Certain pets get relaxed by the sound of music, and they immediately calm down. You can always play soothing music or sing to them to calm their nerves.
  • A cozy blanket or a pillow will make a world of difference to the dog. Especially if there’s a lingering scent of you, the dogs will be comforted by them and snuggle.
  • It is best to keep their den in your room or proximity to yours because the dog will feel the happiest in your space.
  • Spend ample time with the dog playing, walking, or bathing them as it instills a feeling of security in them.
  • Talk to your dogs and train them to understand gestures and voice levels so that they know when they’re wrong.
  • Please do not punish them or get angry with them for their uncharacteristic behavior. Instead, give the Maltipoo time and care to understand.


All of the points mentioned above will help you in identifying and mitigating the situation at hand. You will soon have a calm and responsive pet who doesn’t get restless in your absence. Remember, they can be obstinate and don’t give in to their demands. Please don’t spoil them. Care for them and nurture them with affection in appropriate amounts.

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