Maltipoo Temperament

Maltipoo Temperament – Complete Guide To This Adorable Breed

The Maltipoo is a fairly new crossbreed to the dog scene. Bred from a toy or miniature poodle and Maltese. The Maltipoo temperament is something they share with many of their parents’ traits, such as their playful nature and high intelligence. The Maltipoo temperament is another characteristic that is passed down from parents to their offspring.

Maltipoo Temperament

Barely taller than a sheet of A4 paper and weighing less than a regular car tire, these cuddly, endearing little creatures have become a popular addition to households around the globe. The fact that these adorable dogs maintain that puppy personality into their senior years probably adds to that popularity. In fact, they are now ranked 83 out of 238 on certain established pet websites.

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Do Maltipoos Like To Be Held?

Maltipoos can suffer from anxiety separation when left for long periods, so picking them up and holding them is of great comfort and shouldn’t be discouraged.

The Maltipoo temperament is one of gentleness and affection, so your four-legged friend would certainly love being held once in a while. Of course, where smaller children are concerned, this should always be supervised as the child is libel to accidentally yank or pull the dog, causing it harm, or maybe cause it to snap.

Maltipoos crave the attention of humans, so when you first bring your dog home, it’s best to introduce them to as many people as possible, especially those who are regular visitors to your home. By doing this, your dog will never be shy of visitors and will be spoilt for choice when it comes to grabbing someone’s attention for a cuddle and love. And because this bred is a light shedder in terms of its hair, your lap time petting isn’t going to result in an endless amount of time brushing dog hairs off your clothes.

are maltipoos clingy

Are Maltipoos Clingy?

We have already determined that a Maltipoo can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety; hence it stands to reason that when you have no choice but to leave them on their own, maybe because of work commitments or any other reason when you do finally come home, your dog might not want to leave your side. This may also become apparent when you leave for work in the morning.

Maltipoos can, like any dog when they’re left alone for long periods, become clingy. Your dog will become accustomed to your daily routines, so will know instinctively when it’s time for you to leave for work, and again you could have a very clingy dog to deal with.

We need to ensure that when leaving them alone is unavoidable, we put certain measures into place to ensure they are both comfortable and relaxed to avoid any anxiety. Or at least minimize to as little as possible. Anxious dogs are likely to go on a wrecking spree.

You might find your shoes have been commandeered by your dog and are now his favorite chewy toy. Your chair or table legs might well look like they have been feasted as if they were a pork chop, and your whole house could resemble a doggy toilet.

Relieve the Boredom

This breed of dog is extremely sociable, so will get bored very easily. It’s also very inquisitive, so to avoid having your house turned upside down, you need to plan ahead. Dog crates are fine if you’re only leaving your dog alone for a short while but shouldn’t be used when leaving them for longer periods. Remember, at some point during the day, your Maltipoo will want to go to the toilet. It’s not ideal or hygienic for them to do their business in their place of rest and sleep.

It would be great if someone could visit your dog every so often while you’re out. This way, not only will your Maltipoo become less clingy when you leave in the morning, they can be held and have a cuddle with your kind visitor. Water and plenty of it should always be available to your dog. You will need to make sure it’s easily accessible, and if needs be, buy an extra bowl and fill that up too.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

Because Maltipoos are not the type of breed to sit quietly in the corner, especially when they’re younger, it would be a great idea to get a dog walker to drop in during the day to tire your cuddly chum out, and hopefully, they will then take a nap.

Talking of walkies, if time permits, try to take your dog out before you go to work. This could save you a lot of problems in the long run. If this becomes a ritual every time you have to go out, it will be less stressful on your Maltipoo as he will be more content being left alone knowing he’s going to go out beforehand. Plus, you will tire him or her out.

Depending on where you live and if it’s feasible, a dog door flap will allow access to outside, which will relieve the boredom and mean less mess for you to clean up when you get home. Of course, this also depends on the weather, speaking of which, if you’re in the depths of winter and the temperatures have plummeted, ensure that whatever room you leave them is warm enough.

Physical exercise is important, but because Maltipoos are extremely intelligent mental stimulation is also vitally important. For this reason, try to play some games with your dog before you leave—games such as what hand. Find a treat or any other game which will stimulate your dog’s mind.

Leaving the T.V on while you’re out is another way to relieve anxiety and make your dog less clingy. There are many channels on YouTube that cater to this type of situation. You never know, your dog may well find his favorite T.V program this way.

Any dog can become clingy at some point, even when they’re not left alone, and a Maltipoo is no exception. But this isn’t such a bad thing. Just pick them up, hold them, and cuddle them. Because a Maltipoo temperament certainly allows for this.

Maltipoo Temperament

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