Best Maltipoo Breeders In Florida

The 5 Best Maltipoo Breeders In Florida (FL) – 2024

If you’re looking for Maltipoo puppies in Florida, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve found the best Maltipoo breeders in Florida, who goes above and beyond in ensuring the adoption process is a smooth and lovely time, for you and the puppy.

Maltipoos are a hybrid dog that is a cross of Maltese and Toy Poodle. They are small dogs with fine, silky coats. These dogs were originally bred in the United States during the early 1900s. Today, they can be found worldwide, but they are most common in North America and Western Europe. They are very popular because they are small, charming, fun-loving, and adorable.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Maltipoo Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an adorable Maltipoo puppy!

Maltipoo Puppies in Florida

maltipoo puppies in florida

Maltipoos have an average lifespan of 12-15 years and require moderate exercise to stay healthy and happy. They can be trained to do tricks like sit, shake hands or lie down. These dogs also have an innate love for people and will make great companions for children or other animals in your home.

In general, Maltipoos have a happy-go-lucky temperament and are very affectionate. Regarding activity levels, it is an energetic dog always on the move. Every day, it needs to be walked or taken for a long walk to avoid getting bored or developing bad habits like chewing on furniture or barking too much.

Maltipoos are also very social animals that get along well with other pets in the house and children and adults of all ages. Now that you know all about this wonderful hybrid now, you must be anxious to take it to your home. But for that, you must have proper knowledge about its breeders. Luckily, this article will reveal it all for you, so continue reading!

Finding a Good Maltipoo Breeder In Florida

Doing proper research on the breeder, you will adopt your puppy is crucial. If you reach out to backyard breeders to find your Maltipoo puppies in Florida, then you might end up having a sick canine friend. So, the following list of Maltipoo Breeders in Florida will help you avoid such inconvenience.

Let us share a list of top puppy mills in Florida that breed Maltipoo hybrid dogs. We will share all the details of the puppy mills’ websites so you can contact them. It would be best to ask questions from the breeders and get more information about their dogs.

You can also find reputable breeders by searching for them on social media sites like Facebook. Let’s have a look at all such sites.

List of the Best Maltipoo Breeders in Florida

Here is a list of the most reliable and trustworthy Maltipoo Breeders in Florida:

Royal Puppy Palace

Royal Puppy Palace is a great stop with the best Maltipoo breeders in Florida. As they believe in the health of their puppies, you will have an active little friend with no zero genetic disorders guarantee. They socialize all their Maltipoo puppies with adults and children to bring up well-balanced puppies with great temperaments.

Royal Puppy Palace is a perfect pet resort that offers to board dogs in a family-friendly environment. They also have an on-site veterinarian and offer grooming services and daycare for your pets. We recommend you check out this breeding agency if you’re looking for a Maltipoo.

Reach Out to Royal Puppy Palace

Premier Pups

Premier Pups is one of the most famous breeders in Florida who breeds first-generation puppies. The Maltipoo puppies from this breeding house give you easily trainable canines with healthier hybrid vigor, high intelligence, and playful and friendly nature, along with a 100 percent health guarantee. You can also meet their Maltese and poodle parents to ensure the parents are healthy.

Overall, they satisfy their customers in every way, giving them the best furry friends who can be the perfect additions to their families. Maltipoo is a small canine with less grooming and activity needs, so you need not worry about handling it.

It doesn’t need a professional groomer or more frequent health checkups. A yearly health checkup and weekly grooming are sufficient for this adorable little fellow. The breeders don’t mind giving Maltipoos to families living in small condos or apartments, as these little pups can easily fit anywhere.

Reach Out To Premier Pups

Robin’s Pups

Robin’S Pups is a licensed kennel situated in Hudson, Florida. This breeding house claims to be specialized in breeding all hybrid poodle dogs, including Maltipoos, Shih Poos, and Malshipoos. You will get healthy and active hybrids that can easily adjust with kids and children—they train their puppies from the very start in a way that all families crave to adopt them.

Reach Out To Robin’S Pups

  • Address: Clearwater, Florida, USA
  • Phone: (813) 335-4728
  • Website:
  • Email:

Other address

Florida Pups Maltipoos

Maltipoo is just the start of what you can find with Florida Pups Maltipoos. As a licensed kennel, the team at this kennel specializes in successfully crossbreeding various purebred dogs to produce their successful hybrids. You can find the best Maltipoo puppies in Florida with this breeding house.

Florida Pups Maltipoos is proud to go the extra mile to care for their puppies before they are shared with their forever families. They deliver the best Maltipoo puppies with the greatest temperaments. And it comes through the training routines integrated into the little canines’ socialization.

Reach Out To Florida Pups Maltipoos

Forever Love Puppies FL

Forever Love Puppies FL pups will be litter trained, well groomed, vaccinated, and free of genetic health disorders. They also offer health checkups and grooming from their professionals even after you take the puppy home. You can easily contact this site or visit their store. We have given the contact details below.

Through these breeders, you will have reasonable pricing and well-trained Maltipoos puppies in Florida.

Reach Out To Forever Love Puppies


Best Maltipoo Breeders In Florida

The Maltipoo can prove to be a wonderful, reliable option when it comes to designer breeds.

Finding a reputable Maltipoo breeder in Florida who offers healthy, happy puppies is a great first step when you’re ready to adopt this adorable canine. We hope this article will guide you in this regard!

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