How Long Do Puppies Need A Heat Lamp?

How Long Do Puppies Need A Heat Lamp?

Heat lamps are necessary for puppies, especially when they are small and not able to regulate their body temperature. These devices will help keep the room temperature comfortable for your puppy while also saving you some money on electricity. In order to know how to properly take care of a dog, you need to know about heat lamps. 

Newborn puppies need a heat lamp till they reach the age of 7 weeks. As the puppies are small, they are not able to regulate their body temperature. To make sure they are warm and comfortable, you need to use heat lamps. Puppies reach their normal body temperature at the age of 4 weeks, but they are still not able to regulate their temperature. So it is essential to use a heat lamp till they are 7 weeks old. 

If you want to know the answer to how long do puppies need a heat lamp, continue reading the article. 

What Are Puppy Heat Lamps?

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    While it is true that newborn pets are more susceptible to the cold, the warmer the room, the longer puppies should stay warm. If the temperature is too low for the puppy, it could cause severe damage to the puppy’s nervous system and bones.

    Puppies that are left outside in 30-degree weather will also likely die quickly due to a lack of body heat. So, the question of how long puppies need a heat lamp is an important one to ask yourself and your vet.

    Puppy heaters should only be used for a few days at a time. Puppies are more susceptible to heatstroke and dehydration and should only be placed under the heat lamp for a short period of time. The heat lamp emits infrared radiation, which is the same as a human can feel heat. The more infrared radiation an object emits, the more heat it gives off. So make sure you consult a vet when it comes to using a heat lamp.

    As the name goes, these lamps help to keep the puppies warm during the cold. These lamps emit light and heat, which puppies need when they are small.

    There are a few different types, but the common ones include the Fluker Ceramic Heat Emitter and Exo Terra Desert UVB Lamp. Both of these types of lamps emit heat without producing light, making them suitable for nighttime use. 

    A 250-watt lamp is an ideal heat level for a puppy. Heat lamps are not recommended for use in puppy homes made of straws because they can be a fire hazard. Use flame-resistant bedding instead. Keep in mind that a puppy should not be exposed to high temperatures. A heat lamp used for a puppy’s whelping box should be no higher than 250 watts. Otherwise, it could burn the puppy.

    Another concern with heat lamps is that they can tangle with electrical cords. Luckily, the majority of heat lamps are safe for dogs when chosen properly. When buying a heat lamp, choose one that only emits heat. Other brands give off light, which is uncomfortable for puppies. Also, keep your puppy’s heat lamp away from walls and ceilings to prevent it from catching fire. 

    What Are Puppy Heat Lamps
Why Do Puppies Need Heat Lamps

    Why Do Puppies Need Heat Lamps?

    While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, puppies need heating to survive and are susceptible to hypothermia. When they are young, they don’t have the ability to regulate their body temperature, so they huddle together with their mother to keep warm. To know how to take care of a dog, you need to keep them warm and comfortable. 

    A heat lamp can prevent this by keeping the temperature of the area where your puppy sleeps and eats warm enough to prevent hypothermia. When buying heat lamps for puppies, make sure to purchase a 250-watt model. It will help you to keep the puppy warm.

    While heat lamps can help your puppy stay warm and avoid frostbite, they are not a permanent solution. You’ll need to move it to a different room to prevent your puppy from chewing on the cords. For safety purposes, you should consider buying a mesh safety net or cover to keep the lamp out of the reach of your puppy. 

    When Can Puppies Regulate Their Own Temperature?

    Until around seven weeks old, a puppy is still not able to regulate its own body temperature. They rely on their mother’s warmth to stay comfortable. This means that getting too cold can be a serious problem.

    As a puppy grows older, it can learn to regulate its own temperature. Most of the time, puppies learn how to regulate their own temperature when they reach the age of 7 weeks. 

    At seven weeks of age, a puppy’s body temperature should be about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Puppies should not have a temperature lower than eighty degrees, even if the mother sleeps close to them. Puppies who are able to regulate their own temperature will be happier, more active, and spend less time with their mother. 

    The first step toward helping a puppy regulate its own body temperature is to understand what a normal body temperature is. A healthy puppy has a temperature range of seventy degrees, and a normal adult is around eighty. If a puppy is unable to regulate its own temperature, it will try to stay warm in strange ways. This may include sleeping on top of their siblings, sleeping near the mother, or beside a heater. 

    How Long Do Puppies Need a Heat Lamp?

    How Long Do Puppies Need A Heat Lamp?

    The heat lamp is an effective and inexpensive way to keep puppies warm. Most heat lamps screw into a standard lightbulb socket and are suspended at an appropriate height above the whelping box. You can also purchase a complete heat lamp unit that plugs into an electrical outlet.

    You should provide artificial heat for puppies until they are at least seven weeks old. After seven weeks, they are capable of self-regulating their body temperatures.

    Puppy warmth is essential for healthy growth. If the room temperature is too cold, the puppy will develop bone and nerve problems and may even die. In addition, puppies that are left outdoors in temperatures as low as 30 degrees will quickly succumb to dehydration.

    A heat lamp will help the puppies survive these temperatures, but you should monitor the temperature and adjust it appropriately.

    A heat lamp should be placed on a high shelf away from the puppy, preferably six inches away. The lamp should also be placed in a room that is draft-free and warm. The cords should be covered so that the puppies do not chew them or knock them over.

    If you are planning to use more than one heat lamp for your puppy, make sure the room has sufficient ventilation and that your puppy isn’t left unattended when it’s under the lamp.

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