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Protecting Dogs from Cancer Risks Caused by Environmental Toxins

In recent decades, there has been an increasingly greater incidence of cancer among domestic animals. As if caring for our family pets isn’t challenging enough, we now have to address issues such as cancer in our favorite family members.

Medical science has shown that most cancers in humans, as well as in domestic animals, can be attributed, in some degree, to an environmental factor. While it may be as something as simple as diet, these environmental factors are creating a greater incidence of cancer in the family dog.

One area of concern, in the development of cancer in our family dog, is the direct connection between cancer and the environmental pollutants in our own homes. Since domestic animals commonly remain indoors many hours of the day, our homes must be well ventilated with clean air ducts, filters, and vents so as to ensure our pets are not subjected to pollens, pesticides, mildew, and bacteria.

Another issue of concern involves the use of household products that are known as carcinogen’s for your family pet. For example, a stain remover containing the chemical perchloroethylene as well as a furniture polish containing amyl acetate are both considered dangerous to your dogs health.

And, what about smoking? There is some scientific research to suggest that second-hand smoke can have an adverse reaction on not only humans but also on domestic animals. In fact, exposure to tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and benzene may contribute to advanced tumor growth in your family dog.

Even more astounding than all this is the research evidence that seems to support fluoride, in our city drinking water, may also be contributing to cancer in our family pets. While the findings of this study are premature, many domestic pet owners are increasingly concerned about even the most basic element of nutrition for their pet; water.

With water intake, there is also a concern over the level of chlorine ingested. To ensure your dog is exposed to less chlorine, consider boiling water and then allowing it to cool as this will steam off the chlorine products in the water or allow the water to sit idle after dispensing it from the sink. Water that sits idle, and is exposed to the air, will lose the chlorine by-products through evaporation.

As with any canine or feline health concern, the key to optimal health is to seek regular attention and care by a qualified veterinarian. In the case of cancer, understand there is an increasing risk of cancer among our domestic animals. As a result, we must strive to find ways in which to reduce the risks to not only ourselves but also our family pets.

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