Finding the Right dog

Finding the Right Dog

Dogs make wonderful pets. They are charming, interactive, and can quickly become our most understanding friends. Finding the right dog that will complement your lifestyle is very important and must be heavily considered.

How to Start

First, consider how much time will be able to be focused on the dog. All dogs need attention, no matter what the age or breed. Be sure that there will be enough time during the day for walks, play, and possible training. This is especially true with puppies.

Think about the lifestyle of you and your family. If you are active, then a dog with a higher energy level is suitable. Such dogs benefit from long walks or runs, will enjoy activities such as swimming, and will have fun playing in a big yard. If you are unable to provide such activities, then a dog that has a lower energy level is best. Finding an older dog will most likely provide a more suitable companion.

The size of the dog should also be considered. People who have small homes or apartments can still enjoy a dog, however, a smaller dog would be a better option. Maltipoos can make great apartment dogs due to their small size.

Cost is also a necessary factor. Puppies and dogs will require vaccinations and veterinarian check-ups. Spaying and neutering are also costs to consider. Daily costs such as food, treats, and vitamins can quickly add up. The dog will also need a collar, leash, a bed, and an outdoor shelter if it is spending any time outside. Some dogs have special grooming requirements that are best done by professionals.


The breed of dog will determine many of the personality traits, as well as physical traits that the dog will have. However, this is not a guarantee. Seeing the parents of a dog will be more telling than the breed alone.

Dogs that are purebreds are often sought after. If one wants a purebred, be sure to purchase the dog from a breeder with a good reputation. You want a dog that is healthy, both mentally and physically. Dogs that come from puppy mills are often sickly and can have some psychological damage. It will also perpetuate the abuse done at these facilities.

Dogs that are not purebred tend to have better overall health. Traits that are specific to a particular breed may not affect a dog that is mixed. These dogs are just as cute, charming, and trainable.

Consider a Shelter

There are many benefits of adopting a dog from a shelter. You are rescuing a dog and providing them with a loving home. Many people have been forced to give up their pets due to financial difficulties. This means there are a great number of dogs who are in need.

Most likely the dog has already been trained. The extra time and effort of basic training will not be necessary. Most shelters provide training classes at discounted or at no cost to people who adopt.

An adoption fee will also cost less than buying a dog from a pet store or breeder. Most of the vaccinations have already been provided. Some shelters offer discounted prices on dogs that are older, which can be a great help for people on a budget.

Shelters also check to be sure the dogs are social. They will determine if a dog gets along well with other dogs, cats, and children. This allows the potential owners to have more information about the animal they are bringing home.

Dogs can greatly improve your state of mind and health. These loyal companions make great additions to the family. Take the time to plan and determine the best dog for you!


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