When Do Bernedoodles Calm Down

When Do Bernedoodles Calm Down? – 9 Awesome Tips

If you’ve been taken back by all the energy a Bernedoodle has to offer, and have started to wonder when do Bernedoodles calm down, it doesn’t make you a bad parent. Bernedoodles are often very energetic, hyperactive, and highly sociable, which explains their cheerful character so you can push away that guilt. But rest assured, eventually even a Bernedoodle will calm down.

Bernedoodles usually calm down when they reach two years of age. At that age, the dog becomes mature and knows how to better balance its energy level accordingly. Also, keeping in mind that every individual dog is unique, some Bernedoodles might not be completely calm at the age of two. 

If you are someone who can’t wait for your Bernedoodle to calm down, this article will guide you with straightforward tactics which can help your Berneedoodle stabilize its energy better.

When Do Bernedoodles Calm Down?

Why are Bernedoodles so Energetic
How to Manage a Bernedoodles' Energy

As mentioned above, Bernedoodles start maturing when they reach two years of age, meaning their energy level typically declines, making them less active. In some cases, if there are no signs of maturity, at least the dog will be better at controlling the energy.

Some dog owners have reported that despite their Bernedoodles turning three or seven, there were no signs of maturity. In this kind of situation, as a parent, you will have to wait till your dog enters seniority for the energy to decrease.

Sometimes you may encounter a Bernedoodle who isn’t as energetic as others. It is a good idea to take such dogs to the veterinarian in case of any health issues, as a lethargic Bernedoodle is a rare sight. But if the Bernedoodle is healthy but just more relaxed, it is perfectly fine.

Why are Bernedoodles so Energetic?

A lot of you may have this question in your mind, and the answer is simple. Berneedoodles are a designer breed bred between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. And if you know your biology well, it is natural for puppies to inherit distinct characteristics from their parents. Bernese Mountain Dogs are high on energy, and that’s where Bernedoodles get their energy from. 

There is also another reason behind Bernedoodles being so energetic. Every dog goes through puppyhood when the dog is at its peak of being the most playful. The duration of puppyhood is usually around 18 months long, but that’s not the case for Bernedoodles.

The puppyhood in Bernedoodles is prolonged, meaning they behave like puppies for a longer time compared to other breeds which result in them being all nosy and hyper.  

How to Manage a Bernedoodles’ Energy?

The above question is what everybody has been waiting for. Before we dig further, let us first take a look at the characteristics of Bernedoodles. Bernedoodles are popularly known to be very active, energetic, and athletic dogs.

Berneedoodles are highly intelligent and are social dogs, so keeping these characteristics in mind, here are several ideas that will help control your Bernedoodles’ energy.

1. Make use of exciting dog toys 

A great way to tire your Bernedoodle both physically and mentally is to use challenging and exciting toys which will keep your dog busy. These toys will have all your dog’s attention, and they will be on a mission to figure out how the different toys work.

Remember that not only will your dog have fun exploring these toys, but it will also give you some free time to relax and take a break from parenting.

2. Taking a long walk 

The main reason behind taking long walks is to tire your Bernedoodle so that it will not only benefit your dog but also allow you to have a bit more me-time. Going on a long walk is one of the best activities for a Bernedoodle.

Long walks will allow the dog to use its energy and reduce its stress. The walk will also lower blood pressure, improve the circulatory system, and strengthen the bones and muscles of a Bernedoodle,

And another awesome bonus is that this activity will also help in creating a stronger bond between you and your pup. Both of you will also get access to vitamin D, keeping you healthy and in a great mood. 

3. Going to a dog park

While taking your Bernedoodle for a long walk, a quick trip to a dog park is also a great idea. Such an experience will make your dog satisfied and enthusiastic. The dog will get a chance to meet other new dogs, which allows for even more playing around in the park.

This activity is great to tire a dog, and by the time you get home, your dog will surely be ready for a nap.

4. Maintain a play routine 

If you think that having a play routine means more work for you, that’s not correct. The best strategy for managing such a program is to allow your dog to do all the work, allowing you to take a break from playing fetch or throwing the ball constantly. 

Try to incorporate games that will boost your dog’s agility and benefit its health too. You can make your dog run or crawl through dog tunnels.

Make your dog jump through tires or climb up and down onto boards and ramps, which will exercise different types of muscles in your Bernedoodle.

5. Schedule a playdate for your Bernedoodle

Since we’re well aware that Bernedoodles are very social dogs, arranging a play date will only keep your dog happy and active. This kind of initiative will not only help your dog make new friends but also release energy.

Try getting in touch with neighbors and friends who are dog owners and arrange a good time for your dogs together. Remember to always have someone to supervise the playdate to avoid any unnecessary accidents. If you think arranging a playdate sounds too complicated, you can always take your Bernedoodle to a dog park. 

6. Let your Bernedoodle play in the yard

If you love going for walks and have the time to take your Bernedoodle with you, this shouldn’t be a matter of concern. But perhaps you don’t have the time for long walks and spending hours in a dog park, and in that case, it’s essential to have a plan B, letting your Bernedoodle play in the yard.

As we know, Bernedoodles require frequent exercise, and playing in the yard will be a good way of using some of all that energy they have in store. Let your dog run without a leash while you throw a stick or a ball around the yard. This is a great way to ensure a happy and satisfied Bernedoodle.

7. Go to the beach

Pull out your best speedos or swimming suit and get ready for a day at the beach along with your Bernedoodle. Taking your dog to the beach will be a refreshing change in the environment, creating a lot of excitement for your dog.

Allowing your dog to run freely against the breeze, face the sun and swim all day. This kind of activity is sure to tire any dog, and your dog will probably fall asleep on the car ride home.

Those without access to a beach could try some outdoor activities such as – hiking (great for stimulating your dog’s mind), camping (helps you bond with your dog), and exploring open fields (a wonderful excuse to play some frisbee with your dog to use their energy.)

8. Practice indoor activities 

It is not always an option to entertain your pup outdoors, so try some indoor activities to keep your dog entertained and drain his/her energy. There are a few tactics you can practice, such as- 

  • Make your dog run up and downstairs if you have some, will undoubtedly exhaust your Bernedoodle. 
  • Play hide and seek by keeping your dog in a different room, while you hide some treats in another room, and letting your dog do the searching. Not only will your dog lose a lot of energy while playing, but it will also be excellent brain training for your dog.

9. Practice some new tricks

It’s always a lot of fun to teach a dog some tricks, and as dog owners, we couldn’t be more proud when they finally accomplish the trick. By introducing some new tricks to your dog, the process of learning them will wear your Bernedoodle out of energy.

Learning new tricks will also benefit your dog’s common behavior, especially when you aren’t around the house. Without any worry, you can come back to a chaos-free home.

When Do Bernedoodles Calm Down
calm down a bernedoodle

Final Words

Now that you have our list of ideas, don’t rush to do every single thing on the list, as that will only end poorly. Take your time experimenting with the different ideas, as long as you don’t forget to have fun doing it. as it’s the key ingredient to a healthy bond and will also keep you both satisfied.

Also, please note to take thorough safety measures for your dog while performing some of the activities mentioned above.

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