can aussiedoodles hunt

Can Aussiedoodles Hunt? – Everything You Should Know!

Aussiedoodles are among the most popular designer dogs in the world currently. And it is not just because this dog is impossibly cute and adorable. Aussiepoo, as it is affectionately called, has excellent traits from both its parents.

You can train Aussiedoodles to hunt. However, the primary purpose of designer dogs is to promote the best characteristics of the parents. This means getting rid of the undesirable physical characteristics and retaining the best qualities in both parents.

Since one of its parents, a poodle, is traditionally hunting, there comes the question, ‘Can Aussiedoodles hunt?’ While Aussiedoodles can be trained to hunt, the answer is a lot more complicated than that.

So let’s get to the bottom of Aussiedoodles’ history and see what they can or can’t do when it comes to hunting. 

Where Do Aussiedoodles Come From?

Aussiedoodles are a cross of two purebreds – An Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. Aussiedoodles have become much sought after designer dog within the last decade due to their stunning looks. In addition, these dogs are highly intelligent, very friendly, and are a great companion for outdoor lovers. They are also great with kids making them a top choice as family pets.

Aussiedoodles can be a medium or a large dog in terms of size, depending on which parent it takes after. Aussiedoodles with a mini poodle as one of its parents are typically the smallest and are called mini or toy Aussiedoodles.

Generally, Aussiedoodles are between 12 to 23 inches tall and weigh between 45 lbs to 70 lbs. Most of the Aussiedoodles typically have slim but strong bodies. On the other hand, larger Aussiedoodles have sturdy torsos with broad, strong backs.

When it comes to appearance, Aussiedoodles come in different varieties. Some of them have tight and bushy curls similar to a poodle. Other Aussiepoos may have long hair similar to an Australian Shepherd, while others may have a wavy coat.

Similarly, there is no standard color when it comes to Aussiedoodles coat. However, the common colors include a combination of black, white, black, brown, chocolate, tan, and sable. Aussiedoodles with red and blue and merle coats are also common. But Aussiedoodles with a solid white, black, tan, or red coat is very rare.

A healthy Aussiedoodle has an average life span between 10 to 12 years.

Can Aussiedoodles Hunt?

One of Aussiedoodles’ parent is a Poodle, which is a prolific hunter. So it is easy to assume that Aussiedoodles can hunt naturally. In addition, the Australian Shepherd is known for its herding abilities. So yes, most Aussiedoodles exhibit these tendencies.

However, experts and trainers try to discourage any display of hunting and herding tendencies by Aussiedoodles. This is especially important for young children and kids. Aussiedoodles like their family members to stay in a group, so they try nipping and bumping into family members. Although this behavior is by no means aggressive, it requires consistent correction.

So if you’re looking for a canine hunting companion, you should look for other breeds.

How Active Are Aussiedoodles?

Aussiedoodles are among the most active designer dogs. They need more than 90 minutes of daily exercise to burn off the energy. This is why Aussiedoodles make excellent companions for those who have an active lifestyle or love being outdoors.

Aussiepoos love almost all types of physical activities, including agility training. So it is important to keep these beauties occupied to prevent anxiety, depression, and resorting to destruction.

Ways To Keep Aussiedoodles In Top Shape

Ways To Keep Aussiedoodles In Top Shape

Keeping your Aussiedoodles in top shape is a must. And this does not just pertain to its physical body. These designer dogs are extremely intelligent, and they also need mental stimulation.

Here are the best ways to keep Aussiedoodles in top shape.

  • Physical activities – Aussiedoodles need constant physical activity. It can be in the form of jogging, walking for about 90 minutes, and trips to the park. They also love retrieval games, hiking as well as swimming.
  • Mental activities – Aussiedoodles are also very intelligent and like mental activities. You can train them to retrieve mail, load the dishwasher, carry in groceries, and sort the laundry. In addition, Aussiedoodles make excellent baby sitters and therapy dogs.
  • Diet – In addition to all the physical and mental training, Aussiedoodles need a high-quality diet to stay in top shape. Similar to other dogs, Aussiedoodle puppies will need feeding up to four times a day. But he can decrease the frequency of eating once he transitions to adult dog food.

Adult Aussiepoos need two healthy meals in a day. A nutritious canine meal should be a good balance of proteins, grains, and vegetables. In addition to keeping your Aussiedoodles healthy, a good diet will also ensure that they achieve their full life expectancy.

What Else Is Worth Knowing About Aussiedoodles

In addition to the Aussiedoodles topics covered above, here are a few tips you need to know about these lovelies.

  • Aussiedoodles like to please their masters, so they are very easy to train.
  • When it comes to grooming, Aussiedoodles are high on the list. It is mostly because they are seasonal shedders. You need to groom their coats at least four times a week during the shedding season to prevent matting. Clipping their coats after every 12 weeks is also necessary when they are not shedding.
  • If you have pets/small children at home, Aussiedoodles will make a great addition to your family. They are highly sociable and have very low aggression tendencies.
  • Aussiedoodles generally are great for those with dander allergies. However, the second the third generations are more hypoallergenic than the first generations.
  • When it comes to health problems, Aussiedoodles do not have particular problems. However, this does not mean that you should neglect them. A regular visit to a vet is also crucial for an Aussiedoodle.

Final Thoughts

While Aussiedoodles may not be the first choice for hunting, they have other great qualities. They are extremely loyal, adventurous, and make great family pets. They can also be trained to take part in family chores, which makes them an invaluable member of the family.

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