when do aussiedoodles stop growing

When Do Aussiedoodles Stop Growing? – What You Should Know!

when do aussiedoodles stop growing

A lot of Aussiedoodle owners become concerned about how big their Aussiedoodles can actually get, and ask when do Aussiedoodles stop growing? This is because it’s a long-standing fact that it can be difficult to predict the exact adult size of this dog breed.

Aussiedoodle dog sizes are not standard. But in most cases, toy Aussiedoodles stop growing at 7.5 to 11 months. Medium Aussiedoodles stop growing at 11 to 13 months. And standard Aussiedoodles stop growing at 12.5 to 16 months.

Further, the average height of a toy Aussiedoodle is up to 10 inches. A medium Aussiedoodle grows up to 10 to 15 inches tall. A standard Aussiedoodle can stand taller than 15 inches when full-grown.

When Do Aussiedoodles Stop Growing?

It’s easy to tell how big and heavy a purebred dog can get. But for cross-breeds, it can be unpredictable.

Like its parent breeds, an Aussiedoodle belongs to the medium to big dogs category. Aussiedoodles can grow from 10 to over 15 inches tall at the shoulder when they reach adulthood.

Aussiedoodles grow quickly during their first 6 months of age as this is when they are in 50% of their adult weight. Depending on the type of your Aussiedoodle, whether it’s a toy, medium, or standard, they typically stop growing at 1 to 2 years of age.

Toy Aussiedoodles

Toy Aussiedoodles are your small versions that can reach half of their total adult weight when they are 3 and a half months old. They usually stop growing when they reach 7 and a half to 11 months.

A toy Aussiedoodle, or otherwise known as tiny Aussiedoodles, can grow 10 to 12 inches in size as an adult.

More specifically, a toy Aussiedoodle weighs approximately 3.7 pounds when it’s 8 weeks old, 8.2 pounds at 16 weeks, and 18.6 pounds on its 24th week of age.

Mini Aussiedoodles, on the other hand, carry a weight of 5.9 pounds at 8 weeks, 13.1 pounds at 16 weeks, 18.8 pounds at 24 weeks, and 31.7 pounds at 32 weeks of age.

Medium Aussiedoodles

Medium-sized Aussiedoodles grow 50% of their adult weight anywhere between 3 and a half to 5 months old. At 11 to 13 months, they usually are full-grown. Medium Aussiedoodles adult size is usually 12 to 19 inches, measuring from their feet to the shoulder.

Medium Aussiedoodles at 8 weeks of age grow up to 8.2 pounds, 20.3 pounds at 16 weeks of age, 27.1 pounds at 24 weeks of age, and 36 pounds at 32 weeks of age. A full-grown medium Aussiedoodle can weigh about 41 pounds.

Standard Aussiedoodles

Standard Aussiedoodles are the biggest of the bunch, garnering half of their adult weight within 4 and a half to six months of age. A full-grown adult standard Aussiedoodle stops growing at 12 and a half to 16 months old.

A standard Aussiedoodle can grow as tall as 19 to 24 inches as an adult.

At 8 weeks of age, a standard Aussiepoo can weigh about 9.1 pounds, 24.2 pounds at 16 weeks, 35.2 pounds at 24 weeks, 45.1 pounds at 32 weeks, 49.6 pounds at 40 weeks, 57.8 pounds at 48 weeks, and 58.5 pounds at one year of age.

aussiedoodle puppy checklist Are Aussiedoodles Calm Dogs when do aussiedoodles stop growing

How Breeding Affects the Sizes of Aussiedoodles

The size and weight limit of Aussiedoodles can be unpredictable because they are cross-bred. This means that how big they grow would also depend on the size and weight of their parents.

That’s particularly why Aussiedoodles can come in either a toy, medium, or standard version.

A toy Poodle, of course, that is smaller in size compared to a standard poodle will also yield a small Aussiedoodle. The offspring is likely to be lighter than 70 pounds, even if the other parent is a standard-sized Australian Shepherd.

There are also toy or miniature sized Australian Shepherds. And when they are bred with a Miniature Poodle, the Aussiedoodle puppies will be small in size but may grow bigger than their Poodle parent.

Also worth noting that for both parent breeds, namely the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle, the males grow larger than the females. So the father’s size will likely be the main determinant.

This is particularly why it would be difficult to assess how big and how heavy an Aussiedoodle pup can grow. To make accurate predictions, one would need to look at the size and weight of the parents and make their calculations based on that.

Other Factors That Affects How Big an Aussiedoodle Can Grow

Aside from their genetics, there are other factors that contribute to the growth of an Aussiedoodle. One of them is how you feed them.

Puppy food contributes a lot to a dog’s growth. More so if you feed them food and supplements that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. These can help a puppy grow not only bigger, but faster as well.

One thing to note, however, is that Aussiedoodles are prone to a condition called hip dysplasia. It’s something that most dogs of this breed are born with, and can cause the partial or complete dislocation of their hip joint.

Because of this, veterinarians may want to slow down your pup’s growth. So you should go easy on growth spurt foods and supplements so that your dog doesn’t grow too big too quickly and risk any health issues.

Puppy dog food contains a lot of these growth spurt nutrients, so you should know when to switch to adult food. It shouldn’t be so early that you hinder the proper growth of your puppy. But at the same time, it shouldn’t be too late.

As the circumstances are different for each puppy, the best thing that you can do is to speak to your veterinarian about it.

A healthy and active lifestyle is also recommended to keep your dog in tip-top shape and to avoid the consequences of hip dysplasia.

Ways To Keep Aussiedoodles In Top Shape Is it Easy to Train Aussiedoodles aussiedoodle puppy checklist Are Aussiedoodles Calm Dogs when do aussiedoodles stop growing

What a Full Grown Aussiedoodle Looks Like

There is no exact description of what an adult Aussiedoodle will look like as their physical appearance would also depend on the characteristics of their parents. But almost all Aussiedoodles will possess the following traits:

  • Fluffy. Because both parent breeds have long fur, an Aussiedoodle will likely adapt the fluffy and oftentimes Poodle-like curly hair of their parents.
  • Medium-length coats. Finding a good balance in between the coat characteristics of their parent breeds, Aussiedoodles usually have medium-length coats that can be either wavy or curly.
  • One or two colors. An Aussiedoodle can either have a solid color or at least two colors — the former they get from their Poodle parent and the latter from their Australian Shepherd parent. Some of the most common color variations include apricot, black, cream, tan, and white. It’s more common for these breeds to have two colors.

So When do Aussiedoodles Stop Growing?

Because Aussiedoodles are a mix of two very different breeds, they are very unique dogs when it comes to how they look and how big and heavy they can get. Although it can be difficult to determine the exact physical characteristics of an Aussiedoodle, one can look at the parents to get an accurate prediction.

But typically, Aussiedoodles stop growing when they reach 1 to 2 years of age, growing over 24 inches tall and garnering a weight of more or less 70 pounds. 

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