are aussiedoodles calm dogs

Are Aussiedoodles Calm Dogs – Everything You Should Know!

are aussiedoodles calm dogs

A mixed breed between a Poodle and Australian Shepherd, the Aussiedoodle is a dog that is quite popular among many due to its hypoallergenic properties, dashing looks, and wonderful personality traits. But are Aussiedoodles calm dogs?

Aussiedoodles can be calm under certain conditions, like when tired or resting, but overall Aussiedoodles are extremely rambunctious, energetic dogs that love to play and run about. Aussiedoodles require an outlet for their energy, and if left too long without being able to release their pent-up vigor they can become destructive.

While a calm dog may be what some people are looking for when searching the right breed to be their buddy, Aussiedoodles bring with them a myriad of traits and characteristics that more than make up for their energetic temperament.

Their energy and lively nature go hand in hand with their smart character, meaning they are the perfect dog for owners who want a smart pup and loyal companion.

Are Aussiedoodles Calm Dogs?

Aussiedoodles are a mix of two different breeds, both extremely affectionate and energetic, that finds its official origins in the late 1990’s from designer breeders. The energy this breed gets from both its parent breeds seems to be multiplied quite a bit once mixed together!

A mix of the Poodle and Australian Shepherd, Aussiedoodles are not known for being calm, and should not be expected to act this way should you decide to pick one up. They are very energetic dogs that require channeling of their energy into beneficial activities.

They are extremely smart and renowned for their status as a therapy dog. This is due to them attaching very strongly to one or two humans and becoming incredibly loyal to those individuals.

While not the calmest of breeds, the Aussiedoodle is still a wonderful family dog and should not be discounted because of its energetic nature.

Following is a bit of background on the two parent breeds of the Aussiedoodle, as well as some other reasons why Aussiedoodles are wonderful dogs, even if they are not very calm.

aussiedoodle puppy checklist Are Aussiedoodles Calm Dogs

Australian Shepherd Traits and Benefits

One of the parent breeds of the Aussiedoodle, Australian Shepherds are best known for their skills in helping to herd livestock. They aren’t really from Australia and actually find their origins in the Western United States around the time of the American Gold Rush in the 1840s.

They are very energetic, which is what made them such great work dogs. Helping to herd livestock and help with certain jobs, the Aussie, as they are affectionately nicknamed, is happiest whenever they have something to do.

Because they are so full of energy, they require some form of outlet for that energy. Since it is not common for everyone to own a farm and herd livestock in this day and age, regular playtime is required for this breed so that they can channel their energy out in a good way.

Aussies are also extremely intelligent, which is another trait that they pass on to Aussiedoodles. That intelligence does mean that Aussies will find a way to get their energy out one way or another, so if he does not have enough time to spend his energy, he can make his own fun within the house (which isn’t fun for the owner)!

This breed is also very good at following commands and can assist you with chores around the house if you take the time to teach them. They are also extremely loyal to their owners. All of these traits they pass on to Aussiedoodles.

Poodle Traits and Benefits

This well-known dog breed is the other half of the Aussiedoodle. Poodles are regarded by many as one of the smartest breeds of dog in the world, and that intelligence gets combined with the Aussie and passed down to create the Aussiedoodle.

Originally a working dog just like the Aussie, Poodles were initially used as dogs that fetched waterfowl for hunters. Because this breed is so good at swimming and extremely intelligent, they were a perfect fit for the job.

Just like the Aussie, Poodles can become destructive as they try to find a way to exert their energy. They require quite a bit of playtime so that they can get all of their vigor out without causing their owner’s stress.

The upside is that they are, like the Aussie, very trainable and receptive to their owner’s commands and wishes. Friendly, loyal, and with a penchant for growing extremely attached to their owners, Poodles have passed all of these traits onto the Aussiedoodle.

Ways To Keep Aussiedoodles In Top Shape Is it Easy to Train Aussiedoodles aussiedoodle puppy checklist Are Aussiedoodles Calm Dogs

Other Great Traits of the Aussiedoodle

It is clear that Aussiedoodles are not at all what many would consider a “calm” breed, but rather one that requires constant attention and a ready and available outlet for their energy.

We went over some of the traits and temperaments of the two parent breeds of the Aussiedoodle – the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle – now it is time for us to go over some of the personality traits and characteristics the Aussiedoodle brings that makeup for its energetic nature.

For starters, they are a very handsome breed. Their looks are very pleasing to the eye. Most often their coats are a mix of their parents and resembling that of many Aussies, which means that they can get colors like blue and red merle, phantom, parti, sable, and many more.

Aussiedoodles are also great dogs due to their hypoallergenic properties. Take into consideration that there are no truly hypoallergenic dog breeds, but just like most other Poodle mixes, the Aussiedoodle is much better for dog owners who suffer from allergies.

Their highly energetic nature also makes them perfect dogs for owners who live an active lifestyle and wish to bring their pup along with them. They absolutely adore going on runs, hikes, and other excursions where they get to release all of their pent-up energy.

The loyalty of both of their parent breeds also means that the Aussiedoodle is an ideal companion dog. Often growing very attached to only one or two humans, this breed will stick to you and want to always be by your side.

That doesn’t mean that they are unfriendly to other people, though! They are a great breed for those with large families and will protect and love the entire household.


Make sure you know what you are getting into when deciding whether or not the Aussiedoodle is the right dog breed for you. They are extremely hyper and love to play and constantly require an outlet for their energy if you wish to avoid their destructive nature.

While about as far from calm as you can get, Aussiedoodles bring to the table so many other benefits that far outweigh their penchant for play. They are one of the most loyal and intelligent cross-breeds that you can find, and will love their owners intensely.

Hopefully, you now know why the Aussiedoodle is not a calm dog, and have come to understand and respect why that is so. Although prospective dog owners who are interested in this breed may be turned off by its energetic nature, there may be those who have decided that the traits of the Aussiedoodle are the perfect fit for what they have been looking for in a dog.

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