are aussiedoodles hyper

Are Aussiedoodles Hyper? A Guide To Why You Shouldn’t Worry

are aussiedoodles hyper

The crossbreed that is the Aussiedoodle is a dog that is rising in popularity due to its loyal, friendly, and intelligent traits. While the potential mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle may sound like just the right dog for you – the question is, are Aussiedoodles hyper?

If by hyper you mean energetic, lively, and super playful then yes! Aussiedoodles are very hyper dogs and love to run around and play. This is a great thing if that’s what you are looking for in a dog but bear in mind that Aussiedoodles can get destructive if not given a proper outlet for their vigor.

These dogs are a wonderful companion and one of the most fun breeds to bring with you on your trips and excursions. For those who are looking to own a dog that can keep up with their lively routines, then the Aussiedoodle is one of the best breeds you can pick.

Read on to learn more about these wonderful pups and see what other traits make them such a great, energetic companion.

Are Aussiedoodles Hyper – What Makes Them So Energetic?

The Aussiedoodle is a mix of two very lively and intelligent breeds. Both of its parents are known for their high levels of energy and penchant for playfulness. The Australian Shepherd, which makes up one half of the Aussiedoodle, is a very lively dog that can’t get enough of running about and having fun.

The other half of the Aussiedoodle comes from the Poodle. Poodles are known to be very intelligent and energetic, just like the Australian Shepherd, so it’s no surprise that you get an extremely bouncy pup when you combine the two breeds.

Australian Shepherds and Poodles both possess a tremendously high level of intelligence. This intelligence is part of the reason why these breeds are so good at making their own ways to entertain themselves if not given a proper outlet for their energy.

Both of the parent breeds of the Aussiedoodle were originally working dogs, which would explain the high level of energy that they have. The Australian Shepherd was actually originally bred to herd livestock, and Poodles were water dogs used to help fetch waterfowl on hunts.

These multiple, spirited traits have been passed down to the Aussiedoodle, and they seem to have been multiplied by quite a lot! The Aussiedoodle will make ways to exert their pent-up energy if not given a way to let it out.

Exerting that energy may come at the detriment of couches, tables, and other things around the house if they are not able to run around and play outside. So, make sure you are prepared for their hyper personalities before choosing to get one.

are aussiedoodles hyperactive

What to Expect When Caring for an Aussiedoodle

Should you decide to get an Aussiedoodle one of the things you must know up front is that this is quite a demanding dog to own. Not demanding in the sense that you will need to spend lots of money on this breed, but demanding in the sense that they require quite a bit of attention and time to exert their energy every day.

With such a bouncy personality, Aussiedoodles are not the type of dog to be satisfied with sitting around in the house all day. Time outside spent running around and tiring themselves out is something that they need on a daily basis. Not only does it keep them from becoming destructive within the house, but it keeps them healthy and ensures that they get the proper exercise that they require.

Because of their Australian Shepherd roots, you may also experience them attempting to round you, your kids, or other stuff around the house up. This is due to their characteristics as a herding dog.

And of course, because of their intelligence Aussiedoodles need to have proper mental stimulation. This can come in the form of games or training. Stimulating their brains and their bodies goes hand in hand, and one without the other may lead to your pup making their own fun.

Lastly, Aussiedoodles love to spend time with their owners. As a companion dog they crave attention and adore being able to stick by the side of their humans. While they grow very attached to only one or two specific people, they are also great dogs for families and get along quite well with people outside of the family as well as other dogs.

If you give your Aussiedoodle enough time, attention, and space to play they will be a very happy and healthy pup that will accompany you for years to come.

How to Manage Aussiedoodles’ Hyper Tendencies

The easiest way to manage the hyper characteristics of an Aussiedoodle is to ensure that they have ample time to play and exert their energy. Staying cooped up in the house the entire day is not good for an Aussiedoodle, as they will most likely try to find an outlet for their excitement.

Letting them out into the yard to play for a few hours is a great way for them to exercise and tire themselves out. If you don’t have a yard that can accommodate an Aussiedoodle or if you prefer going out together with them then you can take them on a walk or to the park.

Because they hail from two breeds of working dogs, Aussiedoodles are also very smart and can be trained. You may actually be able to train them to assist you with various chores around the house such as picking up laundry or clutter and helping you to clean.

Teaching an Aussiedoodle how to behave as well as tricks that they can perform is a great way to keep their minds stimulated and sharp, and keep them from trying out other means of stimulating their minds.

So long as you keep your Aussiedoodle stimulated both physically but also mentally, and occupied with beneficial activities they can make wonderful pets for the family, and bring you immense amounts of joy.

are aussiedoodles hyper are aussiedoodles hyperactive

Other Great Traits of the Aussiedoodle

Even though Aussiedoodles are known for their bouncy and hyper nature they also bring with them lots of other great traits. Some have already been mentioned, such as their ability to help around the house because of their working dog roots, though there are even more that this beautiful breed brings with it.

As a companion dog they make for wonderful therapy pets. Because they grow such a strong bond with their owners these dogs are a wonderful pick for anyone who is undergoing therapy. They offer emotional support and will always be there for their owners, sometimes even being able to assist if the need arises!

They are also known to be quite hypoallergenic. Though there are no truly hypoallergenic dogs, the Aussiedoodle does shed less and produce less dander than other breeds, most likely due to its Poodle parent.


Aussiedoodles are hyper dogs that love to run around and play. With proper stimulation they can be the perfect family dog due to their loving nature and intelligent genes.

This mixed breed pup may just be the perfect choice for you and your family if you have the time and space to accommodate an Aussiedoodle. Make sure to check your local shelter or rescue group to see if they have one of these wonderful pooches in their care.

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