are aussiedoodles aggressive

Are Aussiedoodles Aggressive? Everything You Should Know!

are aussiedoodles aggressive
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The beautiful cross between an Australian Shepherd and Poodle has become a very popular dog among many. The Aussiedoodle, as it is known, is a sweet and loving companion that not only is very intelligent but also energetic and fun. But are Aussiedoodles aggressive?

Aussiedoodles are far from aggressive, and are actually some of the most loving and tender designer breeds you can get! But you have to treat them with respect to ensure you have the most caring dog possible.

To learn more about this beautiful breed and get a better idea of what their temperament is continue reading. We will go over things such as temperament as well as what you can expect when getting an Aussiedoodle.

Are Aussiedoodles Aggressive?

While some people may get the wrong idea about these dogs, Aussiedoodles are about as far from aggressive as a dog breed can get! Taking a look at the two parent breeds of the Aussiedoodle it is clear to see why and how they got their affectionate temperament.

Both parent breeds of the Aussiedoodle have come together to create a companion dog that will love and care for their owners as long as they’re around. The Australian Shepherd, one of the parent breeds of the Aussiedoodle, was bred initially as a dog that would assist in herding livestock.

Farmers and ranchers would rely on the Australian Shepherd to assist in the herding of animals such as cows and sheep. This special job helped to strengthen the bond of the Australian Shepherd with humans and to solidify it as one of the best and brightest companion dog breeds out there.

The Poodle shares a similar history, starting out as a working dog much like the Australian Shepherd. Bred to fetch waterfowl out of lakes and rivers during hunts, the Poodle has always been a faithful companion to humans.

Intelligent and sweet, just like the Australian Shepherd, Poodles make up the other half of the splendid combination that brings forth Aussiedoodles. Just like the Australian Shepherd they are great at taking commands from their owners and will do all that they can to please you.

Aussiedoodles themselves have not only inherited these tender traits from their parents, but have developed their own unique and very sweet ways of showing their love. These pups are anything but aggressive towards their owners and even with other family members, friends, and other animals they are some of the sweetest pups you can find.

Australian Shepherds are very calm and kind when it comes to interacting with other animals, especially because they used to work so closely with other animals, and it seems that Aussiedoodles have inherited this trait, as well.

Overall, you should have no issues with aggression when getting an Aussiedoodle. Their breeding carries no sign of aggressive behavior from either parent breed, and if raised correctly you will have a sweet and loving pup.

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Are There Aggressive Aussiedoodles?

Just as with any dog, cat, or other types of pets, there is a chance that past experiences can make the animal jaded and unreceptive to care. On the off chance that you find an Aussiedoodle at a shop or shelter that displays somewhat aggressive behavior please take into account the possible reasons for their actions.

If you should find an Aussiedoodle at a shelter that shows a bit of an aggressive attitude perhaps they have suffered from an experience that has left them emotionally scarred. It is not a nice thing to think about, but there is no denying that there are people out in the world who do not know how to care for their pets.

Aussiedoodles are very intelligent dogs, and because of this they may quickly come to distrust humans if their experiences with them have been bad in the past. If you come across an Aussiedoodle puppy that shows a bit of aggression know that this is not normal behavior, and there is a high chance that they have been traumatized in the past.

If you decide to get a puppy that displays such qualities, be prepared for lots of love, attention, care and understanding as you patiently work together with your new pup to build up trust. It is no easy task, but the results will not only be a great benefit to you but also to your dog who will be able to enjoy a happy life with you!

Aussiedoodle Temperament and Personality

Finding an Aussiedoodle that shows any sign of aggression is a very rare case. For the most part, you will be getting a pup that is bouncy, fun-loving, and extremely affectionate. Here are just some of the things you can expect out of your Aussiedoodles personality.

For starters, Aussiedoodles are super fun dogs. Lots of owners of this breed describe them as a bit goofy and extremely loving towards their owners. They area one of the most energetic dog breeds you can get and will not hesitate to find ways to exert their pent-up energy if you don’t supply them with a proper outlet.

If they get cooped up in the house all day expect to see them zipping about from room to room making their own fun!

Since this dog also has roots as a herding breed do not be surprised to see them attempting to round you, your kids, or your other pets up. Aussiedoodles enjoy doing this and feel that they are performing a good and helpful task for their owners.

Because they also are very intelligent dogs, thanks to their Australian Shepherd and Poodle parents, they will require quite a bit of stimulation for their minds. Playing games with them and giving them things to do to keep themselves occupied will prevent them from becoming destructive.

Lastly, you can expect your Aussiedoodle to want to stay by your side all the time. This breed absolutely adores their owners, and will strongly attach themselves to one or two people. That’s why they are such great therapy dogs, too!

Of course, just because they become strongly attached to a few special humans does not mean they become aggressive to other people. They are still loving and kind towards other humans, but there is always a special place reserved in their hearts for their owners.

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Asking: are Aussiedoodles aggressive clearly isn’t something you should be worried about, as Aussiedoodles are actually one of the sweetest and most gentle dog breeds that you can get. With both of its parent breeds having a long history of working alongside humans through various tasks, the Aussiedoodle has inherited a very calm and gentle attitude towards humans.

If you ever do come across an Aussiedoodle in a shelter or store that has suffered from past traumatic experiences just know that the possible aggression that they show is not natural. Working together to build trust with these poor pups can them recover from their past emotional scars and becoming loving dogs once more.

Thankfully, you will almost never have to worry about this, and if you raise your Aussiedoodle correctly and show them proper love and care you will get a sweet and affectionate companion who will always stick by your side.

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