The doodle brush review

The Doodle Brush Review – Best Brush For Poodle Mixes?

The Doodle Brush









  • Designed for Doodle dogs
  • Less risk of snagging
  • Designed with comfort in mind


  • Pricy

If you’re looking for the perfect accessory to add to your grooming kit for your Labradoodle, our The Doodle Brush review could help you make a decision.

The Doodle Brush Review – The Ultimate Brush for Labradoodles & Other Poodle-Crosses?

Designed using a series of pins that are specifically curved and longer than your standard slicker brush. The doodle brush has a pin structure that’s designed to easily glide through your dog’s fur removing mats, tangles, and loose hair.

The more you groom your dog using this brush, the less hair you will notice is snagging while your dog will appear to remain calm and comfortable throughout the process. One of the unique features of the brush is that it features two flexible heads to make brushing your dog an easier and much more comfortable experience. They designed the flexible heads to fit the form of your dog’s body as you brush them. Covering the surface area more efficiently while brushing deeper to get access to your doodles undercoat.

The ability to remove knot tangles and loose hair makes it an excellent brush for any breed of doodle, providing you with a perfect tool to maintain your dog’s coat while keeping them comfortable and free from harm. And seeing as some Labradoodles have thicker and longer coats, the additional length, and curve added to the pinheads gives an extra level of efficiency at removing any deeper tangles.

Key Product Features

  • They designed the brushes with longer curved pins to glide through any mats, tangles, and knots
  • You will notice far less snagging than happens with a traditional slicker brush
  • The addition of a flexible head design creates a far more comfortable brushing experience for your dog
The Doodle Brush - Doodle Brush for Dogs - Doodle Dog Brush - Goldendoodle Brushes for Grooming, Dog Brush For Doodles & Bernedoodle Brush - Slicker Brush For Goldendoodles (Double Head)
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The Doodle Brush - Doodle Brush for Dogs - Doodle Dog Brush - Goldendoodle Brushes for Grooming, Dog Brush For Doodles & Bernedoodle Brush - Slicker Brush For Goldendoodles (Double Head)
  • PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED GROOMING TOOL: Created by leading Labradoodle experts, this versatile doodle dog brush is a must-have for pet owners. Not just a golden doodle brush, it’s great for all doodles, expertly handling labradoodle brushes for grooming, and addressing golden doodle grooming needs. Its design ensures your Labradoodle or Goldendoodle gets a salon-like treatment at home, making it an indispensable part of your grooming kit.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE BRUSHING EXCELLENCE: Adaptability meets grooming excellence with our top-rated dog brush. Engineered for breeds like Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles, this brush excels in versatility. It's not just a doodle slicker brush but a comprehensive solution for your pet, adept at managing doodle hair brush needs, acting as a dependable dog slicker brush for goldendoodles, and a gentle goldendoodle detangler, ensuring your furry friend looks great.
  • LONG HAIR SPECIALIST: Address the unique grooming challenges of long-haired breeds with the Doodle Brush, tailored for Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and similar breeds. This brush is a champion in managing shedding and maintaining a sleek coat, great as a slicker brush for labradoodles, and a dematting brush for goldendoodles, ensuring your pet's fur remains free of tangles and mats.
  • UNDERCOAT CARE EXPERT: Master the art of grooming thick undercoats with this specialized brush. Ideal for breeds with dense underlayers like Golden Retrievers, it doubles as a golden retriever brush and poodle grooming brush. Whether it's managing a doodle's curly locks or ensuring a long-haired dog’s coat stays pristine, this brush is your go-to for comprehensive grooming.
  • KNOT & TANGLE TAMER: Transform your pet grooming routine with this brush, featuring long, curved pins on a flexible head, great for tackling knots, tangles, and matting. This brush isn't just a labradoodle brush; it's an all-encompassing solution for breeds like Goldendoodles and Labradoodles. It serves as a slicker brush for dogs, offering gentle yet effective dematting, making it an essential tool for maintaining your pet's beautiful coat.

Benefits Of The Doodle Brush

1. Perfect for dogs who suffer from excess matting

If you have a doodle whose fur is constantly getting tangled or matted, the doodle bush offers the most comfortable solution you will find to demand and detangle regularly ensuring you can keep your dogs well maintained and healthy

2. Allows you to groom more often

Because most Doodles fur needs regular grooming, setting a routine is necessary. Traditional grooming brushes aren’t designed with regular comfortable grooming in mind as a result, maintaining your dog’s fur is more difficult. Without a healthy grooming routine, this is going to lead to fire worse problems developing at a later date.

3. Access to both over and under coats

The Doodle Brush is perfectly designed to allow you to easily groom both of your dogs over and undercoat, and this is vital to successfully detangle and create and maintain a healthy coat for your dog. This brush not only takes care of your dog’s outer coat by gently removing any loose hair, it also helps remove any dirt or tangles and eliminate excess dander.

4. Reduces the need for additional tools

One of the principal reasons dog owners loves this brush is that it drastically reduces the need for additional money being spent on other grooming tools such as code sprays. By purchasing a high quality demanding comb you can easily target harder to get to thicker undercoat, and this comb has been professionally designed to do so using a more gentle approach.

5. Causes less stress and discomfort for your dog

In the vast majority of cases, Doodles will need to be groomed daily to keep their coat from becoming badly tangled and matted.

Traditional brushes can cause your doodle pain and discomfort as you try to give them a more healthy coat. This brush will allow you to keep your dog’s coat in excellent condition and help you spot any skin problems bumps and lumps that you need to pay close attention to at the same time.

6. Massages your dog’s skin

On top of grooming your dog, this brush will also help massage their skin and this helps promote their blood circulation and improves their overall skin health. Because of this, your dog will see a lot of benefits, and he might even look forward to being groomed which will definitely increase your bond with them.

7. Fast and effective

The highly efficient nature of this brush’s design to allow you to efficiently and quickly maintain your dog’s fur without having to spend an excessive amount of time doing so. I think this is a great tool for your kids that will allow you to provide your dog with a more considerate, caring, and lovely grooming routine and treat them with the attention that a perfect companion deserves.

8. Works well with other grooming tools

Occasionally you may need to purchase a pre-bushing or coat spray product to make grooming easier thankfully this brush is more than capable of working with any other grooming tools on the market ensuring the de-matting process is as simple as possible

Pros And Cons


  • This brush has been specifically designed using curved long pins with grooming Doodles in mind
  • There’s much less risk of snagging compared to traditional slicker brushes
  • The double head design will contort and form your dog’s body.
  • It means this flexible brush will massage and groom your Labradoodle without hurting your skin


  • The only negative attached to this product is its price point makes it more expensive than many of its competitors, but the high-end design means it will last a long time

Price and Purchase Information

Unfortunately, because of its popularity this regularly sold out on Amazon, if you cannot purchase it from Amazon you can get it directly from the retailer at a cost of just under $70.

This puts it on the higher end of the Dog Brush market. But as you see from the article about purchasing the right brush is vital to the successful maintenance of your dog’s coat. There are a variety of different brushes available on the market and choosing the right one can sometimes overwhelm. However, most of the products on sale are of inferior quality and they’re not very effective.

Buying The Doodle Brush will ensure you have a high-quality tool that has been tried and tested. Has approved the ability to remove mats, tangle, and knots from your dogs’ hair today and into the future, causing no excess discomfort.


The doodle brush review

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