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How Often Should Labradoodles Be Groomed?

Labradoodle shedding is known to get out of control twice a year. The truth is, though, that they will shed all year long. But it is possible to limit how much dog hair ends up flying around your home if you groom your Labradoodle often enough.

How often should Labradoodles be groomed? You should brush your Labradoodle at least once a day. Bathing your Labradoodle is another essential part of grooming and this is something you should do twice a month. If your dog often runs on concrete or asphalt, then it’s not necessary to trim his nails. If not, you should trim them every month or so depending on how fast they grow.

do labradoodles shed
Even though a Labradoodles’ shedding can get out of control, you shouldn’t shave your Doodle during the summer. Grooming your dog is the best way to manage the shedding.

A Labradoodles coat requires quite a lot of maintenance and has to be typically cut every 6 to 8 weeks.

There are quite a few things you can do to help your Doodle maintain his coat. Additionally, there are other pieces to grooming that your dog will need.

So, let’s take a look at all of the different pieces to grooming your Labradoodle and when it’s the best time to do each part.

Why should you groom Labradoodles?

Besides to brush out fur balls or tangles, there are reasons that you should groom your dog out regularly.

Some people don’t groom their dog at all, while others treat their furry friends like royalty and bath and groom them at least once a week.

There are numerous reasons why you should groom your Labradoodle regularly, but the question is often when and why?

Controlling Labradoodle Shedding

Firstly, it’s important with an appropriate grooming schedule which can help you cut down on the shedding from your dog. 

Having the right schedule means you won’t have to run the vacuum or get out the lint roller constantly.

Keeping Your Doodles Coat Healthy

Another reason that you should groom your Labradoodle has to do with the many benefits it gives your dog.

Regularly bathing and brushing your dog, ensures that you spread the naturally produced oils throughout his coat. This will help to keep your dog’s skin hydrated and will give his coat a gorgeous sheen.

These oils allow your Doodle to repel the water when you both go swimming and they also shield your dog from sunburns on sunny days.

Your Labradoodle relies on having a healthy coat to keep him warm during the cold winters and for cooling in the hot summer days.

You can actually groom your Doodle too often, resulting in stripping these oils out of the coat and undo all the good work you were previously doing. Don’t risk destroying what nature has given to your Doodle.

Trust Building and Socialization

Another good reason to groom is something you probably wouldn’t think about at first, and that is something that helps your Doodle with building a solid relationship of trust with you.

The more time you and your dog spend together, the stronger your bond will be with him. Grooming your dog regularly helps him get accustomed to people touching him.

This has the benefit of making it a lot less likely that he will react poorly when a vet has to check on him or when a small child might pull his tail because they don’t know any better.

Grooming your Labradoodle is an extremely important part of the socialization process.

How often should a Labradoodle be groomed?

So, the question of “how often” is probably the most critical.

Every element of grooming (brushing, bathing, trimming nails, etc.) has a different answer to the question of how often.

There are additional factors that you will need to consider. Some of those include:

  • Time of year: Twice a year your Doodle is going to require more attention. He is going to shed more intensive as the seasons’ transition from cold to hot and back again.
  • Level of activity: If you have a really active dog, then you probably won’t have to think about some of the grooming issues such as trimming his nails.
  • Diet: What you give your Doodle to eat will absolutely affect the health of his coat and nails. A rich and balanced diet will promote a normal growth rate and subsequent shedding schedule. On the other hand, if you mostly feed him trashy food, his nails and hair won’t grow at a normal rate.
  • Health: If your dog suffers from a chronic illness, have a chat with your vet regarding how frequently you should groom him.
  • Smell factor: Labradoodles like most dogs love to roll around in a variety of objects that will leave your dog with a foul odor. Things like dead animals, animal excrements, and many other revolting things.
  • Filthy factor: Doodles also loves mud. It doesn’t matter if it is just for rolling around in a puddle, or if there’s a chance for them to swim through a muddy stream.

Labradoodles require quite a lot of grooming compared to other breeds like the Labrador Retriever.

Can I groom my labradoodle myself? how do you groom labradoodles
“Grooming?! I don’t need to be groomed!”

How do you groom Labradoodle?

The most important part of Doodle-grooming is brushing.

It helps to keep the shedding under control and gives you the possibility to check your dog’s body out a bit. Because every time you start brushing your dog, it’s an opportunity to see if there are any new injuries or irritated spots.

This kind of constant attention will help you stay on top of your dog’s health and allows you to possibly catch things before they become too severe.

When you brush your Doodle, the first thing you should do is start by checking things out with your bare hands.

Use your hands to run over your dog’s entire body, and gently massage his big muscle groups and pay close attention to how he responds to your touch.

Do you notice any spots that seem tender or sensitive? Make sure that you avoid these areas when you are going to use the brush. If your dog seems extremely uncomfortable, a good idea would be to take a trip to your vet just to make sure it’s nothing too serious.

I always like to start at my dog’s neck and then slowly work towards his rear end.

Remember to brush out your dog’s tail, as you will probably be shocked at how much loose hair you will be able to get out of that swinging antenna.

Should I groom Labradoodle Puppies?

Grooming a puppy is not as necessary as it is with a more grown dog.

The risk of your puppy being the cause of stinking up your room is a lot less likely than a 10-year-old Doodle doing the same.

You will typically also keep your puppy on a shorter leash when going for walks, which is going to prevent him from getting into too many foul things.

Shedding will not be as big of a problem with a younger dog.

So, should you still groom your puppy and is so, how often?

As with any dog, the socialization process is extremely critical to make sure that your puppy is ready for his everyday life — and this also includes grooming.

The earlier you get your puppy used to the grooming process the more likely your dog will take to grooming without any problems as an adult.

When talking about a puppy, it is probably best to limit your grooming sessions to two or three times a week and only for a few minutes each time. Every different time you practice grooming your puppy, try another area of his body.

Why does my labradoodle smell
Labradoodle puppies are at a perfect stage to get them used to the grooming process. Go lots of little short sessions to help him get used to the experience.

Be careful that you don’t end up forcing your puppy to let you groom him. Short and as fun sessions as possible it the key to success in socialization. And then as your puppy starts growing, try to extend the sessions a little bit every time.

Ultimately, you will have a grown Labradoodle that loves sitting still while you go through an entire session with grooming.

When do you need to groom Doodles the most?

Fall and spring are always the worst shedding times for a Doodle.

Nevertheless, if you are not all that worried about the hair around your house, then you shouldn’t have to increase how often you brush your Doodle.

But if you want to limit the shedding just a bit, you should probably brush him out at least once a day. You can also get different types of de-shedding shampoos and conditioners that will help you in your fight against the loose hairs.

There are different times where you will need to increase the attention you give to your dog’s cleanliness, and among others these include:

  • When your dog is ill
  • If he’s injured and can’t move around for an extended period of time
  • If he has rolled in something disgustingly gross
  • Whenever he stinks more than normal

Really, you should consider doing some spot checks here and there. And for the most part, once you find a good grooming routine, you won’t have to worry about changing it up too much.

Best grooming brush for Labradoodles

There are all kinds of claims as to what brush is the best, and 99% of those are from people who have never tried them but are just out to get a commission from their affiliate links.

During my more than 20 years of dog ownership, I have tried dozens of different brushes and my favorite for the past many years is Chris Christensen Big K.

I absolutely love this brush because it not only does an incredible job of removing the dead hair, but it does it without being overly aggressive.

With other brushes I previously even caused my dog to bleed, and the guilt I felt afterward made me thrown that brush far away immediately.

This brush certainly isn’t the cheapest, but for something that lasts for years, without ever hurting my dog, it means I’ll never buy any other model.

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How often should I bathe a Labradoodle?

Bathing your Labradoodle shouldn’t be done nearly as often as brushing him.

The reason for that is that bathing your Doodle too frequently will lead to dry skin. This will bother your dog and most likely lead to extreme itching and scratching.

Typically, the best way to bathe your dog is just a quick hose down or possibly even a quick swim in a nearby lake or river.

These detergent-less and simple baths will help promote the natural oils in your dog’s coat and will give a healthier coat.

If you’re experiencing problems with fall or spring molting, I would advise you to use a de-shedding shampoo and conditioner possibly once or twice a month in addition to a regular swim.

Shampoo and conditioners for Doodles

Looking for the best shampoo and conditioner to fight shedding can be quite confusing, but one product I would recommend you consider comes from the Furminator brand.

The shampoos and conditioners from Furminator are extremely popular in every pet store in the country, and they are so for a reason.

I’ve talked with quite a lot of professional groomers during my years as a dog-owner and pretty much all of them mention these particular products.

Click here to check what the best price currently is. (Amazon link)

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Cleaning your Doodles’ ears

Sometimes you can also experience a Doodle having problems with ear infections.

Their cute wobbly ears have a certain way of acting like a cover on their ear canal. So, if for some reason water or debris gets in there, these things can risk staying in there and start to fester.

The easiest way to clean out your dog’s ear is to just put together a 1:1 solution of water and vinegar.

If that doesn’t work you can also buy products that are designed entirely for this purpose. I would advise that you check out the ZYMOX Ear Solution, which is the best product on the market for that job.

The way to use it is that you add the solution to your dog’s ear canal and then hold the ear over the opening. Then you should massage the ear canal with the solution inside to loosen up the smut in the ear.

If it’s a severe infection that your dog is experiencing, this can be painful, and you might have to start this method with a disinfectant or perhaps even a prescription anti-biotic from your vet. If you want to know more about ear infections, check out this article.

While doing this, you might even experience that your Doodle enjoys having his ears massaged.

When you stop massaging, you will probably end up with a bit of a mess in your room because your dog is going to shake his head in an attempt to get the liquid out of his ears.

When the shaking stops, just grab some paper towels and put the pointed end into your dogs’ ear canal, and twist the towel. This should remove whatever is left in there.

Trimming a Labradoodle’s nails

If you experience that your Labradoodle constantly has too long nails, the good news is that the perfect cure is both cheap and healthy.

Because the best nail files that exist are cement and asphalt, and walking or running more frequently they will ensure that your dog’s nails are trimmed to the perfect length.

So, simply getting your Doodle out and about more often, means that you won’t have to worry about how often you should trim his nails.

But perhaps you have an older or injured dog that can’t exercise for an extended period of time, then you might need to add some extra nail trimming to your grooming sessions.

Having long nails will probably cause some issues with your dog’s pads and can turn even slowly walking into a painful experience.

Be careful and do it slowly when clipping your dogs’ nails to ensure that you don’t clip too far down.

If you by accident cut a bit too far and get into the quick, apply some chapstick to end the bleeding.

Then just keep an eye out for it and make sure your dog doesn’t get problems with infections.

If you trim the nails on a regular schedule, the quick will actually retract closer to your dogs’ paw making it less likely that you will cut it in the future.

When deciding on a tool to get for nail trimming, there are two different solutions. A guillotine cutter, or an electric trimming tool, each with their own pros and cons.

I’ve tried both several times, and my advice would be that you get the tool you are most comfortable with using and then stick to that tool for a good amount of time so that your dog gets comfortable with it.

You can check out the video below for a guide on how to trim your dogs’ nails yourself.

Don’t forget to check your Doodles eyes during grooming

Something people often doesn’t think about when grooming their dog is to check his eyes for irritation or discharge.

Labradoodles are prone to some different eye issues like cataracts which can cause them to have a cloudy look to them.

The earlier you are able to catch these, the more likely your vet will be able to make sure that your dog doesn’t lose his eyesight.

If the eyes look like they need to be cleaned, just grab a cotton ball or pad and dip it in some water or saline.

You shouldn’t worry too much about the normal “staining” that typically occurs around the corners of your Labradoodles eyes.

That is something which is caused by typical moisture and it’s not something to be concerned about.

Tooth brushing is a part of grooming

When not taken enough care of, teeth can cause some serious pain in people. The same is true when it comes to dogs.

Bad breath and yellow teeth are some the least of the concerning problems when it comes to dental hygiene in dogs.

If you’ve ever experienced it yourself, you will know that a deep cavity or a chipped tooth isn’t something to scoff at.

And this is also the situation with your puppy.

There are various different ways you can stop tooth decay. Some people choose to just get a normal dog toothbrush.

But if you don’t like the idea of having to open your dog’s mouth and brushing every single tooth by hand, there are quite a few better options available.

Some years ago, I decided to get my dog in for a checkup. Although everything on the surface looked fine, I was told that I should consider a dental procedure to remove tartar and plaque.

The price I was told was going to exceed $600.

So, I decided to look into more cost-efficient methods to control the teeth issues.

The first and luckily also the cheapest alternative was the Pedigree Dentastix (Amazon link). I was a bit skeptical at first, but my Labradoodles teeth were noticeably cleaner after just one box of these chews.

The next choice I have tried was a toothbrush that they use entirely on their own.

It is the Wisedom Dog Toothbrush (Amazon link). The bristles on this toothbrush are flavored to promote some serious chewing.

While your dog is crunching down on the toy, the bristles and grooves in the brush help clean your pup’s teeth and gums.


A Labradoodle takes quite a bit of attention to avoid having hairs everywhere, but it’s a perfect opportunity to form a bond with your dog every time you groom it.

And in time, those grooming sessions will become easier and easier, and much more enjoyable for you and your dog.

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Grooming: If you have a dog in your home, you’re going to need a brush, and for this, I recommend a Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. For that price, you simply can’t beat this brush for everyday grooming.

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