Labradoodle with bad breath

Labradoodle Bad Breath – Causes and Solutions

For a dog, healthy teeth equal a good life, but a lot of dogs are actually suffering from tooth and gum diseases which can lead to a lot of pain and problems.

An important part of having a healthy Labradoodle is good dental care, and bad breath is the first sign of a possible dental problem. Most dental problems are manageable but infections, tooth loss or more serious problems can occur if left untreated.

A recent study in a danish magazine showed that nearly 8 in 10 dogs over the age of 3 suffer from some kind of teeth or gum related disease.

A Labradoodle with bad breath isn’t just foul – it could also be the first sign of a health-related issue. But before you try to cure your Doodles’ bad breath with a fresh-mint, read this article and discover the possible causes of bad breath and what you can do to treat and prevent it.

Causes of Labradoodle Bad Breath

1. Oral Hygiene and Periodontal Disease

The number one cause of bad breath in a Labradoodle is bad oral hygiene and periodontal disease.

Just like with us humans, the build-up of tarter and plaque can lead to the development of the bacteria which cause bad breath.

If your Doodle is not a chewing dog and you do not regularly brush his teeth or perhaps have his teeth cleaned in some form, then the most likely cause of his bad breath is the build-up of plaque.

In time, poor oral hygiene will typically lead to periodontal disease. When too much plaque and tartar build-up in your dogs’ mouth, it can push the gums away from its teeth and thereby exposing new areas for the bacteria to develop.

This will not only lead to inflammation of the dog’s gums, but it can also lead to infections, cavities, tissue destruction, loss of teeth and even pus formation.

So it goes without saying that this will also lead to remarkably bad breath.

labradoodle bad breath

2. Undesirable Dietary Habits

Let’s face it, dogs can be disgusting.

And sometimes their habits directly results in bad breath.

If you have a dog that regularly gets into the garbage or if it has access to decomposing animal remains, then there’s a very good risk that his bad breath could be the result of some unsupervised snacking.

For some reason dogs also seem to universally love cat poop, and a household with cats might offer a bit too many temptations for your dog to resist.

Not only is this quite smelly, but it is also very unhygienic.

And as if cat poop just wasn’t bad enough, some dogs have a tendency to eat their own poop or also the poop of other dogs.

This is a condition called coprophagia and that is known to cause bad breath in dogs and occasionally mild nausea in dog-owner.

3. Diabetes

If you notice your dogs’ bad breath has a sweet or fruity smell to it, you need to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Sweet and fruity breath is very often a symptom of diabetes, which is a serious, but luckily, also treatable condition.

Have a chat with your veterinarian about what some of the other symptoms of diabetes are that you should look out for, things like more frequent drinking and urination from your dog, and then just set up an appointment to get your dog checked at the vet.

4. Liver Disease

If your dog’s breath is not only foul but you find that he is also vomiting, perhaps exhibiting an unusual lack of appetite, and has a yellow tinge to her gums, he may suffer from some kind of liver problem.

Like kidney disease, liver problems can be a quite serious problem, and it is extremely vital that you get your dog into the veterinarian or emergency clinic as fast as possible.

5. Kidney Disease

It’s pretty easy to link the fact that a dog that eats poop might also have breath that smells like poop, but if you have a dog which breath smells like urine, the conclusion shouldn’t be that he has been drinking pee.

A urine odor to your dog’s breath is a telling sign that your dog might have kidney disease, and this should always warrant a visit to your veterinarian. Kidney disease is a very serious matter and could also be a symptom of an even larger and more serious medical problem.

bad breath labradoodle

Treating Labradoodle Bad Breath

While it is always nice to understand the underlying issues behind your dogs’ bad breath, what we really want to know is the best possible way to get rid of it.

Curing a Labradoodle’s bad breath is of course quite dependent on the cause, but lucky for us there are quite a few different treatment options available.

If the reason for your dogs’ bad breath is either plaque, tarter, or periodontal disease, then the best thing you can do is to book an appointment with your vet who will then be able to see if your dog is a candidate for some dental cleaning.

Your veterinarian will most likely run some bloodwork to make sure your Doodle can handle anesthesia.

And you should also use this appointment as a great reason to rule out any other potentially more serious causes for the bad breath in your dog.

If your dog has to undergo a cleaning, there’s a risk that your veterinarian may have to remove some loose or damaged teeth, depending on the seriousness of the periodontal disease.

It the issues comes from some unsupervised snacking, securing whatever trash that may be the cause and try to limit your dog’s access to unpleasant outdoor finds, like roadkill, will be a great solution to solving this type of behavior.

If you have a cat, try placing the litter box outside of your dogs’ reach. This is a simple solution that will eliminate the possibility of cat feces consumption.

And if you clean up directly after your dog relieves itself, that will also help immensely to prevent coprophagia.

If we are talking about diabetes, kidney, or liver disease, these are all conditions that will require treatment from a veterinarian.

Once the main issue from these possible causes is resolved, your dog’s bad breath should go away.

Preventing Labradoodle Bad Breath

By far the best way to prevent bad dog breath is also the simplest way, and this is to give your dog a highly efficient chewstick or to brush your dogs’ teeth on pretty a regular basis.

Brushing the teeth will reduce plaque and also promote better oral hygiene in your dog, just as much as it does in humans, and it usually doesn’t require a lot of training, and most dogs will learn to enjoy having their teeth brushed.

Providing your doodle with a wide array of chew toys also helps them take care of their teeth in their own manner.

Chewing is a great way to prevent plaque and tarter build-up and it has the added effect that it also helps against boredom, keeping your dog healthy and happy is a great bonus.

Just make sure you choose chew toys that are appropriate for your dogs’ age and size.

Feeding your dog a quality, balanced diet, and also providing them with plenty of exercise and taking them to the vet for check-ups once in a while, can greatly reduce the risk of systemic disorders like diabetes.

And it is never a bad idea to keep your dog as healthy as possible, as it helps in avoiding a bunch of different health problems, and can even help your vet pick up on the real reason for your Labradoodles’ bad breath before it gets too gross.

Besides the best solutions like chewsticks and canine toothpaste, there are many other types of oral health products on the market.

This could be things like special oral health diets, and some specific water additives. Perhaps have a chat with your veterinarian about some of the products they would recommend in your specific dogs’ situation.

As with the most frequent health problems in dogs, the best cure is prevention, so pick up a box of Dentastix and give one to your dog at least once a day to prevent oral decay.

Best Products for a Labradoodles’ Bad Breath

1. Pedigree DENTASTIX

These DENTASTIX from Pedigree will probably be the best choice you could ever get. Not only will your dog love getting a treat like this every day, but they are also highly efficient against plaque and tarter.

2. Petsmile Professional Pet Toothpaste 

This toothpaste for dogs is meant to be used around three times per week and doesn’t require a toothbrush. You can simply use the enclosed finger applicator and rub the paste on your dogs’ teeth.

3. Dog Chew Stick Toothbrush

This durable, non-toxic toothbrush stick, helps you make sure your dogs’ teeth are getting cleaned without all the hassle of doing it yourself. And this toy is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!

4. Pura Naturals Organic Dental Solutions

Pura Naturals is known for offering organic products for dogs that are both safe and effective, and this complete dental kit for adult dogs is no different. It is free from dyes, chemicals, preservatives, and artificial additives and is made of organic ingredients. And it’s all made in the USA. You can also get kits offered specifically for puppies and senior dogs.


Having read this article you should know by now that bad breath in a dog is rarely just bad breath.

While there are cases where a dog can get the occasional bout of bad breath due to them eating something disgusting or having a case of “morning breath,” the reason is usually something more serious.

And while gum disease is the most frequent offender, but there are some very serious underlying health issues that could be the reason for bad breath.

If you have any doubt about what might be the cause, get your dog checked by a vet if they have especially bad breath.

In the best-case scenario, their teeth might just be in need of a bit of cleaning, but the risk of something more serious going on is best to get checked up on.

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