Why do Labradoodles drool

Why Do Labradoodles Drool?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of one of those sloppy Doodle kisses and found yourself asking why do Labradoodles drool so much? Some people tolerate them. Other people despise them. And a few of us kind of appreciate them.

A Labradoodle that gets excited will have their saliva glands overstimulated, resulting in excessive drooling. Saliva helps prevent gum disease and tooth decay, it also helps break down food and to lubricate the mouth.

Let’s take a closer look at the question and the answers, while also telling you a lot more that you never even knew you wanted to know about Labradoodle drooling.

Why Do Labradoodles Drool?

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Why Do Labradoodles Sometimes Drool More Than Others?

There are quite a few health concerns that affect Labradoodles, and some of those are associated with extreme drooling.

Doodles also have a tendency to drool when they’re nervous. If you bring your dog to the vet, you might experience an increase in drooling. And if you notice that your Labradoodle is drooling more than usual, but you’re aware that he is in a new situation or is expecting something, it isn’t something I would worry much about.

But there are some things that can cause excessive drooling that you will have to watch out for as it might even require some attention from a vet.

If you know why Labradoodles might drool a lot, you will also know if you should consult a vet or if it’s just a regular old sloppy Doodle kiss.

Can Labradoodles Drool Too Much?

If the drooling becomes excessive it is typically a warning that something isn’t right.

It can occasionally be a sign of overheating or perhaps even heat stroke. If you go hunting with your dog, or even out on one of your daily walks, you should periodically inspect the mouth of your dog to observe the production of saliva.

Certain toxins will nearly always cause your dogs’ saliva glands to produce excess saliva. And if your dog comes across some chocolate, chewing gum, grapes, and garlic and eats it, there’s a high risk it will cause the glands to go into the excessive-drool mode as those items are toxic to dogs.

Labradoodle with bad breath
why do labradoodles drool

Why Is My Labradoodle Drooling So Much?


The condition that causes dogs to drool excessively is called ptyalism. This occurs when the glands produce more saliva than a dog is able to swallow. The extra saliva can cause problems such as irritation of the lips and gums.

But how are you able to tell when there is an issue? If you find yourself constantly asking “Why do Labradoodles drool so much?” there are some indicators that you should be aware of if your dog will need to see a vet. Some of those are:

  • Lack of desire to eat
  • Drooling for no apparent reason
  • Unexpected vomiting
  • The saliva has a foamy, white consistency
  • Changes in behavior (especially when touching areas around the mouth)

Diagnosing ptyalism

There are many things that can be the reason for a dog drooling too much.

Sticks and/or stones stuck in the mouth of your Doodle can really kick the saliva glands into overdrive. The tonsils being inflamed will also make it quite difficult for a dog to swallow the excess saliva leaving in your dogs’ mouth. And if your dog suffers an allergic reaction or if he/she digests some type of poisons, it will most likely also cause extreme drooling.

If you aren’t able to easily identify the exact reason for the excessive drooling, then you should definitely take your dog to a vet. The vet will be able to rule out serious causes such as liver disease, kidney failure, and mouth tumors.

If you notice that your dogs’ drool has a foamy, white appearance, it’s also very important that the vet is able to rule out rabies.

If your dog has any dental issues it can also create an excessive amount of drool. If you notice a decaying or broken tooth it might answer your question of “Why do Labradoodles drool so much?” So if you suddenly notice extra drool, consider doing a general check for bad breath.

why is my labradoodle drooling so much

Treating ptyalism

When discussing excessive drooling in dogs, it should be considered that it can be quite a serious and immediate issue as it could indicate that your pup might have been exposed to a poisonous substance or perhaps an allergic reaction.

A vet can remove any foreign object from your dog in just one appointment. And if the problem is due to abscessed or swollen saliva glands, then you might have to get a medication that will be administered to your dog over the course of anything from a few days to several weeks.

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