Labradoodle Breeders On The East Coast

The 5 Best Labradoodle Breeders On The East Coast – 2024

If you live on the East Coast and are looking for a dog that is not only friendly but also doesn’t shed a lot of fur, you’ve come to the right place. Labradoodles are one of the most friendly and intelligent dog breeds available in various colors and sizes.

Being a mix of Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, Labradoodles make an excellent pet for people who are looking for a service or guide dog. They are hypoallergenic, making them a primary pet option for people suffering from mild allergies.

Most importantly, Labradoodles are very loyal and protective about their owners and the people they like. You would never need to worry about them leaving you in the worst of times.

So, if you are looking for a place from where you can get the best Labradoodle puppies on the East Coast, we’ve got you. The following are the 5 best Labradoodle breeders on the East Coast that breed and take utmost care of their healthy puppies.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Labradoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an amazing Labradoodle puppy!

Labradoodle Puppies On The East Coast For Sale

We have enlisted the 5 best Labradoodle breeders on the East Coast from where you can easily get Labradoodle puppies.

Swinging Gate Labradoodles

If you wish to get the healthiest and one of the best Labradoodle puppies on the East Coast, Swinging Gate Labradoodles are the best place for you. The people here take extreme care of both the puppies as well as their parents.

The Swinging Gate Labradoodles raise all of their puppies at home so that they can get the proper care. Moreover, while breeding their dogs, they consider multiple factors such as the pedigree of the dog, its physical health, and most importantly, its temperament.

Each Labradoodle puppy at Swinging Gate Labradoodles has to undergo a Kindergarten Training program before they are put up for adoption. The training helps them be guide or service dogs and become extra caring towards people suffering from any health problem.

Most importantly, you can also become a guardian to some of their dogs and help them in the breeding process. In addition to it, they also have a Paw Tree shop from where you can buy the best high-quality food for your puppies or dogs.

Swinging Gate Labradoodles Details

Cove Lake Labradoodles

If you wish to get a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle on the East Coast exclusively, Cove Lake Labradoodles is the perfect place. They are a member of the ALCA and are known for breeding miniature to medium-sized puppies.

They are one of the 5 best Labradoodle breeders on the East Coast because they provide an array of services ranging from the adoption of puppies and elder dogs and stud services along with a guardian program.

The people at Cove Lake Labradoodles understand the importance of training and the importance of the role of service dogs played by Labradoodles. Therefore, they can assist you in training your puppy or dog by providing you with leads and information about companion animal training.

The guardian program introduced by them would allow you to adopt or take care of retired dogs. Moreover, if you aren’t sure or don’t know how to groom Labradoodles, you can check out their website, where they publish how you can take proper care of their health and them.

Cove Lake Labradoodles Details

  • Website: Cove Lake Labradoodles
  • Contact:
  • Location: 4 Camp Allis Road, Asheville, North Carolina

Touchstone Australian Labradoodles

Touchstone Australian Labradoodles are one of the most reputed dog breeders located on the East Coast. They are a member of both Avidog Associate and the Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA).

The breeders at Touchstone Australian Labradoodles pay special attention to what their dogs and puppies consume as it directly affects their health. Therefore, they have even created a list mentioning the toxic and healthy food items for Labradoodles.

Since the Labradoodle puppies raised by them are lovable and intelligent along with a high sense of intuition, they tend to become the best assistance or therapy dogs on the East Coast in the future. Their hypoallergenic coat, along with a protective nature, is just a cherry on the top.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get the best Labradoodle puppies on the East Coast that are perfectly suited to become a service, therapy, or assistance dog in the future, you should get an Australian Labradoodle puppy from Touchstone Australian Labradoodles.

Touchstone Australian Labradoodles Details

Rainbow Row Labradoodles

Rainbow Row Labradoodles have a Golden Paw Breeder status and are a member of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA). The membership and status imply that the dogs bred and raised by them would be healthy and follow the ethical code of conduct.

Some of the best Labradoodle puppies on the East Coast are raised by Rainbow Row Labradoodles as the parents undergo multiple genetic tests. Only when the dogs have cleared the OFA tests are they bred and trained.

You can opt for a particular training class with a trainer for your puppy, or you can enroll them in a boarding-style training program. In addition to it, Rainbow Row Labradoodles also provide a unique Guardian program to avoid raising their fur babies in a kennel-like environment.

You would receive your puppy after it has been dewormed and vaccinated. In addition to it, you will also receive a two-year Health Guarantee after you’ve gone through the medical history of the puppy. 

Rainbow Row Labradoodles Details

Green Gables Australian Labradoodles

Green Gables Australian Labradoodles were one of the first authentic breeders of Australian Labradoodles in South Carolina. They breed Labradoodles of all sizes, and they are specially trained to become the best therapy or service dogs on the East Coast.

The team of breeders at Green Gables Australian Labradoodles always checks the dogs’ personality and physical features before the breeding process. They are proud members of  ALCA.

Since the puppies are free from any genetic disease, they tend to be quicker and more intelligent as compared to other puppies. Therefore, they are easier to train and get along with you very easily after the adoption process has been completed.

Moreover, to make sure that you’re able to take proper care of your puppy, Green Gables Australian Labradoodles have put up various grooming and healthcare tips about Labradoodles. It also includes how they take special care of their puppies during the summer season.

Green Gables Australian Labradoodles

Labradoodle puppies On The East Coast

Reasons To Get A Labradoodle

We have listed below some of the primary reasons why you should get the best Labradoodle puppies on the East Coast as soon as possible.

1.     Physical Features

The variety in Labradoodles isn’t limited to their wavy and curly fur coats and extends towards their size and colors. From the various breeders listed above, you can choose what size of Labradoodle you are looking for.

Some breeders may even allow you to choose the color and coat of your Labradoodle puppy.

2.     Hypoallergenic And Low Maintenance

One of the top reasons that you should get a Labradoodle is that they have a coat that doesn’t shed a lot. The less or minimal shedding of fur makes them a top suggestion for people who are allergic to dog fur. 

Moreover, less shedding would also reduce their overall need for maintenance. You would just need to brush their coat so that they don’t get matted, regularly bathe them, and trim their nails.

3.     Gentle Nature

Another trait that makes Labradoodles stand out from other dogs is their nature. They are kind, playful, active, loyal, and protective. Labradoodles might be a little stubborn, but you can still train them with ease.

With proper training and their joyful nature, they tend to become the best therapy and service dogs on the East Coast and would immensely help people suffering from any health problem.

4.     Activities 

Labradoodles need quite some time outdoors in order to release their energy. Thus, if you’re looking for a pet with whom you can spend some amazing time both indoors and outdoors, you should get the bestLabradoodle puppies on the East Coast.

Moreover, Labradoodles enjoy spending time in the water and swimming around. So, you can also take them swimming with you and enjoy the summer season to the best.

Final Words

The amazing hypoallergenic coat of Labradoodles, along with their loyal and protective nature, is one of the primary reasons many people living on the East Coast wish to have a Labradoodle puppy.

However, with many unethical breeders on the loose on the East Coast, it is challenging to select the right breeder. Therefore, we short-listed and mentioned the 5 best Labradoodle Breeders on the East Coast so that you can get yourself the puppy or dog of your dreams.

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