Best Goldendoodle Training Book

Best Goldendoodle Training Books – 2024’s Greatest Options

“What are the best Goldendoodle training books?” This is often the first question a lot of people ask when they adopt a new Goldendoodle puppy, especially if it’s the first time they adopt a dog, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably in the same situation.

These days, most people would probably just check the internet when looking for information on how to train their dogs, but more often than not, these videos just teach you one thing, and it’s stuff you’ve actively searched for.

With a great book, you can often discover tips and guides on things you didn’t even know were worth looking for.

That’s why we’ve listed a bunch of books that can really help you in your Goldendoodle training. These books have helped numerous people and they can also help you if you follow them. So let’s take a look at our preferred Goldendoodle training books.

Quick Summary on The Best Goldendoodle Training Books

ProductRatingBest Price
Zak George’s Dog Training 🏆 Best OverallBEST PRICE
How to House Train Any PuppyBest for House TrainingBEST PRICE
The Art of Raising a PuppyBest for PuppiesBEST PRICE
The Dog Owner’s Secret HandbookBest for Correcting BehaviorBEST PRICE
Puppy Training for KidsBest for KidsBEST PRICE
101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step ActivitiesBest for Dog TricksBEST PRICE
Cesar’s WayHonorable MentionBEST PRICE

Now let’s get into a bit more details of why I’ve listed the books as I have.

🏆 Best Overall: Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide

Overall Best Labradoodle Training Book

Zak George is quite famous due to numerous appearances on the Animal Plant and for his own YouTube channel. Zak is has put some of his knowledge and experience in a book on how to train dogs. This book can give you a new perspective on how to train puppies. The book is 240 pages stuffed with all the basics of puppy training, going from basic potty training to things such as aggression and leash-pulling.

This book will not only teach you how to train a dog, but it can also show you how to own one. It will teach you when it’s time to take your puppy to the vet, and how to choose the proper food for their needs.

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is more of a ‘how-to’ book than a highly technical training manual, as it tries to cover every area that you should know in dog training. All those who have tried this book talks about its unique ability to help you ‘speak’ to your dog.


  • The author is a eell renowned dog trainer
  • One of the best books on dog training
  • Covers all areas and topics you need for dog training
  • Teaches you how to decode a dog


  • Not everything in the book will work for you or your specific dog

Best for House Training: How to House Train Any Dog

best training book for labradoodles

This book has a main focus on house training a puppy and nothing else. But seeing as house training is also one of the most important things you’ll have to do when bringing home your new pup, it’s also a fantastic book for just that. They even offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results.

While it’s only available as an e-book, the pros outweigh the cons by far when it comes to this book in my opinion, as having a perfectly house-trained dog within just a week, is completely amazing.


  • Most efficient house training book you can get
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Less than a week to a fully house-trained dog


  • Only available as an e-book

Best for Correcting Behavior: The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook

This is a book I hadn’t heard about until a few months ago, but I really wish I had earlier, as it contains a lot of excellent tips when it comes to behavior training in dogs.

There are numerous methods in the book for you to apply if you want to stop your dog from any unwanted barking, digging up your garden, and so on. It also features quite an extensive section regarding a lot of natural remedies for you to use to help your dog when it is in pain and it even has a how-to guide on doggy CPR without potentially harming your dog!


  • An excellent guide for stopping behavior such as barking, digging, and jumping on people
  • Includes a section on pain relief for dogs
  • Several great tricks I’ve seen mentioned anywhere else


  • Only available as an e-book

Best for Puppies: The Art of Raising a Puppy

As you’re properly aware by now, owning a puppy is an incredible experience filled with its fair share of ups and downs.

The Art of Raising a Puppy is a 352-page book packed with amazing tips and advice on how to efficiently train and take care of your dog as the authors of this book have more than 30-year experience of raising puppies. With this book by your side, you will be able to teach your puppy how to best adjust to the new home as well as a lot of other things that might be new and scary for a puppy.

This book really does have all the advice you’ll need to train and raise a puppy.


  • The guide is written by people who really know what they are talking about
  • A very useful book especially for those new dog owners
  • The book’s advice will guide you through all areas of a dog’s life


  • You will probably still need to read other dog training books

Best for Kids: Puppy Training for Kids

Most people will probably be worried about buying a dog for their kids, and then fear that the child won’t help take responsibility for this new dog. And that’s where this book can be a great help.

With Puppy Training For Kids, your children will learn exactly how to train, care for, and nurture their new pups.

Having your child read this book will allow them to learn about such things as clicker training, healthy exercise, and proper socialization.

Puppy Training For Kids is 96 pages long and filled with pictures to give a visual aid to your children and is highly suitable for middle school-aged kids and below.


  • Kids friendly
  • Lots of pictures of different training actions
  • Helps your child take responsibility for a dog
  • Easy to learn basics


  • It is a kids book
  • Only mentions how to treat a dog

Best for Dog Tricks: 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities

If your pup is already housebroken, perhaps you then want to teach them a few tricks to help keep them mentally active and engaged. With 101 Dog Tricks, you’ll be able to teach your pup numerous fun tricks. The tricks you’ll find in this book are arranged by order of difficulty for an easy increase of difficulty.

You’ll find (about 101) tricks here to train your pup, all the way from the basic fetch and stay to highly advanced tricks. After reading this book, you will be able to train your dogs in all manners of tricks to keep them alert, active, and challenged in a way that means they won’t suddenly turn their attention to other things.


  • Presents you with 101 different tricks you can practice
  • Tricks are very easy to understand and teach
  • Keeps your dog interested


  • Some of the tricks are missing a few steps

Honorable Mention: Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems

Following the success of his first book, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan it rocketed Cesar Millan into being one of the most famous dog trainers. “Cesar’s Way” talks about psychology in dogs and how different behavioral issues occur in dogs and what you can do to change them.

With this new book, Cesar teaches the difference between punishing a dog and teaching it, and how the pack instincts of your dog can be used to improve your relationship with your dog. He also discusses some of the experiences he’s previously had with some of his clients.


  • Cesar is a very well-known dog expert
  • Talks a lot about the psychology of dogs
  • The guide teaches you how to correct any behavioral issues with dogs.


  • The book is actually more of an autobiography than a training book
Best Goldendoodle Training Book


Training a dog is one of the most vital parts of their life as it means everything when it comes to the behavior the dog will exhibit in the future. Ranging from learning your dog not to go potty all over your house, all the way to allow them to respond to their name, how to stay, and so on.

There isn’t any dog that’s housebroken from birth, so you’ll have to take things into your own hands. Ensure that you obtain as much knowledge as possible about your goals, and these guides and books will definitely help you do just that. The knowledge found in all these books has helped numerous people all over the world which essentially means they’ll give you a good bang for your buck.

Some of My Favorite Products For Dog Owners

I hope this article has helped you just a bit in everyday life as a dog owner. Being a dog owner for more than 25 years, I’ve tried many different products with varying success, but these products below are some that I can highly recommend to every dog and their owner without hesitation!

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Dog Training: If you’ve ever owned a puppy, you know that it requires a lot of training to grow into a well-behaved adult. Brain Training for Dogs has helped me immensely with the mental training part of raising a dog, and it’s something I strongly recommend you consider.

Grooming: If you have a dog in your home, you’re going to need a brush, and for this, I recommend a Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. For that price, you simply can’t beat this brush for everyday grooming.

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date recommendations, check out my recommended products section that I’ve created to help every dog owner!

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