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Goldendoodle Price Guide – All Your Dog Decisions Made Easy

Buying dogs is seriously no game! There are tons of things to keep in mind. That’s way too much stress, and we understand that. That’s why we are here to help.

In this article, we will be covering the cutie patootie Goldendoodle breed dog. If you’re on the big search for a great Goldendoodle price guide, your struggle ends here.

Goldendoodles are available in a diverse price range. This price depends on whether you adopt or buy the dog. On average, a Goldendoodle can cost you between $2000-$2500.

We present you our comprehensive Goldendoodle price guide for more information on Goldendoodle prices and what determines them. Read on to get enlightened. You can thank us later!

What Is A Goldendoodle?

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Goldendoodle first appeared during the 1990s in America! They are a relatively new breed. Goldendoodles have been time and again considered Designer Dogs. Why though?

This is mainly because both the parents are purebred in this case.

The Goldendoodle is a perfect mix of the Golden Retriever and Poodle. These two breeds are among the cutest ones in the whole world. Now, you can expect the cuteness levels to be a tad bit high for the Goldendoodle.

As far as the traits are concerned, it’s a little difficult to assert which parent’s traits will dominate the offspring. You can go through the general tendencies and behaviors of the Goldendoodle on the internet to get an idea!

The cost of a Goldendoodle is going to be anywhere between $500 to $4000. A lot of the factors behind the pricing are dependent on where you make the dog purchase.

On average, a reputable breeder will charge you around $2100 for a Goldendoodle. This is definitely on the expensive side.

Similarly, if you’re on the lookout for a Goldendoodle that is multi-colored and has a toy size, you are going to pay way more. This price could range up from $3000 to $5000.

So, we hope you understand how many aspects come into play when figuring out the price of your favorite pup, Goldendoodle. While this may be overwhelming for you, we are here to help!

Listed in the coming sections is a list of some of the top factors that make a difference in the price of a Goldendoodle.

What Decides The Cost Of A Goldendoodle?

A Goldendoodle might be an easy buy, or you may be shedding thousands of dollars to get the perfect one for you! A lot depends on the choice you make when it comes to the below-mentioned factors.

Breeder Reputation

This factor makes all the difference in terms of money and the dog you purchase. Breeders community is a big one and a very varied one at that.

You will find a huge number of breeders who follow proper health testing requirements to maintain the quality of all the dogs they breed. Yes, that is essential. How else would you avoid the offspring having any defects?

Similarly, it becomes essential to check both the parents being crossed to form the Goldendoodle for you. They should be compatible to avoid any issues. Now, only good breeders will keep checks on the breeding process’s genetics, temperament, and environment.

Reputable breeders will also perform health tests on their parent dogs for healthy hips, hearts, eyes, patellas, and elbows. Cheap breeders will definitely offer you an attractively low price but will definitely miss out on these essential factors. You might even come across some breeders who work with puppy mills.

Not just that, breeders spend a lot of their time handling all the Goldendoodle pups. In fact, you will also find some good breeders who help in early socializing as well.

While the Goldendoodle mothers maintain the litter, the breeders work to make the pups comfortable in their environment. Goldendoodle pups shouldn’t fear people and should be rather comfortable with a range of noises.

The breeder takes up all these tasks. Some of these breeders also potty train the Goldendoodle pups.

Now imagine putting all these targets in a hand of a person who is just not considerate enough. Someone who just sees this as a business of sorts. Not a pretty picture!

Our top suggestion would be to research properly and go for a breeder with some name in the market!


The location of the purchase also decides the price of the Goldendoodle. Now, imagine you live in a remote place; you have just one good breeder nearby. Due to fewer options, this breeder will leverage their monopoly and ask you for a higher price.

On the other hand, there are several good breeders in a bigger city. You will have the perfect option to pick and choose the breeder that best suits you. On top of all this, you will also get competitive prices. You can conveniently ask for a lower price as well.

So, the location plays an essential role in the overall cost. But what should you do if you live near only one or no good breeder? Simple. Just travel!

There are huge chances that the cost of travel and the Goldendoodle together won’t be as much as the entire Goldendoodle purchase will be in a remote location.

The location influences the price in a different way too! For example, the price of a Goldendoodle will be way higher in New York City compared to the price of the same dog in Illinois.

Now both states are big enough, with big cities and an even larger base of good breeders. Here, the prices will differ according to the cost-of-living factors.

Goldendoodle Size

Goldendoodle size is a huge factor in determining the size of your prospective buy! Yes, that’s right. The Goldendoodle breed mainly comes in three sizes. These are mini Goldendoodle, medium Goldendoodle, and standard Goldendoodle.

You can find three other subcategories under the mini Goldendoodle. They are the toy, micro, and teacup.

Want to know what’s more interesting? Their prices! As the size gets smaller, the prices increase tremendously. You can expect the price for a teacup Goldendoodle to go up to $5000.

The reason for the smaller sizes having exorbitant prices is because of the breeding practices. To get smaller size puppies, it takes careful breeding and downsizing of the puppy parents over time. They also require extra care due to their genetics.

Goldendoodle Coat Color

The next factor to pay attention to will be the coat color of your favorite Goldendoodle. A point to note is that the cost is directly dependent on how rare the coat color is.

If you go for a solid-colored or apricot color Goldendoodle, the prices will be pretty straight and less. On the other hand, if you choose a multi-colored Goldendoodle, such as the Phantom Goldendoodle, Tuxedo Goldendoodle, etc., the prices will definitely rise.

In fact, if you’re thinking of buying a very specific multi-colored, be ready to pay a hefty price for it. It could actually go up to $1000 plus what the actual price is!

Goldendoodle Coat Type

Just like coat color, the coat type is an essential factor. There are generally about three categories of coat types in the Goldendoodle world.

  • Straight coat
  • Wavy coat
  • Curly coat

Another surprising fact is that this coat type also dictates the generation of the Goldendoodle. You will see that the wavy coat or curly coat Goldendoodles will have a higher price when directly compared to Goldendoodles with straight coats.

Why is this pricing based like that? Wavy coats and curly coats tend to shed less. Now, who doesn’t love a dog with less to no shedding? The no shed rule almost reduces your work by half.

In addition to this, wavy and curly coats are also hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic means the tendency to be less allergic. Trust us when we say it’s a blessing to have a dog with a hypoallergenic coat! These dogs are a good fit for people with dog allergies and those allergic to dander.

Since it’s a blessing, rest assured this blessing will be expensive and cost you well.

Also, we just mentioned how coats are related to the generation of the Goldendoodle. In that case, you will be paying more for F1B, F1BB, F2B, and F2BB Goldendoodles since they have more Poodle genetics. In brief, they are from the later generations and are pricey!

Supply-demand Chain

We are pretty sure you are aware of the supply-demand chain. Now, if the supply is as good as the demand, prices will be constant and relatively low. When the supply increases and the demand remains constant, you should get prepared to pay more for the same thing!

In theory, Goldendoodle dogs should not cost you this much. The reality is quite different.

Goldendoodles are among the top 5 dog breeds in the US and rank second among popular puppy breeds!

Due to the crazy demand for Goldendoodles in the market, breeders are left with no choice but to increase the prices.


This is an additional factor that comes attached to the type of breeder you choose for your Goldendoodle purchase. Reputable breeders more than often take care of the first round of vaccinations for the Goldendoodle before you take the pup home.

The vaccination number will largely depend on the prevalent diseases in the country. In a country like the US, you will have to give the additional pup vaccination for its protection.

The vaccinations mostly range from Parvovirus, adenovirus, distemper, and parainfluenza vaccines. The breeder will also be responsible for the deworming medications and a full-fledged veterinary check-up.


Time is money! Sometimes we pay money and high prices just for the time someone invested. It sometimes takes way too many years for a breeder to develop the generation of Goldendoodles. These generations are mostly the ones having some specific traits that the buyers want.

The main task at hand would be to streamline the process and try to produce the required results. This whole procedure might take time, and hence you will be paying extra for the long hours your breeders spend on your pup!

costs of owning a Goldendoodle

What Are The Other Costs Of A Goldendoodle?

You now know the top factors to be mindful of while purchasing a Goldendoodle. Now we come to the elephant in the room. What about the costs that will be incurred all through the life of the Goldendoodle?

These costs are necessary for a healthy and happy pup’s development. Listed below are some of the top variable Goldendoodle costs depending on the lifestyle of your pup!


We all live because we eat. A good and balanced diet is as important for a dog as it is to a human.

Food costs for a Goldendoodle will vary largely on the size and energy level of the pup. Obviously, a puppy with high activity level and bigger size will get hungry more often.

This is mainly because the body is not in rest mode. Moreover, a larger body will require a greater energy requirement from food. You will spend around $500 per year on the food for your Goldendoodle.


Grooming is an essential part of your dog’s daily lifestyle. You would really hate it when the fur-entangled coat of your dog leads to long-term health problems.

Since Goldendoodles don’t shed, grooming becomes even more important. Goldendoodle grooming might cost you around $100. These sessions would be at least four all through the year!

Grooming packages generally include nail trimming, shampoo, ear care, and haircuts. It’s an experience your Goldendoodle will wait for every time!

If you cannot afford expensive grooming packages, you can reduce these costs by grooming your Goldendoodle at home regularly. Make sure you do proper research before tending to your fluffball.

Health Care

One of the most important parts of petting is healthcare. Vaccination, surgeries, or even regular check-ups may cost you a lot. Goldendoodles generally have a health issue called Hip Dysplasia. This disease itself has a very expensive treatment.

Healthcare costs will increase with age. Goldendoodles who are older would require surgical operations as well. Depending on the age and present health conditions, we can expect healthcare to cost around $700 to $2000 plus a year for your Goldendoodle.


Training is another aspect that we just cannot miss. Well-trained dogs always stand out. In fact, dogs who are trained at the right age will always turn out to be loyal and well-behaved.

Delaying training will only invoke aggressive behavior in your Goldendoodle. This training will be conducted through classes. You will have two options here.

You can go for a personalized training for your Goldendoodle. In case of a personalized class, a specific trainer will be allotted to your pup, who will take care of and teach all the necessary things.

The other option is pet shop training. These types of training are generally conducted in groups. The biggest benefit of these classes is the increase in the adaptability of your dog to other dogs and strangers.

You can expect such costs to be more than $700. They will increase personalized training.

There are other costs that pup owners bear as well. These costs include flight boarding expenditures. For example, you are going on a vacation, and your dog is accompanying you. There will be an additional $100 fee or more you will have to pay to board your pup.

Goldendoodle Goodies

Have you seen those little toys kids play with? They have a really great time, don’t they? It’s exactly the same for Goldendoodles.

Goldendoodles are play-loving dogs and love to have fun.

Dogs having a great collection of chew toys, leashes, collars, and treats will not only make them happy. The owner is happy as well!

Expenditure on the collars might be more than the other goodies here. This is mainly because Goldendoodles grow rapidly. Every year their size will increase, and so will the collar.

An increase in collar size means an increase in the price. Thus, you will be paying more per year for your dogs’ goodies!

How Much Does A Goldendoodle Cost In The UK?

The popularity of Goldendoodles has increased enormously in the UK. Goldendoodles now stand fifth among the most desirable dog breeds. Due to this reason, the average price of a Goldendoodle puppy is about £2500-3000!

How Much Does A Goldendoodle Cost In Canada?

If you buy from reputable breeders, the price of a medium Goldendoodle in Canada is about CAD 3000. A mini Goldendoodle can cost you CAD 3500 or more!

Goldendoodle price 
cost of a Goldendoodle
Goldendoodle Cost In Canada
Goldendoodle Cost In The UK
Goldendoodle Price in the UK
Goldendoodle Price in Canada

Summing Up Our Goldendoodle Price Guide

This is our comprehensive price guide on the Goldendoodle breed. We hope you found some information which could be helpful.

Overall, we would suggest you be really mindful of the breed you buy – Goldendoodle or any breed, for that matter.

Buying the wrong dog can be an issue both for the pup and the pup’s parent. Specifically, when the dog requires more expenditure from your side, and you are on a tight budget!

So, we advise you to research and make your final decision. Good luck pup-parenting!

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