ProSelect Empire Cage Review

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage Review – We Tried It In 2023

ProSelect Empire Cage









  • Extremely Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Quick Assembly


  • Not for Huge Dogs
  • Pricy
  • Some Assembly Required

If your dog is an escape artist like mine, you’ll need a strong cage to contain them, and that’s what I’ll be testing in my ProSelect Empire Dog Cage review I have an extremely smart Labradoodle with separation anxiety. Leaving him alone at home is a nightmare as he will chew anything and everything in his way.

I have tried to crate train him, but nothing seemed to work as he can easily bend and break wires to escape from the cage. My biggest concern was that he was hurting himself in the process. 

After wasting thousands of dollars on five different cages, I stumbled upon the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage. My vet suggested using this cage for my dog as it is known to be indestructible. 

This cage was my last hope, so I ordered it online from Amazon. It was slightly pricey compared to other brands of dog crates, but I decided to try my luck. There are two sizes of ProSelect Empire Cage available online, i.e., Medium and Large. I bought the large size cage for the dog so that there could be enough space for him to move and stretch. The price of a large cage is $381.72, whereas the medium size cage is available for $331.75. 

The online reviews of this product were great as they worked for most people. This product has five stars rating on Amazon, which is the highest. While it has some drawbacks, it is not a really bad investment. This cage worked wonders for my Labradoodle and me, and I would highly recommend it to other dog owners who are in need of a strong, sturdy, and reliable dog crate.

So today, I am going to share a detailed ProSelect Empire Dog Cage review highlighting the features, pros, and cons. 

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage Review

The ProSelect Empire Cage is a safe, secure, and easy-to-use cage for your pooch. It is a heavy-duty dog crate made with durable steel. This cage is designed to be sturdy enough to resist jostling in a car or a moving van. It’s also built with specially-designed latches to prevent your dog from trying to escape. As a result, this cage is the perfect choice for your dog if they suffer from separation anxiety or your pet’s tendency to chew things.

The ProSelect Empire Cage has a steel frame reinforced with half-inch steel tubes. It has four locking casters to make it easy to move around. And it is very easy to clean too. You can choose from medium or large-size cages for your dog. These crates are among the best cages on the market and are well worth the price. The large cage is perfect for large dogs weighing 41 to 70lbs. 

Features of ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

The ProSelect Empire Cage has several features that make it an excellent choice for large breed dogs. Read on to learn more about the features.

  • Large Sized Cage

It is a large-sized cage specially designed for large breeds of dogs. It is available in different sizes. You can either choose medium size cage or large size cage. The dimensions of medium size cage are, 33.75″ H x 37″ W x 25.13″ L with 2.25” bar spacing. The dimensions of large size cage are, 41.25″ H x 42.25″ W x 30.75″ L.

The sturdy steel construction of the Large-Sized ProSelect Empire crate makes it nearly impossible for your dog to escape. The design of this cage is very clever, and the bars are nearly impossible for a dog to break through. The large size ensures that your dog has enough space to stay comfortable inside the cage. It can handle up to 41 – 70 lbs of weight and is suitable for all types of dogs. 

  • 20-Gauge Steel Cage

The ProSelect Empire Cage is made from 20 gauge steel with half-diameter steel tubes for strength and durability. The durable steel construction of this dog crate is designed to prevent bending and tearing. The bars are extra-thick and have cross-sections to resist twisting.

The 20-gauge steel is durable and will not bend or break. This cage is a perfect fit for dogs that are aggressive chewers. The strong and sturdy construction makes it nearly indestructible. 

  • Floor Grate With Tray

This dog crate comes with a special floor grate and a removable steel tray that makes cleaning a breeze. You can clean the floor grate easily and replace it as needed. This crate is perfect for large breed dogs. Its heavy-duty steel construction means it’s sturdy enough to hold a large dog. You can also remove the tray to make cleaning easier.

This floor grate is made of heavy-duty 20-gauge steel tubing that’s welded at stress points. It also features a slide-out catch tray which you can easily replace. 

  • Removable Casters

When your dog is in a crate, you will appreciate the ProSelect Empire Cage’s casters, which make for easy mobility. The casters can be locked for safety while keeping your dog in the cage and can even be removed if you don’t want to roll it around.

A heavy-duty steel frame and grated floor make the ProSelect Empire Cage difficult for your dog to destroy, and it features lockable casters for added stability. This cage weighs 99.2 pounds without the added weight of your dog. So the removable casters come in handy to add mobility to the cage. 

  • Durable Dog Cage

The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is made it stand up to the toughest abuse from your dog. Even a 55-pound Pitbull can’t destroy this crate. In addition to its heavy-duty construction, it comes with strong latches.

No matter how clever your dog is, it will not be able to beat this crate. Double-latch latches keep your dog inside the crate while providing easy access. The crate’s steel construction is sturdy and long-lasting. Its heavy-duty, strong welds prevent even the largest dogs from breaking weak points. Moreover, it features a hammer tone finish, which ensures that the edges of the crate won’t cut your dog.  

review of proselect empire dog cage
proselect empire dog cage review


Here are some things that I like about The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage. 

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction

The main material used in the construction of the ProSelect Empire Cage for dogs includes steel. It is known as the world’s strongest dog cage. Compared to other materials, it is durable enough to withstand the aggression of even the most stubborn home pets. Twenty gauge steel bars and heavy steel tubes make this cage durable and resistant to wear and tear. 

  • Transparent Nature of Steel Bar

One of the biggest advantages of the Pro elect Empire Cage for dogs is its design. It is constructed of sturdy steel with transparent steel bars. This ensures that your pup can see you even from its cage. Your dog will not feel alone as they will be able to see through the metal bars in the cage. You can even use a blanket or mat to make it more comfortable. 

  • Perfect for All Types and Sizes of Dogs

This dog cage is available in two different sizes, i.e., medium and large. You can purchase the type of cage as per the size of your dog. It is suitable for the small, medium as well as large breeds of dogs. You can use it for aggressive dogs as well. It is specially designed to accommodate all types and sizes of dogs. 

  • No Separation Anxiety Issue

Its design is suitable for holding dogs with separation anxiety. This cage has large distances between its bars, which are easy to reach and can help the dog see through it. Its stout double-door latches will keep the dog safely inside. 

  • Durable, Safe, and Comfortable

The design of the ProSelect Empire Cage for dogs is made with safety in mind. It features four locking casters, a floor grate, and a removable steel tray. This durable crate is designed to withstand even the most determined escape artist.

This heavy-duty crate is also sturdy, making it a good choice for people with active lifestyles. On top of that, it is comfortable as there is enough space for your dog to move inside. Apart from that, its hammertoe’s long-lasting finish eliminates pointy and sharp edges, thereby making it dog-safe. 

  • Easy to Move and Clean

Although it looks large and sturdy, it is still light enough for your pup to move in. It also comes with caster wheels that can make it easier for you to move the crate from place to place. Moreover, it comes with a floor grate and a removable steel tray. You can easily clean the crate and replace the tray if your dog poops in it. 

  • Easy to Assemble

It is easy to assemble, and you need only your hands and a hex head screwdriver to do it. Assembly is easy and takes 25 minutes; the instructions are straightforward. The crate is shipped flat, and you need two people to set it up. However, you can hire professionals to set it up if you find it too complicated for you. The crate is covered by a one-year warranty and comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide.

  • Clever Locking Mechanism

This dog cage comes with a clever locking mechanism to prevent your dog from escaping. No matter how clever your dog is how it won’t be able to escape this cage. It comes with double latches made of thick steel metal. You can easily lock as well as open the door with the lock. 


Here are some pain points that are encountered when using The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage.

  • Not for Oversized Dogs

If you have an oversized dog, you’ll need a larger crate than an Empire model. The ProSelect Empire is designed for medium to large-sized dogs. If you have an oversized dog, you’ll probably need an extra-large cage. This cage is not designed for oversized dogs or extra-large breeds. This crate can only handle weight up to 70 pounds. 

  • Slightly Expensive Than Other Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is much more expensive than other dog cages. It is designed to hold large breed dogs with severe separation anxiety. This cage has several great features, and it is made of strong and durable steel, which makes it more expensive than other models. However, the price is worth it.

  • Need to be Assembled

You can’t just open the box and place it on the floor of your home. A ProSelect dog cage needs to be assembled. You’ll need a screwdriver to put the pieces together. You may want to get an assistant to help you move it. Since the ProSelect Empire is not foldable, you’ll need to unbolt all of the screws and assemble the cage. 

  • Some Dogs Can Access the Tray Underneath

One of the biggest drawbacks of using this cage is the design flaw. It gives your dog too much access to the tray underneath the cage. Some dogs can easily fling the tray and find a way to escape the cage. 

  • Paint Peels When Dog Chews Bar

This crate is not recommended for heavy chewers as the paint peels off when your dog chews on the bars. It will spoil the design and aesthetics of the cage. 

Is the ProSelect Empire Cage Worth Buying

Is the ProSelect Empire Cage Worth Buying?

The ProSelect Empire Cage might be the best option for your needs if you are looking for a safe, sturdy, comfortable, and escape-proof dog crate. It is designed with safety in mind, with crash-proof steel construction and four locking casters. Other features include a steel tray, grate floor, and thick steel latches. 

If you have a medium to large dog with severe separation anxiety, the ProSelect Empire dog cage is a perfect choice. This kennel is incredibly durable, making it an excellent choice for even the biggest dogs. It is also very easy to clean, thanks to its sliding tray and detachable wheels. It is worth considering as a great investment for your dog. 

The ProSelect Empire dog crate is made to last. Its steel frame is reinforced with still tubes and is incredibly sturdy. Its sturdy construction and one-year warranty will give you peace of mind. Its side door is also highly secured and allows for easy access and exit. The locking latches are easy to operate, too. This means your dog won’t break a tooth trying to get out of the cage. 

Apart from this, this cage is easy to assemble. With simple hardware tools, you can easily set up the cage in less than 25 minutes. Ever since I bought this cage, my dog has stopped escaping or chewing on the bars. I have been using this cage for over a month now, and it has proven to be a blessing. It is not only strong and sturdy but also easy to move around and clean. On top of that, it is safe and comfortable for my dog.

Read this ProSelect Empire Dog Review if you are contemplating buying a safe and sturdy cage for your dog.

Alternatives for the Product

Here are some alternatives to The ProSelect Empire Cage for your dog. 

It is a sturdy, square-tube dog cage with thick steel bars and a secure lock. This heavy-duty stainless steel dog crate comes with a removable plastic tray and four locking caster wheels, making it easy to move. It is rust-resistant and chew-proof as well. 

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crates feature an upgraded anti-escape lock and a heavy-duty steel frame. It’s sturdy and durable, making it the perfect choice for many large breeds. Its locking rooftop is also an added bonus. 

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