What Is Dog Scootering

What Is Dog Scootering – A Complete 2024 Guide

Did you know that you can train a dog to race on a scooter? But what is dog scootering really, besides being a sport that is rapidly gaining popularity and is growing all over the world. 

Dog scootering is like regular mushing where you use a dog to pull a scooter. The main difference to dog sledding is that instead of using a sled, you use a scooter. Dog scootering belongs under the category of mushing sports and is performed on dry land, usually on roads and not snow. 

A lot of dog scootering enthusiasts have started a social scene to help them meet for fun runs. This can be anything from a morning stroll to several days of competition. Despite being a fairly new sport, it has already been included in some huge dog races.

Besides being an awesome way to exercise your dog, scootering is also a fun activity for you as well. Dog scootering can help keep your pup fit and stimulate their brains.

But you can’t just strap your dog to a scooter and expect everything to go swimmingly, you will have to train your dog to this exercise. Mature dogs are much more suitable than young puppies for this training as they’ve developed their adult muscles. Remember to keep the training sessions short and easy at the start before you gradually increase in weight and size.

If you want to train your dog to run with a scooter, we can help you. Read our complete guide to dog scootering to help you get started with this great sport. 

What Is Dog Scootering?

How Much Is A Dog Scooter
Are Dog Scooters Good
Can You Walk A Dog With A Scooter

Dog scootering is a great way to exercise a dog and allow you to get some quality time together. The sport has become more and more popular around the world. It is a type of mushing sport in which dogs are used to pull a sled through snow. Dog scootering is just another branch of dog mushing.

In these sports, you have to train a dog to pull a scooter and not a sled. You can either use a single dog or several dogs to run at the front of your scooter. Dog scooting is also known as urban mushing or dryland mushing, as it is performed on dry land instead of snow.

The dogs are attached to the scooter using a line. As the dogs run, the scooter is pulled by their power, and it moves along with the dogs. As well as being a competitive urban sport, it’s also a great recreational sport. 

It’s nothing new that humans are using dogs to pull heavy objects and go from one place to another. During the early days, dogs’ were typically used for transportation in snowy areas. But since dog mushing became a popular sport, people have been indulging in it as a recreational activity.

For dog scootering, you need the proper equipment. The most important equipment is a “scooter.” It’s not any regular scooter but one specially designed for dogs. The scooter resembles a mountain bike with bigger wheels. It is also longer and larger than normal scooters. Besides this, you also need a good harness and a tug line to attach your dog to the scooter. 

Before you start dog scootering, it’s important to know that not all dogs are perfect for this activity. Some breeds aren’t great natural runners, and they might have other traits which prevent them from excelling at the sport. You must have a dog with high levels of energy and appropriate weight for this sport. 

When training your dog to ride a scooter, you must remember that it’s important to practice on smaller distances first, before progressing to longer distances when your dog has gained some experience. Remember to use proper equipment to keep your pup hydrated and comfortable. And most importantly, never rush a training session. 

How Much Is A Dog Scooter?

There are several different options to help you answer the question of how much is a dog scooter.

A dog scooter will cost from $200 to $700. A complete bolt-on system costs around $230, while an additional $50 is added if you want an adjustable width outrigger bar. The most basic setup for more than one dog will include a conventional spoked wheel. These are solid and easily rideable. If you’re planning on off-road riding, you should consider a fat tire model.

As with everything else in life, there are different price ranges when it comes to dog scooters. If you’re looking for a compact, small, and affordable scooter, you can get one for as low a cost as $70. But, there isn’t a lot of space in this kind of scooter. And the tires are also quite small. This scooter is fine for complete beginners, but don’t expect to use it for much more than the beginning, and certainly not if you’re planning on competing in professional tournaments. 

If you are looking for a high-end and very durable dog scooter, you should expect to spend above $700 for a good model. These scooters are specially made for dogs, and they come with large tires and powerful handles. This type of scooter can easily handle up to 4 dogs and is perfect for competitive sports. 

Are Dog Scooters Good?

A dog scooter is a great and useful way to train and exercise any dog. It is a perfect outlet to harness the abundance of energy they contain. And, unlike bicycles, dog scooters aren’t really all that dangerous, so you won’t have to worry about any accidents. 

Dog scooters are ideal for very energetic dogs. Dog scooters are a method for a great workout for any dog, and they’ll keep them healthy and happy. These scooters are also very environment-friendly as they aren’t a cause of any pollution. 

A good dog scooter comes with a wide wheelbase which provided a stable ride giving hours of bonding time between you and your dog. Remember to really research which size of wheels is best for you, as larger scooters will provide more stability. A good beginner scooter will also be suitable for long walks on bumpy terrain as well.

Can You Walk A Dog With A Scooter?

One thing you should note is that not all dogs are suited for scootering. Some dogs might be too anxious about being familiar with people. Large, rowdy dogs can also be too difficult to handle. Nevertheless, if you can walk your dog with ease, then you should also be able to train your dog to walk alongside your scooter.

You can quite easily walk a dog with a scooter. Walking your dog with a scooter can be a great activity, but you must remember to train your dog properly. While puppies will be too young for training, older dogs are better suited due to their muscles and size.

When training your dog to walk with a scooter, begin with short distances before slowly building up your speed. And once your dog has grasped how to walk with a scooter, you can build up to longer trips.

The low center of gravity makes a scooter ideal for walking your dog. Instead of taking your dog on an old-fashioned walk, you can simply hold their leash while you ride on the scooter. This method will make your dog move the scooter when it starts walking. 

How Do You Train A Dog To Run With A Scooter

How To Train A Dog To Run With A Scooter

It’s important that you ensure that your pup is having fun with the training. If you aren’t sure whether or not your dog is ready, try to harness him to the scooter and train him to run beside it. Your dog will inherently chase the scooter and try to pull you along for the ride. 

When you want to train your dog to run with a scooter, you should begin with shorter distances before building up to longer distances as your dog becomes more relaxed around the scooter. Try and do a couple of training sessions each day where you gradually increase the length of the sessions. Remember to always keep your dog hydrated while training. 

Let’s take a look at some of the steps you’ll have to follow in order to start properly training your dog to run with a scooter.

  • Step 1: Get Proper Scootering Gear

When training for dog scootering, you need special gear. A standard leash isn’t long enough nor is it comfortable for your dog or you.

Invest in dog scootering supplies to help train your dog to pull you on a scooter. After all, scootering should be enjoyed by both you and your dog, so get the right equipment. Scootering with a dog requires a gangline, a sturdy rope, or other items that’ll attach your dog to the scooter.

You can use a gangline made of robust and sturdy material. You will also need a special type of scooter along with a harness for your dog. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you need to have a strong, large, and healthy dog with great endurance. Ensure that your dog is the appropriate age, size, and weight for scooter training. 

  • Step 2: Assemble Equipment

Once you’ve purchased all the equipment that’s needed, you have to assemble it before starting training. Start by putting the harness on your dog and then proceed to attach the leash, gangline, or similar to the harness. And of course, you should attach the other end to the scooter. Now you’re all set up and you can easily start training your dog. 

  • Step 3: Encourage Your Dog

If you want your pup to learn how to pull a scooter, you will have to really encourage it. There are various things you can do to encourage a dog. I’ve found that the best technique is to let another person run in front of me and my dog. Your dog’s natural chase instincts will make it chase that person and pull the scooter along.

Another thing you can do is to find some treats your dog will love. Throw the treats ahead of your dog and watch him go after them. You can also try to play fetch to make your dog move. Throw a ball and let your dog chase after that. But the most important thing you have to do is really compliment your dog once it starts pulling the scooter.

Use words such as “good dog” or whatever you know your dog will react to. This will make your pup associate the pulling with positive reinforcement allowing him to easily follow any of your commands. 

  • Step 4: Practice

Once your pup can successfully pull the scooter, continue your practice to ensure that your dog gets used to it. The key to successfully making your dog familiarized with pulling you on a scooter is to make it fun for both of you.

Practice by pulling the scooter on a flat, short trail with a person who rides a bike in front of you, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your dog will learn to pull you. Find a nice spot where you can practice with your dog on a daily schedule. 

Begin by simply running with your pup. If the dog is new to this kind of sport, it is preferred that you start small and keep the sessions short before the dog gets tired, before gradually increasing the length of your trips.

Ensure that your dog has plenty of water to avoid overheating.

Recommended Dog Scooters

Here are some of the top choices when it comes to dog scooters. These scooters are highly recommended by experts who are into dog scootering. If you want to train your dog to walk with a scooter, you can invest in any of these models. 

  • Schwinn Shuffle Adult Scooter

The Schwinn Shuffle is a new scooter for the Schwinn family. This scooter has a nice, unique design and a comfortable handle. It comes partially assembled and takes only minutes to assemble the handlebars and the front tire.

The Schwinn Shuffle is a retro-styled kick scooter with a 26″ wheel. It is perfect for adults and children. It looks like a classic bicycle and is made of sturdy aluminum. It has hand brakes for braking power. This scooter also comes with a fender in the front and rear. This scooter can carry an adult up to 350 pounds.

The Schwinn Shuffle is a great choice for scootering with your dog. Most professionals use this scooter to train their dogs. 

  • Footbike Kostka Monster Max Dog

The Kostka Monster Max Dog is a quite versatile footbike. Its frame assures that your dog will be able to handle any terrain it might encounter. With a bulky weight of 15.5 kg, this bike is ready for any adventure.

Whether that adventure leads you on through a city or on a rocky trail, this scooter is ready for it. The front fork is reinforced and has been mounted in a tapered headset leading to a more stable ride. The deck is also reinforced on both sides and it has screw pins for improved rigidity.

  • Kickbike Sport G4 Scooter

The Kickbike Sport G4 is another scooter you can use together with your dog. If you’re serious about dog scootering, you might want to invest in the Kickbike Sport G4.

The Kickbike Sport is a high-end scooter that’s very suitable for pulling dogs. The frame is oversized which leads to extra strength. It also has adjustable handlebars and a height platform. The front and rear suspension provide this scooter with a lot of comforts. It is a sturdy and very safe scooter for your dog. 

  • KNUS Scooter for Youth and Adults

If you’re interested in using a scooter for your dog, you can consider the KNUS Scooter.

This lightweight scooter lets your dog run and jumps around and is easy to transport, making it a great choice for scootering with your dog.

This smooth-riding scooter has 16″ anti-skid wheels, and promises a smooth ride, while also being strong and sturdy.

What Is Dog Scootering
Dog Scootering Equipment You Must Have
Recommended Dog Scooters

Dog Scootering Equipment You Must Have

There are a number of dog scootering equipment that you must have to fully prepare your dog for this new activity.

Some of the equipment you will have to buy in order to train your dog and really enjoy scootering with them includes: 

  • Dog Scooter

This is quite obvious, but a scooter is an essential piece of gear that you need to buy in order to enjoy this sport of dog scootering. Make sure you choose the best scooter that your budget allows, you can always upgrade later if you become addicted to it as I did. You can take a look at the recommended scooters in this article for inspiration. 

  • Harness for Dog Scootering

A harness for dog scootering is another essential piece of the kit you need before taking your dog for a ride. These harnesses are very adjustable, and safe for a dog. A standard leash usually won’t be long enough and can cause issues.

A dog scootering harness should fit perfectly and help avoid any disasters. It must also have a built-in shock-absorbing section. A dog scootering harness will help you to easily connect the gangline with the scooter without inducing any distress to your dog. 

  • Running Line

Before you start training your dog for scootering, you’ll need to buy a running line. A running line is a cord that attaches your pup’s harness to the scooter. The line should be at least 6′ long. This line is elastic, to help reduce the risk of tipping the scooter when your dog begins to run.

Purchasing a running line that is designed for dog scootering will also help you and your dog stay as safe as possible.

  • Flexible Antenna

If you’re planning on bringing your dog along for the ride, you’ll need an antennaDog scootering antennas are mounted on the handlebars or the head tube of your bike. They help keep the line of sight from the front wheel. The antenna also prevents the tow line from getting tangled with the front wheel of the scooter.

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