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Goldendoodle Breeding Guide 2024 – This Is How You Begin

Goldendoodles are a wonderful breed that brings tons of love and affection to any family it enters. The result of crossbreeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever, Goldendoodles are not only loving but smart and very open to being trained. Are you considering Goldendoodle breeding?

If you want to bring tons more of these gorgeous pups into the world then you may decide to start breeding some yourself. There are a few simple steps that should be followed, such as getting parents with good genes, personalities, and coats. And once the puppies are born you need to take into account advertising and eventually selling your Goldendoodle pups!

We’ve prepared a guide that offers you some great advice and tips to follow if you ever decide to start breeding Goldendoodles. Hopefully, after reading through it you’ll be ready and prepared to bring some cute little Goldendoodle puppies into the world.

Goldendoodle Breeding Guide

But let’s get more into the specifics of what’s really needed for Goldendoodle breeding.

Have Your Dogs Genetically Tested

The first thing that you should do is get the two-parent dogs tested for any issues that may lie in their genetic code. Because the DNA of a dog does not change throughout its lifetime you can get them tested even if they’re already a few years old.

One of the best genetic labs for canines is Embark. They will supply you with helpful information about your dogs and whether or not they are genetically fit for breeding.

You should have your Golden Retriever tested for the following diseases: Degenerative Myelopathy and Ichthyosis. They should also be tested for eye diseases and issues such as prcd-PRA, GR-PRa1, and GR-PRA2.

And your Poodle should also have tests run for the following diseases: Degenerative Myelopathy and GM2 Gangliosidosis, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures, and Osteochondrodyspolasia. Also, test them for prcd-PRA and vWD type 1.

Keep in mind that Goldendoodles have both of these breeds as their ancestors, and therefore should be tested for all of the diseases listed.

Another thing to note is that if your dog, their parent, or their grandparents have a merle-colored coat you should have them tested to determine whether or not they carry the merle gene. Any dog that carries the merle gene should never be bred with another who also has merle.

Dogs who both have the merle gene and are bred together produce puppies that are highly at risk of suffering from diseases and disabilities such as deafness and blindness, along with many of other potential health issues. If one of the dogs you are breeding has the merle gene then you may want to have them tested for MDR1 alongside the other tests.

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Evaluate Their Personalities

Have your dog evaluated by an experienced trainer or animal behaviorist so that you can get a better idea of what their temperament truly is. Alternatively, you can choose to get a Canine Good Citizen registration for your dog from the AKC.

The purpose for doing this is to ensure that anyone who purchases the puppies of your beautiful dog will be assured that they are of good temperament, as well as to be totally sure that a non-biased evaluator does not somehow find something out about their temperament that you may have missed.

This process can be undertaken at any age, just like genetic testing, so make sure to get it done before you start breeding.

Decide Which Generation You Want to Breed

goldendoodle breeding guide

Now it’s time to figure out which generation of Goldendoodle you want to breed. Depending on the generation you may or may not need to have your pups undergo coat testing to try and determine what type of coat their puppies are most likely to have.

When breeding a Golden Retriever or a Poodle with a Goldendoodle coat testing does not need to be done. But if you decide to breed two Goldendoodles together then it is paramount that you have them undergo coat testing.

Here’s a quick guide for when you need to coat test and when you can forgo it:

  • Breeding a Golden Retriever and Poodle gives you a F1 Goldendoodle, and no testing is needed.
  • Breeding a F1 Goldendoodle and Poodle gives you a F1b Goldendoodle, and no testing is needed.
  • Breeding two F1 Goldendoodles gives you a F2 Goldendoodle, and you are highly encouraged to have coat testing for the F1b parent.

What is Coat Testing?

Coat testing is the process of checking the DNA of your pup to see if there are any traits that have two copies of themselves. This test is very important when choosing to breed two Goldendoodles together as it will check to see if they have the furnishing or improper coat trait.

Another important and highly recommended, test that your dog should undergo is the shed locus test. Embark offers coat testing services alongside their genetic testing ones and provides more information on shed locus and improper coats.

Should I Have Coat Testing Done for my Stud?

While coat testing usually focuses on the mother dog, having your stud undergo coat testing as well is a great idea. If other breeders want to use your dog as a stud for breeding their own pups, having as much information about him as possible available is a good thing.

Consult an Experienced Veterinarian

When finding a vet, ensure that they are prepared and ready to take care of a pregnant dog. Some vets just aren’t prepared for or experienced enough to handle a litter of little puppies, and a cool head is needed in order to perform needed health checks, vaccinations, and the possible insertion of microchips.

A vet that can answer any questions you may have and assist you throughout the breeding process is a wonderful asset to have. Try to find a reproductive vet that can support and help you whenever you need. These vets can also give recommend where you should take your Goldendoodle whenever they need OFA x-rays.

Get Your Goldendoodle OFA Tested

OFA stands for the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. This service helps to offer health tests specific for Goldendoodles. You can fill out the related forms and rely on your regular vet to handle the cardiac and patella luxation tests (which can be conducted any time after your dog turns one year old) whenever you take your Goldendoodle in for a routine visit.

After these forms are filled out, simply submit them to the OFA with the needed fee in order for them to be entered into the database. Once that’s taken care of you can find a vet that is registered with the OFA and experienced with OFA films and has hip and elbow dysplasia x-rays taken for your pup.

Ensure that you do not schedule a hip x-ray for your female dog if they are expected to begin heat or is currently in heat. This is because the change in their hormones could affect joint laxity.

Also make sure to list the AKC registration or OFA numbers of the parents of your dog, if they have undergone OFA testing in the past, on the form of your dog. Studs and breeders who plan on selling their puppies to other breeders should take care to get this done, as it is very important.

The various OFA forms you will need include the Cardiac Form, Patella Luxation Form, and Hips/Elbows Dysplasia Form.

Take Pictures of The Dogs You Plan on Breeding

Always take pictures of the dogs you plan on breeding. Whether your dog is a bitch or a stud, taking pictures is a great way to give people an idea of what they can expect from your lovely pooch.

Don’t stop with taking pictures of the parents. Once you have a litter of puppies before you take tons of pictures of them, as well. Having pictures of a cute batch of puppies is a surefire way of finding a buyer. It’s just so hard to resist some beautiful little puppies, and when people see some pictures of how good they look they’ll be more enticed to purchase them.

Just always take steps to get the best pictures possible. That means high-quality shots, flattering angles, and lots of photos that showcase how good your pups look.

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Research the Pedigree of Your Dog

Another good step to take is researching the pedigree of your dog. This has health benefits as you will be able to find out if there is any history of disease or ailment with your dog, but it also allows you to judge how good they may be for breeding.

Your dog’s vertical pedigree, which includes their parents and grandparents, as well as their horizontal pedigree, their siblings, and other relatives, is important in properly judging the pedigree of your pooch.

Offer up your dog’s pedigree in addition to their health and genetic testing so that other breeders can get a good idea of what your dog has to offer. 

Get the Proper Supplies

Once you’ve got everything else finished and taken care of it’s time to buy some supplies for your new Goldendoodle puppies. You’ll need to pick up a whelping box for the newborn pups, as well as some washable cloth to use as bedding just in case your bitch chooses to give birth outside of the box.

Have on hand lots of small cloths that you can use to clean off the puppies as well as a bulb suction just in case the puppies need assistance breathing. Disposable gloves are also a great item to have since you want to keep the area around newborn pups as sterile and clean as possible.

Having a warming pad on hand is also a great idea. Even if the area where you live is not particularly cold you need to keep in mind that puppies can get chilled very easily. Using the warming pad when they need a bit of warming up will keep them healthy and comfortable.

Get some snacks ready for your mama dog just in case she needs a bit of rejuvenation. Giving birth to a litter of puppies and feeding them every day is a tiring business, after all! Some great snacks that you can give her for rehydration include broth and cottage cheese or vanilla ice cream, or some plain yogurt.

If you have a stud you can get hold of some artificial insemination kits. These are helpful if he is not able to get a tie with his mate. Having these artificial insemination kits can make the process of breeding much easier if your stud is inexperienced.

Advertise Your Puppies!

While Goldendoodle puppies are adorable little balls of fluff, your entire reason for breeding them is so that you can sell (most) of them off.  Don’t be afraid to advertise on a variety of different outlets. Remember to take lots of cute pictures of the puppies so that people will really fall in love with them at first sight!

Some possible marketplace you can use to sell your puppies include:

  • On Facebook: Use some local pet groups and dog lover groups to your advantage. Post updates and pictures of your Goldendoodle puppies so that people will be tempted to buy them.
  • On Your Website: If you plan on becoming a professional breeder and producing more than one litter of Goldendoodles then it may be worthwhile to set up your very own website. They are relatively inexpensive and allow you to reach a lot more people than Facebook does. You can even have advertisements on your website so that you can make a bit of money on the side.
  • On Goldendoodle & Labradoodle Premium Breeders List: This is a website that tons of Goldendoodle breeders use. All you need to register is your website, email, and phone umber along with the health test results of your dog. Memberships go for $100/year.
  • On Goldendoodle Association of America: Another membership website where you can post your puppies. This one costs $100/year as well but charges an added $15 for each breeding dog on the site.
  • On a Puppy Advertising Site: Some great websites where you can advertise your puppies include PuppySpot and Hoobly. Both require payment in order for you to advertise on their site, but this is a great way to sell your puppies.
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Abide by the Law

Finally, don’t forget that you need to follow the breeding laws in your area. Certain states, counties, and cities have very specific laws when it comes to breeding and what you can and cannot do. Take some time to review the law so that you can avoid any issues when breeding your Goldendoodles.


These are just a few of the things that you should take into account when breeding your own Goldendoodles. By following this guide, you should have a good idea of what you need to do to prepare yourself for breeding your very own Goldendoodle puppies.

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