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Maltipoo Price – 2024 Guide With Actual Breeder Prices

Maltipoo dogs love to curl up on your couch as much as they enjoy playing fetch! These little puppies are brilliant, kind, and above all, extremely adorable. Hence, it’s no surprise that many pet parents are eager to adopt cute little Maltipoo puppies.

Here is a Maltipoo Price Guide and more to help you understand how you can make your home welcoming for these puppies.

The prices for a Maltipoo puppy range from 500 dollars to 3000 dollars. However, you may even find dog breeders selling it for more than 4500 dollars to 5000 dollars. Nonetheless, the standard price is 800 dollars to 1000 dollars.

Further, the price depends on many factors, such as the puppy’s age, size, pedigree, and even color. Also, factors such as the location and the breeder’s reputation can influence the price.

Moreover, the current demand for the breed also determines the price ranges. Dark soulful eyes, fluffy coats, and an enthusiastic mood all the time are a few reasons pet parents gravitate towards this small breed.

They are a cross between a Maltese and a miniature poodle, two of the most adorable breeds in high demand. The price of these cute creatures is more likely to remain on the higher side.

So, we have created a Maltipoo Price Guide to help you consider the cost factor before making the big decision. Please keep reading to find out what’s in store for you!

What Decides the Cost of a Maltipoo?

price of a maltipoo
maltipoo cost

Let’s take a glance at the factors that determine the price of a particular Maltipoo. Some of them include the coat type, color, and size. We shall take a closer look at them below:

Age of the Puppy

The older a puppy is, the lesser breeders price them; sometimes, they reduce it dramatically. It is so because the younger the puppies are, the more room for socialization pet parents will have.

Hence, younger puppies grow more attached to their human parents than older puppies. Therefore, the age of the puppy is also an essential determining factor in pricing.

Breeder Reputation

Breeder reputation is another crucial factor that highly influences the price of puppies. Experienced breeds who rear healthy puppies consistently charge more than home breeders.

Further, experienced breeders dedicate themselves to maintaining the breed standards. Hence, the price will be relatively more with breeders with a good reputation in the market. Despite the higher price, it is advisable to purchase from a reputed breeder.

Coat Type and Color

Generally, breeders charge the same amount for Maltipoo puppies of all colors. However, sometimes if there is more demand for specific colors or coats of puppies, the price may be more for that particular-colored puppy.

Nonetheless, it will not differ from 100 dollars to 400 dollars indifference. So, if you can not afford those puppies, you can go with others. Their love for you will be the same!


Many people like their small dog breeds to stay small even after they reach adulthood. Therefore, puppies that grow up to less than 5 pounds cost more than others.

Also, puppies that grow up to an average of 7 to 14 pounds that fall in the normal range costs less. Moreover, some breeders may try to sell you a regular dog for a higher cost, lying about its bloodline.

Hence, purchasing it from a reputed breeder is vital, especially when you want a smaller Maltipoo.

Health Screenings

A reputed breeder will test their parent dogs before breeding. This step will help them rule out the possibility of passing down any genetic health conditions.

This step can also increase the overall price since the associated costs of testing for pets are high. Further, it can include veterinary visits and other pregnancy care costs.


Generally, F1 generation puppies are less expensive than others. It is so because it requires only one Maltese dog and one poodle to create them.

Other generations require more time to create since the breeders must wait until their F1 puppies are old enough to breed. It also includes costs associated with feeding, housing, and more. This extra time and effort can drive up the price for multi-generational puppies.

Training and Socialization

Some breeders sell dogs based on their socialization skills. They sometimes even train puppies to play fetch and other games to increase their value in the market.

Further, they train for litter training. Choosing a well-trained dog will ensure you do not have to spend extra money on training. Plus, your adorable dog will behave well.

Worm and Flea Treatment

Many breeders treat their puppies against fleas until they are old enough. It is important to treat fleas in puppies since large infestations can be fatal. Further, it will spread to other dogs in your home if you already have any.

Worm treatment is also as crucial as flea treatment since even a small amount of worm can be lethal. Generally, if you are buying puppies older than six to eight weeks, ask your breeder if they treated their puppies for worms and fleas before purchasing them.


Pedigree is the record of the lineage of the puppies, and it provides you with proof of pure breeding. Moreover, if any of the puppies’ parents participated or won a place in a show ring, they will include that information.

The pedigree can ensure pet parents that their puppies will stay active and healthy. Hence, a puppy with a better pedigree can cost more than others.


The location your breeder is in makes a substantial difference in the pricing of the litter. The cost can vary from 100 to 500 dollars, depending on the place.

Generally, the cost will be higher when you are near a metropolitan city. Nonetheless, flying to a different place to find a puppy for a lower cost does not make sense since the transport cost can be more than what you would wish to pay in total.

Maltipoo Price in the USA

The price of Maltipoo or any other dog breed varies hugely across the USA. The price difference depends on several factors, such as the ones we discussed above. It mainly depends on the location you want to purchase the puppy from the breeder.

The price will vary substantially from a breeder in California to a breeder in the Midwest. However, it will cost around 2000 dollars to 3000 dollars in the USA.

On the other hand, you can find Maltipoo for as little as 500 dollars from local breeders. Home breeders especially charge very little. Moreover, if you know them through a friend or colleague, you can get a puppy for a good bargain.

However, home breeders and other sites may produce puppies without proper health checks and screenings. Hence, it can be pretty risky to purchase a puppy from breeders that are not reputed for producing healthy puppies.

Maltipoo Breeders in the USA

Alabama (AL)Crane HillRed Poppy Pets Alabama$2500
Alaska (AK)NorthviewGood Dog$1395 to $2000
Arizona (AZ)GlendalePuppys N Love$500 to $1500
Arkansas (AR)Moose Trot KennelsHartford$500 to $1000
California (CA)Mystic Creek Maltipoo PuppiesDanville$1000 to $3000
Colorado (CO)Colorado’s Finest Kennel and RanchElizabeth$500 to $2000
Connecticut (CT)Safari Stan’s Pet CenterNew Haven$500 to $1500
Delaware (DE)Patience’s PuppiesNew Castle County$3000
Florida (FL)Poodle Puppy PawsHomestead$700 to $1700
Georgia (GA)Goldendoodles and Poodles in GeorgiaSpencer Lane, Hartwell$500 to $1000
Hawaii (HI)Surf Paws Animal HospitalHonolulu$1000 to $1500
Idaho (ID)Idaho Jewels PoodlesJefferson County$700 to $1000
Illinois (IL)Country Acres PuppiesFairbury$1500
Indiana (IN)Denning FarmsHoughton$1200 to $2500
Iowa (IA)Koedam KennelsLyon County$1250 to $1750
Kansas (KS)R Little PuppiesMarshall County$1000 to $1800
Kentucky (KY)Cumberland Farms KennelsParker’s lake$650
Louisiana (LA)Perfect Peks KennelLafayette Parish$1000 to $1800
Maine (ME)Whoodles Of MaineCorinth$650 to $1000
Maryland (MD)Ole Field FarmFrederick County$1000 to $1800
Massachusetts (MA)Cove AngelsTaunton$1000
Michigan (MI)Great Lakes PupsMaple Rd Suite V, Troy$1000 to $1800
Minnesota (MN)Aria’s FriendsFaribault$1000 to $2000
Mississippi (MS)Love At First Sight Pet CenterHattiesburg$1000 to $1800
Missouri (MO)Midnight Acres KennelLaclede County$200 deposit
Montana (MT)Taylor’s Puppy TailsAve E, Whitewater$1000 to $2000
Nebraska (NE)Sandhills Puppy PawsRock County$1800 to $2000
Nevada (NV)Puppy Heaven- Teacup & Toy Puppies for Sale

$1500 to $5000
New Hampshire (NH)A Breed Apart PapillonsLondonderry$1000 to $1800
New Jersey (NJ)Bark Avenue PuppiesRed Bank$650 to $1000
New Mexico (NM)Krystal Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Moriarty$1250 to $1750
New York (NY)Empire PuppiesQueens$2000 to $3000
North Carolina (NC)Happytail PuppiesOak Ridge$1500 to $2500
North Dakota (ND)Pets R’ InnGrand Forks$1000 to $1200
Ohio (OH)ToypupsohioShandon$1850
Oklahoma (OK)Maltipoo Puppies n MoreMayes County$1000 to $1200
Oregon (OR)Happy Tails to You KennelGresham$1500 to $2000
Pennsylvania (PA)AA Ridgewood Kennels IIKinzers$700 to $1000
Rhode Island (RI)Royal Flush HavaneseCharlestown$300 to $2600
South Carolina (SC)Pats Precious PuppiesKershaw County$700 to $1500
South Dakota (SD)Puppies Over the RainbowLake County$1250 to $2000
Tennessee (TN)Maltese and MaltipooBledsoe County$500 to $2500
Texas (TX)Kathy’s Little PupsKeller$1500 to $2500
Utah (UT)Utah Gem PuppiesWest Jordan$500 to $1500
Vermont (VT)Kirby Mountain KennelsKirby$200 to $2200
Virginia (VA)Windy Way Hill PuppiesRussell County$700 to $1500
Washington (WA)Button Nose PupsPoulsbo$1200 to $2000
West Virginia (WV)Pekepoo ParkSistersville$700 to $900
Wisconsin (WI)Simply Sweet PuppiesMarathon County$800 to $1300
Wyoming (WY)Frontier PetsCheyenne$1395 to $2400
Maltipoo Breeders in the USA
Maltipoo Price in Australia
Maltipoo Price the UK

Maltipoo Price the UK

Now, let’s check out how much the price of Maltipoo is in the UK!

The average price of Maltipoo in the UK is currently around 1,200 Euros. A well-bred Maltipoo can cost anywhere between 1,000 Euros to 2,500 Euros. However, you can find breeders that sell a Maltipoo puppy at as low as 600 Euros and as high as 4000 Euros.

In the UK, people prefer dogs over other pets. About 35% of people in a 2020 survey stated their dogs provided companionship, and 47% said they provided love and affection. Hence, it is no wonder that 23% of the households own a dog in Britain.

The average cost of caring for a dog in the UK can cost an average of 21,000 Euros over their lifetime. For a Maltipoo, it can cost up to 20 Euros to 30 Euros every month. It excludes essentials like lead, collar, food bowls, and bedding which can cost an additional 200 Euros.

Further, you may need pet insurance, ranging anywhere between 25 Euros to 45 Euros a month. Also, the veterinary expenses, including routine checks and vaccinations, can cost about 300 Euros to 430 Euros per year.

Take a look at the list here if you are looking for the price of a Maltipoo in the UK:

Herefordshire, UKPosh Poos£2000 to £2500
Essex, UKHounds of Hackney£1500 to £2000
UKKellys Kennels£1750
Maltipoo Price the UK

Maltipoo Price in Australia

Maltipoo Price in Australia also varies widely depending on the factors listed above. The price can range anywhere between 1800 dollars to 2200 dollars.

However, if you plan to buy from a high-end breeder, you may have to pay up to 5000 dollars. You will also have to pay higher prices for colors such as apricot with curly hair. It can cost up to 8,000 dollars to 10,000 dollars.

Further, the price of Maltipoo in Australia can be very similar to the prices in the USA. However, the cost of caring for a dog throughout its lifetime can vary in the USA. This is because some factors such as pet food cost less here than in the USA.

Given below is a reference list when looking for the cost of a Maltipoo in Australia:

Southern AustraliaCrockett Doodles$900 to $2400
Western AustraliaPaddington Pups$1000 to $2000
Maltipoo Price in Australia

Maltipoo Price in Canada

According to research, approximately 35% of Canadian households have a dog. Now that you can see how much people in Canada love dogs, you will not be surprised at the pricing of Maltipoo in the country.

The average cost of a Maltipoo puppy in Canada from a reputable breeder can range from 400 to 4000 dollars. However, puppies cost more if they have a rare coat or hair color. For example, chocolate, red, or champagne-colored puppies can cost up to 15,000 dollars.

Further, a miniature Maltipoo can cost anywhere between 400 dollars to 2000 dollars. Toy breeds (weigh below 10 pounds) cost around 400 to 3000 dollars. Also, teacup breeds are the most expensive since they can cost anywhere between 2000 dollars to 8000 dollars.

Here’s a sample of Maltipoo prices in Canada:

Ottawa, OntarioMicheline’s Pups$500 to $2000
Hamilton, OntarioCurious Puppies$700 to $2000
Maltipoo Price in Canada

Other Costs Involved While Owning a Maltipoo

Apart from the cost of purchasing your puppy, there are additional costs. To help you with the budgeting, we have included several factors you should consider before buying a Maltipoo.

The first year with your Maltipoo will cost more than the coming years for various reasons. Some of them include buying the essentials such as bedding, dog vessels, and vaccination. The cost can vary anywhere between 4000 dollars to 5000 dollars per year.

After the first year, it can cost about 100 dollars to 200 dollars per month. A Maltipoo lives for about ten to fifteen years, so the total average cost of caring for a Maltipoo is 17,800 to 18,000 dollars.

Here’s a look at some essentials you should know about:

  • Basic dog supplies (food bowl, water bowl, litter box, bags of litter, and pooper scooper)
  • Training supplies (collars, leash, or body harness)
  • Medical cost (vaccination, deworming, dental care, and general check-ups)
  • Food (wet food, dry food, treats, and chew on)
  • Grooming expenses (dog hairbrush, anti-flea powder or collar, toenail clippers, tooth-brushing kit, shampoo, and other dog parlor charges)
  • Additional lifestyle preferences (spaying or neutering your dog)
  • Pet insurance (some kennels add insurance cost along with the dog’s cost)
  • Hiring a dog walker or paying for a pet boarding facility when you want to go out of the station
  • Licensing charges
  • First-Aid Kit
maltipoo price cost of a maltipoo
Maltipoo Price in the USA
Maltipoo Price in Canada

Wrap Up

Maltipoo puppies are small, adorable, and active pets. So, if you are deciding to purchase a Maltipoo, it is a fantastic choice! Although some puppies are more expensive than others, they all make an equally lovable bundle of choice.

Most importantly, Maltipoo, like many small breeds, requires a lot of medical attention and grooming. Hence, make sure you have enough time to commit to your little pup before purchasing them.

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