Labradoodle Heat Tolerance

Labradoodle Heat Tolerance – When Is It Too Hot?

Labradoodles come in various types of coats that protect them in the winter. These coats can provide insulation and help them stay warm when it’s cold. But while they are good for the cold weather, these coats are not suitable for the summer. As the weather gets warmer, a Labradoodle may have a hard time handling the heat. 

Labradoodles don’t have a good heat tolerance and may not be suitable for places with warm weather. They have thick coats, which can cause them to overheat. Moreover, they don’t have sweat glands to regulate their body heat. 

In this article, we’ll talk more about Labradoodle heat tolerance and how you can help them when it’s too hot. 

Do Labradoodles Have Good Heat Tolerance?

Do Labradoodles Have Good Heat Tolerance
When Is It Too Hot for Labradoodles
Signs That Show When Your Labradoodle is Getting Hot

As amazing as these dog breeds are; unfortunately, Labradoodles don’t have a very good heat tolerance. They tend to get very hot when exposed to high temperatures and may even suffer from heat strokes. 

Besides their thick coat, one of the main reasons why they get overheated is because of the absence of sweat glands. This prevents them from regulating their body heat and cooling off naturally as humans do. 

When Is It Too Hot for Labradoodles?

It can get too hot for Labradoodles when the temperature rises above 105°F. If they stay under the sun for a prolonged period, your Labradoodle can start developing several health issues. When the temperature of your dog’s body crosses 105°F, there is a high possibility that the organs might stop functioning.

With that said, the perfect temperature for Labradoodles is around 101°F to 102°F. 

Signs That Show When Your Labradoodle is Getting Hot

If you own a Labradoodle, it is important to read the signs when your Labradoodle is getting overheated. By reading the signs correctly, you can act on them fast to cool them down and possibly save their life. Here are some signs to look out for when your Labradoodle is getting too hot:

  • Excessive whining: When it’s hot outside, make sure to look at your dog’s behavior. If they seem to be whining excessively without any reason, your dog is probably feeling the heat of the summer. 
  • Drooling and panting: When it’s too hot for your Labradoodle, they may also start to drool excessively and even pant around. 
  • Excessive thirst: Labradoodles, like any other dog, will keep getting thirsty and look for water constantly when they are feeling too hot. 
  • Low energy levels: Check how your dog behaves when the weather is hot. If they seem like they have low energy or are lazy to move, they are probably feeling too hot. 
  • Dizzy: Is your dog acting disoriented or dizzy when it’s hot? This is one of the most common signs to look for when Labradoodles are feeling hot. 
  • Feverish/ High Body Temperature: One of the best ways to check if your dog is feeling hot is simply by checking its temperature. They will usually have a high body temperature if it is too hot for them. 

Now that you know the signs make sure to look out for them so that you can prevent your dog from overheating during the summer. 

Risks of an Overheated Labradoodle

There are several risks involved when your Labradoodle is getting too hot in the summer. Keeping your Labradoodle exposed to the heat for too long will not only cause discomfort but may put them at risk for health problems. One of the most common risks is heat strokes. 

Heat strokes can be dangerous for not just Labradoodles but any other breed of dog. If they are not treated on time, it can be fatal. Look out for signs of heat strokes and cool them down immediately.

How to Cool Down a Labradoodle

It is very common for Labradoodles to become too hot during the summer and suffer from heat strokes. Hence you should know how to cool them down when they are showing signs of heat strokes. Here are some of the steps that you should follow in order to cool down a Labradoodle:

  • Take your dog inside the house where it’s cooler and keep them under a fan. You can also try opening the windows to make them more breathable for them. If there’s an air conditioner inside the house, it’s even better. 
  • Give your dog some cool water to drink. You can also provide some ice cubes with water to cool them down.
  • You can also give your Labradoodle a cold bath to relieve them from the heat. 
  • Make sure to keep checking on your dog until they cool down. 

If none of the above measures work and the symptoms of heatstroke get worse, you should take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. 

Tips for Keeping Your Labradoodle Cool During the Summer

Since Labradoodles do not do well in hot weather, you need to know how to keep them cool during the summer. Here are some tips for you:

  • Provide them with a cool place to stay

When it’s summertime, you need to make sure that your dog has a cool place to rest and sleep. You can keep their bed near an open window or under a fan or AC. 

  • Always make sure that your dog has water to drink

It’s normal for dogs to feel excessive thirst when they are feeling hot. Hence, you need to make sure that they have access to drinking water at all times. You also need to ensure that the water remains cool by adding some ice cubes regularly.

Dogs normally love to play outside when it’s hot. However, as much as they love it, it is not good for their body. Allow them to play for some time but limit the amount of time they play outside. Even when they are outside, make sure to leave them under a shade if it’s available. 

Conclusion on Labradoodle Heat Tolerance

Labradoodle Heat Tolerance
Risks of an Overheated Labradoodle
How to Cool Down a Labradoodle

Now that you’ve learned about a Labradoodle’s heat tolerance, it’s time for you to prepare for the summer. If you live in a place that is too hot, avoid adopting a Labradoodle. If you do have a Labradoodle, make sure to give them as much attention as you can so that they don’t suffer from heat strokes. 

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