Can a Labradoodle Be a Guard Dog

Can a Labradoodle Be a Guard Dog – The Complete Guide

Labradoodles are one of the most adorable dog breeds in the world. They are smart, energetic, and easy-going. If you are also planning to bring a Labradoodle, you might have a few questions about them. Most people would like to know if they are good guard dogs.

Unfortunately, Labradoodles are far too gentle and fun-loving dogs to be a suitable guard dog for your home. Despite being a great family dog, their sociable nature does not make them fit for a guard dog. However, thanks to their energetic nature, they can still make a good watchdog.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the question of can a Labradoodle be a guard dog, and learn more about this wonderful dog.

What Qualities do you Need in a Good Guard Dog?

When it comes to a good guard dog, size does matter. A lot. Even the most aggressive dogs like Chihuahua or a Terrier won’t be able to do much if there’s an intruder. A good guard dog should be both aggressive and also big. But when it comes to Labradoodles, they are neither big nor aggressive. The Labradoodle is protective but not aggressive enough to make a good guard dog. 

Here are some of the main characteristics of a good guard dog:

  • High Concentration

One of the main qualities that a dog should possess to be a good guard is high concentration levels. Guard dogs should remain alert no matter what the situation is. They should also always be ready to respond if there is any threat. High concentration levels also make dogs easier to train, which is a must if you want a guard dog. 

  • Highly Energetic and Willing to Work

Normally, guard dogs have high energy levels and love to please their owner. They should also have the nature to work no matter what the circumstances are. If a dog is lazy or acts like they just want to lie around and not perform tasks, it usually won’t be a good guard dog. 

  • Highly Responsive

Another characteristic that a good guard dog should possess is high responsive nature. As a guard dog, your dog should be able to respond well to commands even during the training. Once all the training is over, they should also respond well to their owners.

An unresponsive dog will not be suitable for guarding. 

Difference Between a Guard Dog and a Watch Dog

As already mentioned before, even though Labradoodles do not make a good guard dog, they can still be a watchdog. Most people think that guard dog and watchdog are one and the same. However, that is not true. It is important to know the difference between the two, especially if you’re looking for a dog to do either one of the jobs. 

The main duty of a watchdog is to bark whenever they see a threat or see a stranger. For this, you will need a dog that can bark loudly and alert you. Since the only thing that a watchdog needs to do is bark, size does not matter here. And as such, Labradoodle makes an amazing watchdog. Besides Labradoodle, some of the best guard dogs that you can find are Terriers, Schnauzer, and Chihuahuas. 

On the other hand, a guard dog also works as a watchdog but with more responsibilities. When alerting by barking does not work, they also have to deter the threat by being more aggressive. This includes biting or attacking the intruder in any way possible to protect its owner. 

Who Should Get a Guard Dog?

There may be several reasons why having a watchdog may not be enough for you. If watchdogs are not enough, then you can go for guard dogs. 

One of the main reasons why you should get a guard dog is when you want to protect yourself or your family. A good guard dog will do anything to keep your family away from harm. You should also consider getting a guard dog if you don’t feel safe walking down a street. 

Guard dogs are also a great option for venerable individuals of the society, including women, kids, the elderly, and the handicapped, and also for protecting large estates. 

Reasons to Get a Labradoodle

While it’s clear that Labradoodles are not the most effective guard dogs, that does not mean you shouldn’t get one. Here are some of the best reasons why you should get a Labradoodle:

  • Amazing family dogs

Without a doubt, Labradoodles are one of the best family dogs out there. They are extremely affectionate, loyal, and intelligent. They have all the right traits to make a great family dog. Labradoodles are also non-aggressive and are great around kids. If you want a good family dog, Labradoodles are easily one of the best options. 

  • Hypoallergic

Another reason why Labradoodles are so popular is that they do not shed as much as other dogs. And as such, they are suitable for people who have allergies. As long as you keep their coat healthy, you won’t see their hair around the house. 

  • Easy to train

As already mentioned, Labradoodles are highly intelligent. This also makes them easy to train. Most people consider them the easiest dog to train, and it’s true. After all, they come from two of the most intelligent dog breeds, Poodle and Labradors. 

  • Very Loyal

There’s no denying that all dogs are loyal. However, there’s something about Labradoodles that makes them extremely loyal. They’ll follow you wherever you go and stay by your side no matter what. 

  • Active

Labradoodles may seem small and timid dogs, but they are actually very active. Their playful nature, mixed with their energetic behavior, makes them great for outdoor activities. You can easily take them for walks and hiking. 

Conclusion on Can a Labradoodle Be a Guard Dog

Can a Labradoodle Be a Guard Dog

If a guard dog is what you’re looking for, then you’re definitely better off finding a different dog breed. However, if a watchdog will do for you, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider getting a Labradoodle.

They are easily one of the best dog breeds out there, and you will not regret getting one. Their lovable nature and loyalty will surely make you fall in love with them in no time. 

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