why is my labradoodle always panting

Why Is My Labradoodle Always Panting

Everyone knows that dogs pant. It is one of their most defining traits.

A panting Labradoodle is very normal, especially when they get excited, hot, or energetic. Excessive panting is different and can be a sign that your dog is overheated, coping with a severe health problem, or has suffered a life-threatening trauma.

Let’s have a look at what the panting means, what defines normal dog panting, and also when the panting can be a sign you should take note of.

We’ll also find out how exactly dogs cool themselves and look at some of the possible reasons why your Labradoodle is panting so much.

Is Your Labradoodle Breathing Fast?

As with any other mammal, there can be many different reasons why a dog may breath faster than normal. The main purpose of breathing is simply to get oxygen into the bloodstream.

This fantastic event is only possible because deep within your dog’s lungs (and your own lungs too) there’s an amazing exchange system that ensures that the oxygen can be transferred from the air and into the minuscule blood vessels.

So this means that faster breathing can be a sign that your dog is in need of more oxygen, and that is something we will look a bit more closely at just a bit later.

The normal breathing rate for an adult dog is less than 35-40 breaths a minute. And that number is a bit higher for puppies.

But panting isn’t just all about rapid breathing. After all, everybody has tried to breathe rapidly during their lives, but we don’t usually pant like dogs, nor do a lot of other mammals.

When a dog is panting it involves its’ mouth and tongue in a much more dynamic way. And the reason for that is a result of dogs having evolved an interesting and handy way to keep themselves cool.

why is my labradoodle always panting

Why Do Labradoodles Pant

Asking why is my Labradoodle always panting, is a very fair question, and it is a good thing that you are truly concerned for your canine friend!

Panting is your doodles’ cooling system.

We, humans, cool ourselves efficiently through glands in the skin. These glands are able to produce a liquid that cools our bodies through evaporation.

But the only place where dogs have a few sweat glands is in their feet. And they are unable to control their body temperature using this method.

So that is why they have developed a different cooling system that uses their mouths as very efficient radiators instead.

The water evaporating from your Labradoodles open mouth as air is rapidly passed back and forward which is able to cool him very efficiently.

Just as we lose water from our bodies when we sweat during our cooling process, so do our dogs. And if you have a dog that pants for a very long period of time, expect it to get quite thirsty.

Normal Panting in Labradoodles

When you have a well-built dog like a Labradoodle, it is completely normal for it to pant during exercise and extended periods of playtime.

And that will usually continue for a short period afterward, as it is how your dog is able to stay nice and cool inside.

You will also notice that panting is a very typical response to excitement or stress in a dog.

Excessive Panting in Labradoodles

A dog with a healthy build shouldn’t be panting just by resting, or even when walking calmly around a house with a normal temperature.

What is normal in one dog might be different in another, which also includes their different temperaments and how they respond to stress. So, it is a good thing to make a note of what is normal for your doodle.

Because panting can also accompany health problems, if you notice excessive panting in your dog, it can be a warning sign that something is wrong.

It can be a sign for many different things, including that your dog is too hot, too stressed, in some kind of pain, or short of oxygen.

There are a lot of different illnesses that can cause one or more of these problems, so we can’t say if panting is always a symptom of a specific disease.

labradoodle always panting

Panting due to over-heating

Heatstroke is not only something that can happen to humans, but it is also possible for dogs to be affected, and it is important to be aware that excessive panting in a very warm climate can be a serious sign of danger.

Be especially mindful of this when playing with your dog or exercising him, in the hottest time of the day in the warmest periods of the year.

Early in the morning or perhaps later in the evening is a better time for exercise during the warm summer months, or if you live in a generally warmer climate.

If your dog gets an infection and the fever that usually follows, it can also be the cause of panting.

If you don’t have a thermometer, you should get one, preferably an ear thermometer as they are quick and easy to use, and with that, you can always check your Labradoodles’ temperature  – it should be around 101 F (38 C)

Panting due to obesity

Excessive panting is also something that you will notice in dogs that have put on a bit too much weight.

Partly because obesity puts a lot of extra strain on your dog’s cardiovascular system, partly because it interferes with your dog’s ability to cool himself effectively, but also because it will generally make a dog feel more uncomfortable.

And this is something that is a more and more common issue with dogs, so if you think your dog could spare to shed a few pounds check out this article.

Putting your furry friend on a diet will not only make him a lot more comfortable, but also a lot healthier too.

Signs of pain in dogs

Dogs are very good at hiding any signs of the pain they might be feeling.

This is a strategy that is very natural and something that all wild animals use too, because showing signs of pain in nature is an indication of vulnerability and weakness, and will almost certainly make the animal a target for assault or predatory behavior from other animals.

But unlike animals in the wild, a dog that is unwell or in pain may have some tell-tale signs that those who know him the best might find to be out of the ordinary.

Those signs can be things such as your dog being strangely still, or in the opposite, very restless.

You may perhaps also notice your dog pant excessively or even start panting in situations where you have never heard him pant before.

If you find that your dog is unusually restless, panting and seems to be in a generally uncomfortable situation, and is panting at a time and in a place where it would usually be relaxed, you have every reason to be a bit concerned.

If you have the least bit of worry about the situation, it is best to phone your vet immediately and describe the situation and ask him whether or not you should bring in your dog for a check-up.

Why Is My Labradoodle Always Panting?

As you can see, the reasons for panting can be very varied and it is not always easy for us to determine the exact cause.

But generally, if you think your dog is panting more than he should be, you should talk to your vet as soon as possible.

Remember that excessive panting can be a sign that something is very wrong. The person that knows your dog the best, is you, so don’t take no for an answer if you phone a vet and he says it’s nothing.

If you feel that he is acting out of the ordinary, he probably is. Give the vet a ring to make sure your furry friend can be fully checked up on.

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