15 Best Labradoodle Christmas Costumes For The Holidays

There is nothing cuter than a dog in a cute Christmas outfit. And looking for the best Labradoodle Christmas costumes can be a lot of fun!

From reindeer antlers to pajamas or full-on Santa suits, we’ve found some of the cutest Labradoodle Christmas costumes around.

No matter if you’re taking your dog to an ugly sweater party, or just taking family photos in front of the tree, there’s a Christmas costume to suit your Doodle.

Be sure to check the size guides on each item, to make sure the costume matches your specific Labradoodle!

1. BOBIBI Dog Sweater Christmas

Perfect costume for your doodle, and you can even get a matching one for yourself!

Get it HERE.

2. Idepet New Santa Dog Costume

Unique and hilarious design made from high quality 100% microfiber. Your’ dog can truly be Santa’s little helper this year!

Get it HERE.

3. Brown Gingerbread PUP Dog Costume

We absolutely love this great Gingerbread costume for your dog. Watching your furry friend march around in this is just so freakingly cute!

Get it HERE.

4. SCENEREAL Dog Jumpers

This great looking sweater made from quality materials ensures that not only will your dog look fabulous, but also stay warm through even the toughest winters.

Get it HERE.

5. Rubie’s Snowman Pet Costume

You will never be able to hear “Frosty the Snowman” the same way again after seeing your doodle in this hilariously adorable get-up.

Get it HERE.

6. PAWABOO Pet Costume

Having Santa visiting during Christmas is fantastic, especially if it’s your dog playing the role!

Get it HERE.

7. Rubie’s Elf Pet Costume

Cute little Elf costume which not only has a tunic, but also a hat and ankle cuffs with fun red jingle ball flair included.

Get it HERE.

8. Royalwise Christmas Dog Outfit Lighted

There is a small battery pack hidden behind the hood which gives this pet-safe LED sweatshirt a cheery holiday glow. It’ll keep your doodle both warm and visible on a brisk Christmas Eve walk!

Get it HERE.

9. Rubie’s Reindeer Hoodie

The closest thing to Rudolph you could ever hope to find!

Get it HERE.

10. Lanyar Dog Reindeer Holiday Sweater

While marketed as an ugly sweater, this sweater is just so adorable and your dog is sure to be crowned cutest Elf at the party!

Get it HERE.

11. UHC Elf Outfit

You can never go wrong with this fine ELF costume, and the added hat is just the icing on the cake!

Get it HERE.

12. NACOCO Dog Snow Sweaters

Sweaters are probably our favorite outfits for our dogs, and this great snowman sweater is no exception.

Get it HERE.

13. PAWZ Road Elk Costume

Fluffy and cute are two things you can never get enough of, and this costume has that in large amounts!

Get it HERE.

14. Green/Red Elf Pup Costume

Imagine this: Christmas morning. The family is gathered around the tree waiting to open their presents. And your dog walks in this outfit. We can’t imagine anything more adorable than this elf Christmas dog outfit!

Get it HERE.

15. Freezx Christmas Dog Collar with Bow Tie

If your Doodle doesn’t like to wear clothes, you can still get them in the holiday spirit with a simple Christmas collar! And these bowtie collars are absolutely adorable.

Get it HERE.

This list should hopefully be very helpful if you are looking for the best Labradoodle Christmas costumes for the coming holidays.

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