Can a Two Month Old Puppy Eat Treats

Can a Two Month Old Puppy Eat Treats? Should They?

When you first bring a new puppy home, there are so many things to take into consideration. Where will it sleep? What do I feed it? Will it be okay left alone, and how long for? Another question many owners ask, especially those new to dog ownership, is, can two-month-old puppies eat treats? Any dog owner will tell you, dogs love treats, as does most any pet.

Yes, giving your 2-month-old puppy treats is safe. Obviously, you don’t want to be offering treats to your puppy all day and every day. You wouldn’t do this for an adult dog, let alone a puppy, so go easy, and use treats sparingly.

It’s very easy to overfeed a new puppy. They may be young, but they will gladly eat most of what you put in front of them given the chance, even though it will end up coming out one end or the other and, more often than not, in spectacular fashion. To avoid your young puppy being sick or having diarrhea due to ingesting too much food or treats, always keep track of how many treats you’re giving them, then subtract that amount from their dinner.

Can a Two Month Old Puppy Eat Treats?

If you are planning on using quite a few treats, for training, for instance, it’s important to remember to buy ones that contain a lot of nutrients and protein, that way; your dog won’t be missing out on all the goodness he or she needs when you reduce their main meal. Many dog treats can contain preservatives, which could quite easily upset their tiny stomachs, so always read the labels and stick to treats that are made specifically for puppies.

It’s also a good idea not to give out treats if you’re planning on leaving your dog alone for a short while. If they do happen to suffer from an upset stomach while you’re away, you could be greeted with a lot of mess when you arrive back home.

Treats for puppies under 3 months

What Type of Treats Can a 2 Month Old Puppy Eat?

The first thing to consider when offering your 2-month-old puppy treats is the size and the firmness. It would be best if you remembered a puppy won’t yet have strong teeth, so anything too big or hard, such as adult treats, are not going to be suitable for your puppy. They won’t handle big treats comfortably, and hard ones could easily break your little guy’s teeth.

Apples are a good choice of a treat to offer your pup. Make sure you cut them up depending on your young dog’s size and never give them the seeds as these can be toxic to animals. Full of nutrients and fiber, these are a wonderful healthy choice of treat for any puppy.

The majority of dogs, including puppies, love frozen peas. These can either be offered from your hand, which is a great training aid or be put straight into your dog’s bowel. As well as peas, another favorite, and something you’re more than likely to have in your kitchen anyway, are carrots. These are soft enough not to damage your little one’s teeth and nutritious enough to be of benefit to your dog.

We know how hydrating a piece of watermelon can be on a hot, humid day, so don’t let your young puppy miss out on the fun and let him quench his thirst by offering him a piece of this beneficial fruit. Just remember to remove any seeds and don’t offer any of the rinds to him.

Something to remember is, the lower the calorie in the treat, the less you will have to subtract from your food orientated puppies dinner. Chewy treats are a great choice for any young dog, especially when they’re teething. Just like babies, teething isn’t something dogs enjoy. It’s quite an uncomfortable time for them.

Can a Two Month Old Puppy Eat Treats

Teething Treats

To relieve the pain from teething, puppies like to chew on something. It’s quite easy to know when your young pooch is going through this painful period. It normally coincides with your best pair of shoes being chewed to pieces, teeth marks in table and chair legs, or your cushions being relieved of their filling.

Frozen fruit is a good choice as a treat for your teething puppy. The coldness will help numb the pain, and also the fruit will benefit them health-wise with the vitamins and minerals the treat contains. Another frozen option to relieve the pain is a bagel. Make sure it’s either plain or a fruit variety. As well as numbing the pain, the density of the bagel could also aid in the removal of any loose baby teeth your dog has.

Bully sticks are a favorite choice of dog owners when helping their puppies through the teething process. A bully stick is actually the polite way of saying, ‘dried pieces of the bull penis.’ You might feel a little uncomfortable feeding your dog these treats, especially if you’re a guy, but rest assured, dogs love them. They’re revolting, they stink, but to dogs, they’re the ultimate treat.

Training Treats

Dogs see treats as a reward. It’s for this reason they should only be given in moderation. They are also a great way of training your puppy. What better way of getting your new dog to do as they’re told and follow your commands than by offering them treats as a reward when they follow your instructions.

Your puppy will quickly learn to follow such commands as sit, stay, down, heel, come, and so on when they realize that they will be offered a treat by doing so. Treats are also great for your puppy when he gets a bit older and can go for his first walk.

Taking a few along with you on your walk will allow you to reward him when he follows such commands as sit when you need to cross a busy road or come when it’s safe to cross. He will gladly do as he’s told because he has already been taught that he will be rewarded accordingly if he does so.

Can a Two Month Old Puppy Eat Treats?

So there you go. Not only can 2 month old puppies eat treats, but they also can be of great benefit to them in terms of health. They can make the period of teething a little less painful and they can help promote good behavior in your dog from a very early age.


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