do bernedoodles like to hike

Do Bernedoodles Like To Hike? – Everything You Should Know!

Bernedoodles love nothing more than being in the company of humans, but do Bernedoodles like to hike? They are companion dogs that are also very active. Any types of moderate to high-intensity physical activity are a favorite of Bernedoodles.

Yes. Bernedoodles don’t just like to hike. They love hiking, which makes them a great companion for an outdoor lover. Whether it is hiking up into the mountains on a summer day or hiking through a snowy slope, you cannot get a better canine companion than a Bernedoodle.

Hiking is among the top favorite activities of Bernedoodles. But that is not all; they like all types of physical activities. Find out more about the energy levels of Bernedoodles and the hiking manners of Bernedoodles in this post.

Do Bernedoodles Like To Hike

Although Bernedoodles loves to hike, it is best to introduce him to hiking after being officially an adult. Experts and vets agree that you should take your Bernedoodle on a hike after he is about 1.5 years and older. Taking your puppy Bernedoodle on a hike involves the danger of overexertion. So, it is best to take your puppy for regular walks around the block before you can introduce him to hiking.

Apart from their love for hiking, Bernedoodles are fantastic trail dogs. Despite their high motivation and stamina, Bernedoodles do not go chasing after scents. They love to walk by your side and reach the summit with you. After the long hiking session, these loyal furry babies also love to sit with you and enjoy the view from the top. 

While taking your Bernedoodle for a hike, it is best to go slow at first. You should keep your dog’s fitness level in mind. In the beginning, it is good if you can start hiking on moderate terrain. Hiking trails along small water bodies such as streams will also give your dog a chance to cool off while taking a break.

As your Bernedoodle gets older and becomes more active, you can scour the more challenging hiking trails.

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Is Bernedoodles a High Energy Breed?

Generally, Bernedoodles are not a high-energy breed. The advantage is that you can get away with an hour of exercise if you have a Bernedoodle in the family. In addition, Bernedoodles also do not need any special type of exercise, which is great. This is because most Bernedoodles remain relatively active throughout the day.

However, Bernedoodles can get overly excited during an outdoor activity such as hiking. Therefore, watch out that your dog does not overexert himself.

What to Bring On a Hike With a Bernedoodle?

There is no doubt that a Bernedoodle will accompany you on the many hiking trails. However, the right gear can make the trip more fun. In addition, these seemingly small things can mean all the difference when it comes to the wellbeing and safety of your beloved Bernedoodle.

That being said, the basic hiking gear for a Bernedoodle should look something like this.

  • Water and dog treats – The quantity of the water and the dog treat will depend on the size of your Bernedoodle. In addition, the duration of your outing will also determine how much food and water you need to carry for the dog. A bowl to serve the water and food should also be part of the gear.
  • Leash – A good strong quality leash is a good choice.
  • Harness – While hiking, a harness is safer than a collar.
  • Insect repellent – Insect repellent is a must for the dog as well as the master. Amazon link
  • Microchip and ID tags – These can be a lifesaver in case your Bernedoodle wanders off and gets lost.
  • Poop bags – This may not seem necessary, but it’s good manners not to leave traces of your dog behind.
  • First aid kit

Optional gears depending on the weather, whether you are staying overnight, and whether your trip involves getting in the water.

  • Sleeping pad
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Snow boots
  • Life jacket – This is non-negotiable if you plan to go swimming with your dog outside.

Hiking Manners for Bernedoodles

Bernedoodles are not hyperactive or high-energy dogs in general. However, their motivation during the hike can translate into unexpected behavior. Sometimes they can jump or run up to other people, which can spook other hikers. So your Bernedoodle must learn some hiking and trail manners before the trip.

Make sure that your Bernedoodle can respond to basic commands like sit, stay, and leave it. Responding to master recall is also a basic hiking manner for a dog. In addition, if you can teach your Bernedoodle to greet strangers, it will also come in very handy. Always hike with your Bernedoodle at the true heel or slightly behind your knee. Essential hiking manners for Bernedoodles will make the hiking safe and more fun.

In addition to teaching some basic hiking manners to your dog, you should also practice hiking etiquette. Some of these are:

  • Popular hiking trails have leash laws, so make sure that you respect them.
  • Leashing your dog when there is another unleashed dog is the best idea.
  • The only traces you and the dog should leave behind are footprints and paw prints.
  • Stick to the hiking trails and resist the urge to take shortcuts. This will also reduce the environmental footprint, and the wild vegetation does not get disturbed.
What to Bring On a Hike With a Bernedoodle

Final Words

Bernedoodles are among the best hiking companions you can seek in a canine friend. They are excellent trail dogs, and if you have trained them well, they respond to their master. In addition, they have good stamina, so you can take them hiking to the top of your favorite spots.

The main thing to consider while hiking with Bernedoodles is planning. This includes choosing the right hiking trail and preparing the proper gear for you and the dog. As caretakers of these wonderful fur babies, we should never shortchange them because of carelessness or laziness. If you take care of your Bernedoodle, rest assured that you will get the best company and endless love from this adorable designer dog.

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