are maltipoos yappy

Are Maltipoos Yappy? – Everything You Should Know!

Few dogs can get cuter than Maltipoos, but are Maltipoos yappy? These small dogs are gorgeous, playful, intelligent, and affectionate. It is no wonder that Maltipoos are getting increasingly popular as pets all over the globe. If you want a living and cuddly teddy bear, you can’t go wrong with a Maltipoo.

Maltipoos generally aren’t excessive yappers but don’t be fooled by their cuteness. It can get very yappy as barking is a favorite pastime, especially when left unchecked.

So in this post, we discuss why Maltipoos get yappy. We also talk about how you can help a Maltipoo relax and not become a nuisance.

Let’s begin.

Are Maltipoos yappy?

Looking at a Maltipoo purely by breed, it is not an excessive barker. It is because neither of its parents, Poodle and Maltese, have a reputation for yapping continuously.

However, a Maltipoo’s propensity to yap depends on his temperament as well as the environment. No two Maltipoos have the same personality and temperament, even from the same litter. So while one puppy can be calm, another from the same litter can be very yappy and vice versa.

That being said, all Maltipoos don’t bark for fun. They are extremely intelligent, alert, and love human company. So yes. Maltipoos can get yappy, but for a good reason, which takes us to the next topic.

Understanding Why Maltipoos Get Yappy

There is a misconception that Maltipoos keep barking for the sake of it. Granted, these bundles of cuteness can get yappy. But as we have mentioned above, Maltipoos bark due to three main reasons. We elaborate them further below:

Attention seeking

Maltipoos are very affectionate and thrive in human company. So when they are left alone, they can become champion barkers. In addition to barking, Maltipoos also tend to whine while left alone.

Older Maltipoos are usually better at dealing with being alone. However, puppy Maltipoos are not so good at it and need attention.

Fear or anxiety

Although Maltipoos do not scare easily, they are very alert to their surroundings. So, unfamiliar sounds and movements can trigger them to go into a barking mode. You will know when your Maltipoo is fearful when the yapping assumes a high-pitch.


Maltipoos are high-energy dogs and get bored easily. It usually occurs when your puppy does not have the exercise or something to play with. A Maltipoo barking due to boredom is also distinct, as it keeps yappy continuously.

How to Train A Maltipoo to be Calm

How to Train A Maltipoo to be Calm

Similar to all dogs, Maltipoos need a certain amount of training. This is important to help them differentiate what is desirable and what is not. In addition, teaching them how to be calm also makes them well-behaved pets.

The good news is Maltipoos are very easy to train. They are smart and learn quickly. Maltipoos are also showoffs and love showing off their tricks. So you might not even need a trainer to get your Maltipoo to control his yapping.

Here’s how:

  • Schedule a fixed time for your Maltipoo to get physical exercise. It can be going for a walk or playing with a ball in the garden. This will burn off the excess energy and make him want to rest instead of getting restless and bored.
  • Give your Maltipoo a variety of toys to play with, including for chewing. Not only will this keep the puppy entertained, but also it helps him learn how to be more independent. In addition, reward giving toys such as those that make noise or movement are also a good choice.
  • Offer assurance and distract your pet when you sense that your Maltipoo is afraid or anxious.
  • Use a blanket or a cushion if your Maltipoo sleeps in a crate. This will act as a comfort blanket and will help him relax.
  • Crate training is also a fantastic way to keep Maltipoos calm. It becomes a safe refuge for him whenever he feels anxious or scared.
  • Practice self-soothing, although it can be very difficult in the beginning. But it’s ok to ignore when your Maltipoo is yapping. However, you need to make sure that your canine baby is warm and feels safe.
  • Train your Maltipoo to differentiate between noise that needs attention and what does not. Teaching him to respond to certain voice commands such as ‘leave it’ can be indispensable.
  • Prepping your Maltipoo before bedtime or before leaving home is also a great way to prevent yapping. This can include feeding and getting physical exercise some time before bed. Maltipoo owners and experts agree that a brisk walk followed by a meal about 30 minutes before bedtime allows him to sleep peacefully.
  • To discourage a Maltipoo from yapping at night, make sure that his bed is warm. In addition, you should also provide water in a bowl.
  • Bathroom trips for Maltipoos should be before 10 to 15 minutes before sleep.
  • Since most Maltipoos tend to bark at night, reduce all types of visual and auditory stimulation. You can do this by turning off the TV and other sources of noise. Furthermore, dimming the lights can also help your Maltipoo to relax.

Training tips for Maltipoos

Maltipoos are quick learners and easy to train. Here are some additional tips to make the most of the training sessions.

  • Using positive reinforcements is the best way to train Maltipoos. They are very affectionate and will respond well to positive reinforcements.
  • Maltipoos are very sensitive dogs and can pick up on your energy. So be patient and remain positive during the training sessions.
are maltipoos yappy

Final Thoughts

At first glance, Maltipoos can seem to be yapping all the time. However, a well trained Maltipoo will not bark unless he has a good reason to do so. If he’s comfortable and well-fed and well-exercised, Maltipoos can be very calm and relaxed.

In addition to their cuteness, Maltipoos make excellent pets for all types of homes. Affectionate, gentle, and relatively calm, Maltipoos also get along with pets and kids, making them even more appealing. 

In conclusion, remember that Maltipoos will bark at some point. He is a dog, after all, and yapping or barking is the primary way to communicate. So it is good to make concessions every once in a while.

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