do bernedoodles like to cuddle

Do Bernedoodles Like To Cuddle? Everything You Should Know!

Bernedoodles are among the best looking and the fluffiest dogs, but do Bernedoodles like to cuddle? Despite their status as a designer dog, they enjoy their parents’ best qualities, i.e., Bernese mountain dog and Poodle. This explains their soft fluffy coats and teddy bear-like faces. 

Yes. Bernedoodles like to cuddle. In fact, their cuddly nature is one of the most attractive things about Bernedoodles.

Bernedoodles are also known for their love for cuddles and spending time with their family. But what about the temperament of these fur beauties. And how do you care for Bernedoodles? Find out everything in this post. 

What Is a Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle is a breed of dog that is a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a Poodle. They are instantly recognizable by their cute faces that closely resemble a teddy bear. 

The color of Bernedoodles coat comes in different variations. They can be pure black, a combination of black and white, or black, white, and brown. In addition, Bernedoodles that take after their poodle parent can have coats that are cream, grey, fawn, and apricot. Bernedoodle with blue and merle coats are rare but not uncommon. 

Similarly, the weight and height of Bernedoodles are also varied. A fully-grown Bernedoodle can be anywhere from 12 to 29 inches in height. Furthermore, their weight can also range from 10 lbs to 90 lbs depending on whether the Bernedoodle is tiny, mini, or standard. 

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Do Bernedoodles Like To Cuddle?

Bernedoodles love for cuddles comes from the Poodle side of the parent gene. They love to bask in the company of their human family and often exhibit goofy behaviors. In addition, Bernedoodles are among the most loyal designer dog breeds. This is also why Bernedoodles make excellent therapy dogs as well.

Are Bernedoodles A Good Family Dog?

Yes, Bernedoodles are a great choice for a family dog. They are very sociable and love spending time with the family. Bernedoodles often exhibit very playful and funny behavior that makes them all the more adorable. Bernedoodles are also very gentle towards kids, which makes them an excellent family dog. 

However, it is important that you allow your Bernedoodle to socialize while in the puppy stage. The Bernese mountain dog temperament can make these babies a little wary of strangers. In this regard, introducing them to many different people during the socializing period can make a big difference. 

Smaller Bernedoodles are great even for those who live in apartments. However, for standard Bernedoodles, a backyard or a garden is a necessity. These companion dogs can also be very energetic, so they need their daily playtime as well as cuddle sessions. 

In addition, Bernedoodles do not considerably shed their coat. Despite their thick and wavy coat, shedding in a Bernedoodle is almost negligible. Therefore, this makes them a perfect family dog and for those with dander allergies.

On the flip side, Bernedoodles friendly nature and their need for a constant company can be negative for owners that travel often. In addition, Bernedoodles can also suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone for a long time. So although they are not a barky breed, they can also resort to barking due to separation anxiety. 

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Can I train a Bernedoodle?

Absolutely! Bernedoodles are the second most intelligent dogs right after Border Collies, so they quickly pick up tricks and good habits. 

Experts agree that using positive reinforcements to train a Bernedoodle is the best approach. In fact, Bernedoodle can be very stubborn, especially as a puppy, so negative reinforcement does not work with this dog breed. 

Socializing the Bernedoodle puppy through puppy parties and getting around different people can also help them become well-behaved dogs. 

In addition, keeping a Bernedoodle active through games and different toys is also a great way to keep these beauties mentally active. This brings us to the topic of exercise for Bernedoodles.

How to Keep Bernedoodles Thoroughly Exercised

Bernedoodles are an active breed that needs good exercise sessions. So they need a medium to high-intensity activities daily. 

Here are the best ways to keep your Bernedoodle physically active.

  • Playing with different toys inside the house; provided you have sufficient space.
  • Running around the garden playing fetch. 
  • Running or hiking with their human companion.
  • Most Bernedoodles also love swimming. 
  • At the very least, Bernedoodles need at least thirty minutes of walk daily.

Note: You should not put a Bernedoodle out of leash unless he or she is trained to respond to a master recall. As we have already mentioned, Bernedoodles can be stubborn, so having them off-leash without learning to respond to master recall can put your dog in vulnerable situations.

How to Care For A Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles are not high maintenance, thanks in part to their sturdy coat. But of course, they do require TLC as a beloved member of the family.

Here are the top tips on how to care for a Bernedoodle.

  • A puppy Bernedoodle needs up to eat up to four times in a day. High-quality puppy food is best for Bernedoodles that is up to six months of age. Only introduce adult dog food after your Bernedoodle is one year or older.
  • Depending on the thickness of their coat, Bernedoodles need coat brushing once or several times a week. To trim their coat, it is best to visit a groomer after every three months or so.
  • Regular grooming sessions to check for fleas and clipping their nails is a must. Deworming is also necessary for a Bernedoodle.
  • Bernedoodles are very hardy dogs, thanks to their hybrid breed. However, they are also prone to digestive problems in their puppy stage, so regular visits to the vet are a great idea.

Wrapping Up

Bernedoodles are just about the perfect family pets. They are intelligent, gentle, and very friendly. They are also very adaptable when it comes to their exercise needs, making them suitable for various housing conditions.

Above all, Bernedoodles love to cuddle anytime you can spare them the time. And who would not appreciate having an adorable teddy bear-like dog that gives and loves cuddles at all times?

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