How Often Do Bernedoodles Bark

How Often Do Bernedoodles Bark? And How To Stop It

While most people love dogs, nobody wants complaints from a neighbor about their barking dog. Therefore, how often a certain breed of dog barks plays a vital role in the decision making process.

Bernedoodles are moderate barkers. Most often, they do not bark unless there is a reason to. Furthermore, they are quite an intelligent breed of dogs. As a result, they can be trained quite easily to reduce their barking.

This article should help you fix any unwanted barking habit that your Bernedoodle may have.

Bernedoodles’ Barking Habits

You will love your Bernedoodles for many different reasons and sometimes with no reason at all. What could concern you a bit is their barking habits. Bernedoodles are quite the vocal animal, meaning they tend to bark quite often. This is the vase if they have not been trained. With a bit of training, their barking can be brought under control.

While you may think that Bernedoodles are barking for no reason – there is almost always a reason. Plus, they are an intelligent breed- so they can be trained to bark less easily.

In general, smaller dogs are expected to bark often and more loudly than the bigger ones. But, in Bernedoodles’ case, a Bernedoodle of any size will have barking habits just the same as another. So, size should not be much of a concern when you are considering barking habits. It is mainly training that makes the difference.

Bernedoodles are mainly of three types based on their size.

Bernedoodle TypeHeightWeight
Miniature Bernedoodle10-15 inches15-20 inches
Standard BernedoodleOver 20 inches40-65 inches
Australian BernedoodleOver 15 inches30-60 inches.
F2 Bernedoodle Why Bernedoodles Bark and What You Can Do About It

Why Bernedoodles Bark and What You Can Do About It

As mentioned earlier, it may seem like that the Bernedoodle is barking for no reason, but there is always a reason, that too a valid one. Bernedoodles are highly sensitive and emotional animals, so it is best if you take your time to understand them.

The most common reasons why Bernedoodles bark are:

  • It has been left alone.
  • The dog is bored.
  • Excited about something.
  • Guests have come over.
  • People are walking by.
  • Loud noises like thunderstorms.
  • To protect you.
  • To protect itself.

Understanding why the Bernedoodle does what it does and doing what is needed is the first step to developing an understanding bond with your precious dog.

ReasonDescriptionWhat you can do
Was left aloneBernedoodles have high anxiety and sensitivity. When left alone they get anxious and thus they bark.Leave a calming sound on for them. Keep a light on.Place the dog by the window so it can look around.
BoredomWhen it finds that it has nothing else to do, it just barks.Give your Bernedoodle some toys that keep him occupied, or just play with them.
ExcitementBernedoodles get very excited when they see their owner or anything they like.Just ignore the dog until it settles down.
Guests are coming overBernedoodles are serious about their territory and they are not comfortable with strangers in it.Train them for socializing. Reward them when they do not bark.
People walking byThey are just concerned about any kind of danger.Slow socialization is the key here.
Loud NoisesAs they are highly sensitive, they have trouble with loud startling noises.Keep an area for only the dog, where others don’t enter. Leave them alone when they eat or drink.
To protect themselvesAs they are serious about their territory, they get defensive when someone enters it. Especially when they eat or drink.Keep an area for only the dog, where others don’t enter. Leave them alone when they eat or drink.
To protect youThey are protective and sensitive to their owners.Assure them there is no danger. Pat them, a lot.

It is not possible to know right away which is the cause behind the barking. Take your time to look around and observe what is happening. You can proceed to solve the problem once you have figured out the problem.

best food for bernedoodle Training a Bernedoodle Not to Bark

Training a Bernedoodle Not to Bark

Not just a Bernedoodle, training any dog to bark less requires consistent effort. The well-behaved dog and the fewer barks you get at the end make an effort worthwhile.

The first method you can use: “Speak” and “Quiet” Command.

You can start by teaching your Bernedoodle the ‘Speak’ command. Teach the Bernedoodle to bark when you say “Speak.” reward the dog every time they bark when you give them the command.

When your dog has mastered the speak command, it’s time to teach them the ‘quiet’ command.

Immediately after the “Speak” command, use the “Quiet” command to make the dog stop barking. Whenever it manages to stop barking, reward it. In this way, your dog will be conditioned to follow the commands.

A few more methods you can follow are:

Step 1: Ignore the Barks

If your Bernedoodle has been barking for a while, just ignore them. Do not even look at the dog. Only give them attention when they stop barking.

Step 2: Reward When Quiet

You do not always have to give a treat to your Bernedoodles to train them. Just your attention that you had been keeping away will be enough as a reward. So, when a dog stops barking, reward them with lots of attention, sometimes treat too.

Follow the Previous Steps

Bernedoodles are intelligent dogs, and they want your attention. While you keep repeating the mentioned pattern of ignorance and reward- they keep registering their brains’ pattern. Therefore, they begin to understand what is happening, and that brings good news for you.

While many trainers may use or recommend punishment when a dog barks- it is best to stick something as easy as taking the attention away. You do not have to give them physical punishment while something so harmless works so well on these innocent creatures.

How Often Do Bernedoodles Bark

If you were worried about how often your Bernedoodle will bark- you see, it depends on the training. The sooner you begin training the dog, the faster you will get the results.

How Often Do Bernedoodles Bark

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