do irish doodles shed

Do Irish Doodles Shed – Everything You Should Know

Irish doodles are a result of crossing over taking place between an Irish setter and a Poodle. Hence they are also called “hybrid dogs.” It means Irish Doodles do not have the same breed of parents. This now leads us to the consideration – they inherit certain traits from both parents. The inherited traits could be specific to a particular breed, either the Irish setter or the Poodle. But do Irish Doodles shed?

Irish Doodles does shed, but due to the traits they inherit from their Poodle parent, they won’t shed nearly as much as a lot of other popular dog breeds, and with a bit of work from the owner, you can easily control their loose hair.

Before addressing any queries related to their shedding, it is essential to understand that they inherit a particular trait from both parents. The inheritance of the feature cannot be pre-determined.

If the Irish Doodle inherits the poodle parent’s non-shedding trait, they will shed less. If the Irish Doodle inherits the Irish Setter’s shedding trait, they will shed slightly more. In a majority of cases, Irish doodles do not shed much and are therefore often considered hypoallergenic. 

Do Irish Doodles Shed 

Hypoallergenic means Irish Doodles are unlikely to cause any allergic reactions to humans, unlike other dogs. The reason Irish doodles are called hypoallergenic dogs is that they do not shed much.

Most of the allergy-causing dander sticks to a dog’s fur, and since they do not shed, it is not released into the air or onto the floor. However, no dog can be genuinely hypoallergenic because of allergen in their salivary glands and skin. 

Irish Doodle Appearance irish doodle hunting dog do irish doodles shed

Irish Doodle Parent’s Shedding

Since Irish Doodles are hybrid dogs, there are variably high chances to inherit both parents’ traits and behaviors. To understand an Irish Doodle’s low shedding characteristic, let us briefly look into each parent’s shedding patterns.

Irish Setter Shedding

Irish setters have a beautiful and silky coat with lengths ranging from medium to long. Irish Setters are moderately shedding dogs. When it is their shedding season, they shed bagfuls of fur or shed hair. They shed throughout the year, but they shed the heaviest during spring and fall.

Shedding is at a moderate level during the rest of the year. The only solution to the heavy shedding of the Irish Setter is grooming and brushing. Brushing the Irish Setter’s fur every day at least once, or more than once if possible, would help significantly. A thorough brushing is recommended to avoid knots and mats from forming.

Poodle Shedding

Poodles shed too. It is as natural as how all animals with hair shed. However, Poodle’s shedding is significantly low. A poodle would shed its hair naturally or when grooming. All dog breeds shed their coat, but Poodle is famous for being among the top non-shedding breeds.

Poodles’ hair does not shed often, which means its fur will not end up all over your home. Although a poodle’s coat is long and curly, it is mandatory to brush and groom them regularly. There are higher chances of the Poodle’s hair forming mattes and getting tangles. Therefore careful brushing thoroughly is essential.

Irish Doodle Coat and Shedding

An Irish Doodle’s coat is generally dense, long with wavy curls. However, it varies from dog to dog and which parent they resemble most, either the Poodle or the Irish Setter. The same applies to their shedding. Shedding depends on which parent’s shedding trait has been inherited by the Irish Doodle.

Therefore, Irish doodles are considered to be low-shedding or low-to-moderately shedding dogs. If they inherit more of their Poodle parent’s trait, they usually end up having tighter poodle coats and curls. If they inherit more of their Irish Setter’s trait, they have a softer and wavy coat and curls.

Irish Doodle Grooming 

  • Irish Doodles are medium-sized dogs with dense coats, requiring regular care and grooming. They are often compared to a teddy bear.
  • If you prefer to keep the Irish Doodle’s coat long, brushing the hair at least once a day is necessary.
  • Under the grooming category, Irish Doodles generally fall under the high maintenance requirement.
  • They are considered potential hypoallergenic dogs.
  • It is usually recommended to let their coat grow fully until they turn six to nine months before considering clipping their coat. The coat is usually trimmed shorted at their face and tail and longer on their body. This helps cleanly look and does not disturb their vision and helps avoid dust particles from their wagging tail.
  • With the dense coat, Irish Doodles are prone to matting. Air-drying their coat after bathing them makes them more susceptible to matting. Therefore, blow-drying their coat after a bath is essential.
  • If you wish to maintain the Irish Doodle’s long and fluffy coat, it may require you to go to a professional groomer every four to six weeks.
  • For a clipped coat, brushing their coat twice or thrice a week should be enough. However, if you wish for the teddy bear look with a long coat, daily brushing is a requisite.
  • If you miss brushing them regularly and diligently in no time, their coat will become extremely matted, and the only solution would be to shave it.
  • With their curly coat, the owner must pay special attention to avoid knotting and matting in their groin area and paw pits. Excess knots and mats will cause pain when they move around.

Benefits of Having a Low Shedding Dog

  • Allergic Owners: No dog is 100% hypoallergenic. Irish Doodles have a predictable and high probability of inheriting the Poodle’s non-shedding coat, thereby producing less dander (tiny pieces of dead skin). It is important to note that while dog hair can be a quick trigger for allergies, the possibilities of dander-causing allergy still cannot be ruled out. Dog salvia can be just as problematic as fur for those with an allergy to dogs. However, a low-shedding coat variety of dogs are less likely to induce allergic reactions in pet owners.
  • Low-Shedding: Also, its low-shedding properties are a big hit for those dog owners looking to keep a pet but do not want a trail and masses of fur in their homes. Irish Doodle’s shedding will depend on each Irish Doodle and on whose coats they have inherited, either their Irish Setter or Poodle parent.

If a hypoallergenic pet is what you are looking for, Irish Doodle is the ideal pet dog. The Irish Doodle thrives best in active homes. They need moderate exercise and high maintenance in terms of grooming. So you must weigh the considerations and bring home the pet that is adorable, intelligent, and loving. 

do irish doodles shed

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