are irish doodles aggressive

Are Irish Doodles Aggressive – Learn About Their Unique Personality

Irish Doodles are relatively new and a hybrid dog. They are often described as designer dogs. The term ‘designer dog’ is used to describe those dogs that result from a cross between two purebred dogs. A purebred would mean that a dog has been bred over many generations to breed true. But are Irish Doodles aggressive?

Overall Irish Doodles are not aggressive dogs. They are loving and intelligent dogs. They only need patience and persistence while teaching them to discipline, behavior, and obedience.

Every puppy inherits the same looks, characteristics, and temperament as its parent. Irish Doodles is the result of cross-breeding between a Poodle and an Irish Setter.

Are Irish Doodles Aggressive

These canines are commonly known by the name Irish Doodle. They also go by the following names – Irish Poo Setter, Irish Doodle Setter, Irish Setterpoo, Irish Setter Doodle, Irish Setterdoodle, and Irish Setter Poodle Mix.

Irish doodles are not aggressive dogs, generally. Many people are now looking to purchase Irish dogs. Irish dogs are becoming increasingly popular because they are beautiful and because they have a loving personality.

One may assume Irish doodles to exhibit a 50-50 characteristic of a Setter and a Poodle. However, they could inherit more temperament, appearance, characteristics, or health from either parent. The kind of temperament and personality Irish Doodles tend to manifest cannot be predetermined. Therefore, to understand their temperament, it is essential to understand their parents’ character. 

Here is a summary of an Irish Doodle parents’ personality and characteristics:

Irish Doodle Diet can irish doodles be left alone are irish doodles aggressive

Irish Setter Personality

  1. Characteristics: Traditionally, Irish Setter dog owners used them as gun dogs for their hunting expeditions. In France and Germany, they were bred to hunt ducks. Irish setters have a notably strong sense of smell, which proved invaluable for hunting birds. Irish setters love to play and be involved with family activities. They enjoy a game of fetch outdoors.
  2. Appearance: Irish setter possesses an elegant and beautiful coat of mahogany or chestnut. Physically, Irish Setters have a sleek build that allows them to quickly run across the fields when pursuing their prey.
  3. Personality: With early and continued training, Irish Setter adapts well to positive reinforcement. They respond well to reward-based training. Early and continued training and socialization are necessary.
  4. Temperament: They are a well-balanced breed. Irish Setters are considered warm family dogs due to their affectionate and gentle personalities. Socialization should start early.

Poodle Personality

  1. Characteristics: The most prominent aspect of the Poodle would be his intelligence. They train very quickly and are hence are used as show dogs. They are the most loved show dog artists at circuses.
  2. Appearance: Poodles have a slender and leggy appearance, with a long muzzle. Poodles have unique coats with their trademark tight curls. They have dropped ears. The commonly seen coat colors of poodles are black, white, apricot, chocolate, and silver. Poodles have a non-shedding coat.
  3. Personality: A poodle’s key characteristics are its alertness and curiosity. Smaller poodles can be a little aggressive to strangers and other dogs. Poodles generally have a loving and fun nature. They love to learn too.
  4. Temperament: Initially, they can be a little aloof with strangers. Over time, they soon become warm. Poodles are known to have a fondness for people.

Irish Setter x Poodle = Irish Doodle.

Irish Doodles fit in the category of adoptable companion dogs. Both parents of the Irish doodles have a balanced temperament. Therefore, Irish doodles are not aggressive dogs. However, like all dogs, for them to react and respond calmly. Proper training and socialization from the start are essential.

  • Characteristic:  Irish Doodle is a combinational breed brought about by crossing an Irish Setter and a Poodle. Therefore, they exhibit the characteristics of both parents.
  • Appearance: The coat of an Irish Doodle varies because it is a cross-breed. The typically occurring color is red, with occurrences of apricot and black. Most Irish Doodle puppies have a long and wavy coat. When they take after their poodle parent, some have more curls but not the tight curls as a poodle.  
  • Personality: They are intelligent, energetic, fun-loving, and intelligent. Irish Doodles socialize with humans and other pets quickly, provided they have been taught to associate early on.
  • Temperament: The key to training Irish doodles is persistence and patience. Once they have learned some skill or behavior, they cannot unlearn it.
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A Brief Highlight of Irish Doodle Temperament

1. Irish Doodles are friendly, easy-going, and easy to please. Since both parents are energetic and athletic, it is apparent that Irish doodles like to be kept physically active and busy. Therefore, daily exercise becomes essential. They love to play to

2. They are knowledgeable, requiring mental stimulation activities. Their intelligence makes up for a bonus in making them super easy to train. Adequate consideration for their balanced temperament would be to prioritize the needs be met.

3. Irish doodles are known to be great family dogs. They can also accommodate well with a single owner, provided care is taken to cater to the dog’s needs. When they are raised with a family, they make excellent companions with kids too. They are gentle and loyal to children.

4. When Irish doodles are raised with other pets early on, they co-inhabit comfortably in a multi-pet home. 

Some Considerations of Their Temperament

  • Since they are intelligent and active dogs, their boredom will lead them into destructive behaviors.
  • Irish Setter’s experience a selective hearing. In some cases, the Irish Doodle inherits their Setter parent’s selective hearing. It means recall is their weakness. As such, training could be a challenge. It is advisable to use a leash on your Irish Setter Doodle in busy areas.
  • Irish doodles do not quite enjoy being left alone for long periods. They experience separation anxiety. If they are left alone for long periods often, it will cause distress. They might counteract that distress by trying to escape.
  • All pooches are known for their barking. If you are looking to adopt a dog that barks less, Irish Doodle could be your ideal dog. Irish doodles are relatively quiet dogs, not triggered as quickly as other pooches. Not to say that Irish doodles do not bark at all. 

The Conclusion to Are Irish Doodles Aggressive

Overall Irish Doodles are not aggressive dogs. They are loving and intelligent dogs. They only need patience and persistence while teaching them to discipline, behavior, and obedience. If you are looking to bring home a family and children-friendly pet who is intelligent, beautiful, and loving, an Irish doodle would be an ideal dog.

are irish doodles aggressive

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