merle phantom bernedoodle

Phantom Bernedoodle – A Complete 2023 Guide To Cute Pups

There is no better addition to your family than a Bernedoodle, they are cute, furry, loving, and listen to their family. Bernedoodles look beautiful and are easy to train too. If you bring one of them to your family, you will notice the level of happiness and positivity in your house rising.

These pooches come from parents of two different breeds. Poodle and the Berneses Mountain Dog together make a cute little Bernedoodle that gets their best features. These pups can be found in several sizes and colors. They may also have distinct features as well as temperaments from one another.

Phantom Bernedoodle is one of the cutest dogs of the Bernedoodle family. They have different hair types and colors, and that is what they are so popular for. If you are interested in this little pooch, go through the information mentioned below and know everything about them.

Phantom Tricolor Bernedoodle

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    A Phantom Bernedoodle is very famous for the colors all over its body. A true breed of this dog carries a solid color all over but has a different color around his nose and chest and a separate color on his legs. The number of colors that you get with these combinations is countless.

    Phantom Bernedoodles are present in so many color combinations and patterns that choosing just one out of the lot is very difficult. Some dog lovers are so enthusiastic about these colors these pups that they make specific poodles and Berneses breed with each other.

    With the right type of dogs involved, you will get the exact colors that you would look for in a bernedoodle. When you visit an adoption center or a pet store that also has bernedoodles, you will notice them wearing small tags with their colors mentioned on them.

    This is how they are distinguished and selected by their future parents. Even though various colors are popularly associated with this species, the most popular combination is the one with a solid black color on the entire body with brown legs and nose.

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    A Popular Color Combination

    In this tricolor, the last addition is the white color on the chest, which looks like a cherry on the top. These three colors look the best on a Phantom Tricolor Bernedoodle. They perfectly enhance its cuteness more than any other combination does.

    In this combination, however, the white color on the chest might not be that prominent when compared with black and brown but is still there. You can get a Bernedoodle in any shape or even generation. Other colors that are popular in this breed other than these colors are silver and cream.

    Phantom Bernedoodles are known for their tricolor combination. Even if you look them up online, you will find them in their tricolor coating only. However, it must be taken into account that even though they are the most loved ones out of their breed, they are not easy to produce.

    Merle Phantom Bernedoodle

    One of the most beautiful phantom Bernedoodles has to be the Merle Phantom Bernedoodles. They are gorgeous and make one of the most appealing dogs of their breed. However, it is surprising to know how these dogs are so less popular as compared to the other kinds.

    As has been already mentioned, Phantom Berndoodles are known for their colors, and Merle wins in this category. They come in the most attractive colors and blends that you would fall in love with them within just one glance. As the name suggests, these dogs have merle marks on their body.

    What Is a Merle Pattern?

    Merle is not a color but a pattern that you find on these dogs. The coat of merles is covered with grey and white spots or a kind of pattern which blends perfectly with each other. This pattern, when seen on the body of a bernedoodle with a solid black coat, will give a little bluish on the whole body.

    In more technical terms, a merle always means a color combination in which the base is usually black, red, or brown. The patterns on it would have a grey color or red patches. Although these are the most common colors, you can also find many different colors on these dogs.

    Merle is also known to be a gene that usually lightens down the tone of the entire color theme and make the dog breed more creamish or greyish.

    Common Merle Bernedoodle Patterns

    There are many patterns that you will find on a merle bernedoodle, some of which are quite easy to determine while some are not that common. However, as per some dog enthusiasts and dog keepers, there are a few patterns you will find on almost all merle bernedoodles.

    These patterns are described below.

    Merle patterns can easily influence the entire tone of a dog’s coat. The pattern, when it forms a black and brown pattern, turn the coat into a little reddish fur. These red and blue patterns are very common among merles and can be easily distinguished from one another.

    The merle dogs that contain the blue DNA will have blue patches. The ones the red or chocolate patches are known as cream and cookies and preferred by many in the dog world. This combination enhances the cuteness of these dogs, even if they are adult bernedoodles.

    If your bernedoodle is a merle, you might notice a difference in not just the color of the coat but the color of the eyes as well. You will also notice the color of the nose and the paws changing as well. This happens as the gene starts to modify the pigment present in the eye that is also known as the dark pigment.

    Once these two interact, the pigment starts to lose color or show it, and thus, the color of the eye starts to get lighter. The dark brown or black color of the eye starts to change to blue. Some dogs might even have an eye that has partly changed the color.

    This means that one-fourth or half of the eye would have blue color while the other half would have black color. There are several other eye colors available in them as well. You can also find some merles with pink color in their eyes.

    Their eyes make a very distinguishing feature in them that makes you attracted towards them in one glance.

    Coat changes in Merle Bernedoodles

    When you get small pups of merles in your home, you will notice a light grey or creamish shade on their coat. This coat is most likely to change after a few weeks. The first two weeks or so will give you a shade that is a little darker than grey.

    The most prominent change in their coat could be seen after 8 weeks till the 4 months of their lives. The changes that take place are permanent and should be kept the way they are.

    phantom bernedoodle full grown phantom bernedoodle temperament

    Phantom Bernedoodle Full Grown

    The size of a full-grown Phantom Bernedoodle can vary. For starters, the size of the dog or the pup would highly depend on the size of the parents that have been crossbred. Now, the bernedoodle so produced can be divided into three types of sizes, the first one being the standard size, the second would be the miniature size, and the last being the tiny size bernedoodle.

    The weight of a standard-sized Bernedoodle would weigh from 45 pounds to 110 pounds. The height of these dogs usually reaches 23 inches to 29 inches. The height gain is a factor that would majorly depend on the pup’s parents.

    A phantom Bernedoodle that is categorized as miniature would have a weight range of 15 pounds to even 40 pounds. The final size can also depend on the kind of diet you give your pooch. The height of these dogs would be 18 inches to 22 inches.

    The tiny phantom bernedoodle will be the smallest in size. It would have the least weight and the height as well. The size range would start from 20 pounds to 24 pounds, and the height would vary from 12 inches to 17 inches. 

    Phantom Bernedoodle Temperament

    As has been already mentioned, Phantom bernedoodles have the best color combinations and coatings. Other than the colors that they come in, there is nothing unusual about them, which is very hard to find in other species.

    However, there are certain features and specifications that you will easily find in bernedoodles only. You have learned much about their colors and the types of patterns they have when they are small. But, what do they do when they grow up?

    Are they easy to handle? What kind of challenges do you face when they are bigger? Let us find out.


    Even though there is nothing so attractive about these dogs as their color combos are, they seem quite charming in their pup as well as the adult face. They can attract love from any person due to their beautiful eyes. They have a face that looks so innocent and appealing that it would get so hard for you to keep your hands off them.


    Since the day you bring a Bernedoodle pup into your house, you will notice how smart and easy it to be with Bernedoodles are. And once they grow up, they become an even easier friend and family member. Whatever tricks you teach them, they learn it quickly and remember it for a very long time.

    Depending on the kind of relationship you have with your dog, you will also start to develop a unique way to communicate with each other. You will not have to make them understand every single thing. Your one look would be able to calm them or make them relax, and this happens the other way round too.

    Since they are a crossbreed of poodle and Bernese mountain dog, they get their intelligence from the former, and the latter gives them loyalty and friendliness.

    Training and Diet

    The training and diet of a full-grown Phantom Bernedoodle greatly depend on you and your family. The kind of pieces of training you give them a habit of from the beginning will start to suit them in the long run. Since they are easy to handle and train, you will not have to struggle so much.

    You need to make sure to give them some exercise regularly. They love going out on walks and interacting with other dogs. As they are friendly, the outside world will suit them very nicely.  Other necessary pieces of training, such as potty training, will be a cakewalk for you.

    You can also teach some eating manners along with behaving with family and friends too. This crossbreed is not very easy when it comes to their health. Even though they have achieved various good quantities from both their parents, their diet has to be kept in mind.

    The kind of food you give them will determine their health greatly, and therefore it is highly advisable to provide them the food their doctor recommends them. It is always best to get a diet plan from the doctor only. As they would work it out according to their size and body requirements more precisely.

    To Sum it Up

    Phantom bernedoodle has been one of the most loved and adored dog breeds for many years. With their beautiful eyes, gorgeous coat, and attractive features, keeping away from them is a tough man’s job. The merle phantom bernedoodles are a very attractive species that not many people know about.

    However, they are very important of the species as they bring in a different gene pool that changes the very look of these dogs. They come in several colors too.

    If you want to bring in a phantom bernedoodle and don’t know what all to read and what not to, the above-mentioned information is for you. Check out all the facts described below and get to know your dream dog better.

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