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4 Great Bernedoodle Breeders In Kansas (KS) – 2024

This is the right website if you’re trying to find the best Bernedoodle breeders in Kansas. We have comprised a list with the five best breeders where you can pick up your puppy from knowing that they’re healthy and happy.

Bernedoodles were introduced in America for the first time in 2003. They’re the result of the combination of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard Poodle. Some of the main characteristics of these dogs include their little shedding and hypoallergenic coats. Furthermore, their fun and loving personalities make them perfect for families.

No wonder why they have become so popular in recent years!

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Bernedoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a beautiful Bernedoodle puppy!

Bernedoodle Breeders In Kansas (KS)

Many people look forward to adding a Bernedoodle to their family. If you’re part of this club, then the following Bernedoodle breeders in Kansas are some of the best places where you can adopt your puppy!

bernedoodle puppies in kansas


VonDoodles is located outside Kansas City, near the Missouri Area. Besides Bernedoodles, this breeder specializes in Sheepadoodles. Rene, the owner and main breeder of the program, runs VonDoodles along with her husband Jason and her three kids.

This breeding program treats each dog and puppy as if they were part of the family. Although Rene is the first person in charge, all members of the family are involved with the breeding program in some way.

Rene has been surrounded by dogs most of her life. Therefore, you can be sure that all these dogs are in good hands.

VonDoodles has F1, F1b, and Multigenerational Bernedoodles. All of them are standard-sized, and the price varies depending on their color. The pricing starts at $3,250 for bi-color F1 puppies and goes up to $3,500. Standard F1 and tri, phantom, and bi-color F1b puppies cost $3,500, while Merle multigenerational Bernedoodles cost $4,000. The prices are subject to change.

All puppies from VonDoodles come with a 2-year genetic health warranty, their dewclaws removed, the first vaccinations, and their current health state from a licensed veterinarian.

Contact information:

  • Phone number: Not specified.
  • Email: Not specified. You can get in touch with the breeder by submitting a form via their website.
  • Website:

Parkville Pups

Parkville Pups is located a few minutes from Kansas City (MO) and Kansas City (KA). You can get the exact address from the “contact us” section on their website – it is fifteen minutes away from Kansas City International Airport.

This breeding program has been functioning for 20 years. At first, they specialized in Goldendoodles, but soon enough, they added Bernedoodles to their program as well. This breeder is quite popular, but since they have one litter per year, it can be a bit complicated to find a spot in their program!

You can save your spot on the list once the litter has been confirmed – about six weeks before breeding.

This breeder specializes in F1b Bernedoodles (Bernese Mountain Dog + Bernedoodle). Thus, it can be an excellent option if you or someone from your family has pet allergies.

The prices at Parkville Pups start at $2,000 and go up to $4,500 based on the color of the puppy. Solid colors are the least costly, while sable, tri-colored Bernedoodles cost the most. Either way, you can be sure that your puppy will be in exceptional shape.

Contact information:

  • Phone number: Not specified.
  • Email: Not specified. You can send a form via their website to get in touch with the owners via email.
  • Website:

Bow Creek Kennels

Bow Creek Kennels is located in Kensington, Kansas. Perhaps the most characteristic value of this breeder is the transparency – you can find TONS of pictures and testimonials about their dogs, puppies, and facilities. Each dog is treated as another member of the family; thus, you can be sure that it will be me more than ready to be at home.

As usual, you’ll be able to take your puppy home after it turns 8 weeks. However, please note that once you’ve reserved a puppy, Bow Creek Kennels will get in touch with you and will ask you to get prepared for the puppy’s arrival. You will be able to select a puppy via video call when it’s time.

Once you have you in your arms, it’ll be dewormed, vaccinated, and thoroughly examined by a professional veterinarian. While this Bernedoodle breeder in Kansas encourages its customers to pick up their pups in person, you can have them shipped for an extra fee if you live out of the state.

The pricing for Bernedoodles starts at $3,500, regardless of the color. However, the family will likely choose a puppy from the litter for breeding purposes. If the puppy you’re interested in has been chosen, you can still acquire it at $4,000.

Contact information:

bernedoodle breeders in kansas

Free State Pedigrees

The last Bernedoodle breeder in Kansas on this list is located in Leavenworth. We can say they’re pioneers in dog breeding programs, as they have over thirty years of experience in this niche. You can only expect premium dogs from this breeder.

It’s worth noting that Free State Pedigrees is a family business. Although they’re all located in the Kansas area, the puppies available can be in different locations. You can expect one or two litters per family every year, so there’s plenty of room for you to add a new member to your family.

Despite being quite experienced in dog breeding, Free State Pedigrees still has its website under construction. Therefore, we recommend you to head over to their Facebook page to receive regular updates about their puppies and upcoming litters.

You should also know that all puppies come with their up-to-date vaccinations, vet records and dewormed.

This breeder offers high-quality dogs that are quite popular in the state. They have even been featured on live TV!

Contact information:


Finding the best Bernedoodle breeder in Kansas can be a bit complicated, but we hope this article was helpful for you. After all, ensuring that your puppy comes from a safe, healthy environment and has been treated with love should be your priority!

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