bernedoodle breeders in new jersey

The 6 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in New Jersey (NJ) – 2024

If you are considering adding a furry ball to your family, Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey are a perfect option. These doggos are cute and intelligent, which enables them to live a happy and lively lifestyle. Although this is one of the most popular breeds yet finding them can be a challenge sometimes.

This cutie is a hybrid breed- coming from a family of Berne’s mountain dog and Poodle. The Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey come in different sizes, generations, and types–select the one according to your fondness. However, finding a good breeder is not always easy, specifically the one who is not running a puppy mill.

To gain knowledge on the 5 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in New Jersey, continue reading the article.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Bernedoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a beautiful Bernedoodle puppy!

About the breed — Traits, Sizes, and Benefits

This doodle is a crossbreed – A Bernese mountain doggo and a Poodle. This four-leg animal is responsible and has traits like Bernese—loyalty. The Best Bernedoodle breeders in New Jersey offer a fluffy ball for all of you who love doggos but are allergic. Additionally, this canine is low to non-shedding.

Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey are like best friends—will cuddle you, hike with you, lay by your side. In simpler words, this cutie is always there to accompany you. It is interesting to notice that no two doodles will be identical. The genes from the parent breed meld in unique ways and, it is mesmerizing to watch each one being produced. 

That being said, the size of the Bernedoodle Puppies in New Jersey also highly depends on the parent’s doggos. However, the three categories in sizes are presented below.

  • Standard Bernedoodle—The standard size of these pooches usually ranges from 23 to 29 inches at shoulder height. The weight of these canines usually lies between 50 t0 90 pounds. Moreover, the size can vary based on sex as well. A healthy doodle lives for 15 to 19 years approximately.
  • Mini Doodles— As per their name, these doodles are mini- little shorter than a standard dog. The height of these fluffy balls is between 18 to 22 inches with a weight of 25 to 29 pounds. These small and tiny four-leg animal lives of r 15 to 17 years approximately.
  • Micromini or toy– These poochies are super adorable and comparatively small. The height of the canine reaches 12 to 17 inches. Moreover, they weigh almost 10 to 12 pounds. These cuties are known to have the lengthiest lifetime of 17 to 18 years. 

Steps to Choosing a Bernedoodle Breeder In New Jersey

Since this doggo will be a member of your family, it is necessary to choose from the Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey. Therefore, you much consider the steps given below to choose the right breeder.

  • You must take feedback from your friends and family (if they got the doggo from the 5 Best Bernedoodle breeders in New Jersey).
  • You should search on the websites to get accurate information on these canines.
  • Do visit a couple of breeders before making your final selection.
  • Clear all your queries and doubts (it would be best for a person having this breed).
  • Feel good if you are being interviewed by the breeder (this shows they care about the new home for their beloved doodle).

Since this doodle is a hybrid breed, you can notice a significant difference in the size, temperament, and colors of this pup. Therefore, you should choose this doggo carefully—according to the temperament that suits your family well.

bernedoodle puppies in new jersey

The 6 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in New Jersey

Bernedoodles are charming doggos with a healthy life span. These cuties love to play outdoors with your kids and enjoy cuddling as well. They are a perfect family pooch if trained well. Therefore, it is highly necessary to get your canine from a good breeder. To get a full insight on the best breeder in New Jersey, please go ahead.

1. PuppySpot


PuppySpot is a reputable and reliable source for purchasing Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey. They have a rigorous screening process for breeders to ensure that all puppies are bred in responsible and ethical conditions.

PuppySpot also offers a health guarantee for all puppies and provides ongoing support to buyers to ensure that the puppies are properly taken care of. Additionally, they offer transportation options to make it easier for buyers to receive their puppies, even if they’re located in different parts of the country.

Overall, purchasing a Bernedoodle puppy in New Jersey from PuppySpot can provide peace of mind and a positive experience for buyers.

PuppySpot Details

2.     HC Bernedoodle Breeder

Following their reputation, HC Bernedoodle is one of the very best breeders in New Jersey. Although they are new, they have made a good standing in the market as they follow best practices. These pooches are raised well—not in cages but like family members in the home.

Getting enough love, and attention, and being raised with the rest of the pets makes this doggo adapt to the home environment effortlessly. You can find all sizes of doodles with this breeder. The best attribute of HC Bernedoodles is they offer you high-quality Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey.

All the details on these doodles and breeder are available on the website—pictures, litter dates, and all the minor details. It gives you an idea of the size and color of a possible Bernedoodle doggo.

Details of the Doodle Breeder

3.     B&B Bernedoodles

Finding the right puppy can be stressful but, B&B Bernedoodles have got you all covered for a splendid buying experience. You can find one of the highest qualities of mini and micro mini Bernedoodles with these breeders.

Mini and Micro Mini Bernedoodles are the perfect example of lovable companions, doggo with brains, and are very loyal. These Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey love to hug everyone and are great with children and especially children with disabilities. You would be amazed to know, these poochies are great at service and hence make perfect company for army people.

The wonderful news is that these breeders even take reservations and, you can pre-pick the color/gender of your puppy. These breeders provide you with the information of both parents so that you know what exactly you are taking home. Moreover, you can avail the pure breed of these doggos by knowing both parents from Best Bernedoodle breeders in New Jersey.

The insider of the Doodle Breeder

  • Website: B&B Bernedoodles
  • Size: Mini and Micro mini Bernedoodles
  • Generation: Multi-Generational

4.     Bella Pups

Quality and high maintenance, you can expect both from Bella Pups. These breeders bred these Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey for great companionship. These doggos are not just smart but beautiful, enjoy cuddling, playing with their families, and love snow.

This breeder runs the faculty chiefly, focusing on the Bernedoodle puppies. They spend a lot of time breeding their canines to give you healthy offspring with an outstanding temperaments.

This breeder is highly professional and satisfies you with minor detail before you take their one of the doodles home. Additionally, you can visit their website for a better understanding of what exactly you would be getting. So, if you are looking for the friendliest mini-puppy, this breeder is among the 5 Best Bernedoodle breeders in New Jersey.

An insider of the Doodle Breeder

  • Website: Patriciahess
  • Size: Mini Pup
  • Generation: F1 Doodle Pups

5.     Grand Puppies 101 Bernedoodle

If you are looking for satisfactory service and Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey, Grand Puppies 101 Bernedoodle is the place. This breeder is well known for its kind service and high-quality doggos. This breeder has a lot of experience in raising and giving therapy to canines. 

Grand Puppies raise their doodle to be part of your family, offering loads of attention, love, and highly professional training. They highly focus on health, length of life, and good orthopedics plus, you can get your pup delivered to your address.

Breeding is their family affair and, you would be highly impressed with their training methods. If you are looking for a doodle—trained and healthy then, this is among the 5 Best Bernedoodle breeders in New Jersey.

Details of the Doodle Breeder

6.     Divine Bernedoodles

The Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey come in a variety of colors—Black, black &brown, golden, or tri-color. Divine Bernedoodles offers you controlled crossbreeding. Thus, a well-behaved with perfect temperament pooch is what you can expect here.

Divine Bernedoodles offer highly professional service, plus they are registered with the international designer canine registry. Keeping in mind the security and safety of the pooch, they can ask you to fill a form. Rest assured, you cannot find a breed better than this little sophisticated four-leg animal.

These fluffy balls are a perfect fit when thinking of adding a member to your family. Having a caring and loving nature, these doodles mix well with kids and even take care of them.

Highlight on the Bernedoodles Breeder

  • Website: divinebernedoodles
  • Size: Mini and Standard Doodles
  • Generation: Multi-Generational

Final Words

Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey are one of the most adorable, energetic, loyal, and loving canines and are the center of attention of all. The low shredding and tight curls from heritage make them easily adaptable for all of you suffering from allergies. You would be surprised how well these cuties blend in your family in just a couple of days.

These doodles are a perfect companion for kids, who will not just love them but will also protect your toddlers. Additionally, this Bernese heritage doggo will keep you accompany while watching television.

Although there are several breeders in New Jersey, the ones offering high performance and quality are just a few. Therefore, choose from the 5 Best Bernedoodle breeders in New Jersey since you are not only getting a dog but a family member!

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