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The 8 Best Bernedoodle Breeders In Indiana (IN) – 2024

Bernedoodles are genuinely the dream dogs for many pet lovers with their well-behaved and charming personalities, aren’t they? You should go ahead if you’re looking to bring home Bernedoodle puppies in Indiana. Moreover, if you happen to live there, you must do it through a trustworthy breeder.

These puppies are highly adaptable, and you can train them with enviable ease. Additionally, they’re low-maintenance, so your love and some primary care will suffice. With the 8 best Bernedoodle breeders in Indiana, you’ll also have some expert guidance as you raise them.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Bernedoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a beautiful Bernedoodle puppy!

Bernedoodle Puppies In Indiana For Sale

A Midwestern US state, Indiana, is noteworthy for many factors, ranging from its population to its sheer size. Moreover, it’s rightfully named as the “Covered bridge capital of the world” with over 31 closely set bridges!

Another fact to flaunt is that it’s home to some of the best Bernedoodle breeders you can get. The following are the 8 best Bernedoodle breeders in Indiana.



For those looking for Bernedoodles puppies in Indiana, PuppySpot can be a great option.

PuppySpot has a strict screening process for its breeders to make sure that all puppies are bred in responsible and ethical conditions, providing buyers with peace of mind.

They offer a health guarantee for all puppies and provide ongoing support to buyers to help ensure that the puppies are well taken care of.

On top of that, PuppySpot also offers transportation options, making it easier for buyers to receive their new puppies, regardless of their location.

With these services, purchasing a Bernedoodle from PuppySpot in Indiana can be a great experience.

PuppySpot Details

Willow Creek Bernedoodles

Willow Creek Bernedoodles breed some adorable tri-colored pups in a very healthy environment. They raise the litters with utmost love, care, and warmth on their small farm. Moreover, these dogs get plenty of fun and playtime and are free to run around and bond with other pups.

They ensure that each puppy is regularly vet-checked, dewormed, and vaccinated. Additionally, this breeder reaffirms the trust by providing you with a two-year health warranty. The Bernedoodles are trained from a very young age and are appropriately socialized as well.

Just in case you don’t live nearby and can’t make the drive, they even deliver the puppies to your nearest airport. So, you must reserve your future companion at the first chance you get!

Willow Creek Bernedoodles Details

Hoosier Canines

Check out this breeder if you’re looking for some healthy, well-bred, and well-raised Bernedoodles. You’ll find detailed information about all the available as well as expected puppies on their website. Moreover, you can even fill up the adoption form online and get started if it’s love at first glance.

These three brothers specialize in breeding F1 mini as well as Standard Bernedoodles and even offer beautiful Goldendoodles. Moreover, these adult and newborn Bernedoodles are raised on their 11-acre farm with lots of TLC.

After going through neurological stimulation at an early age, your puppy is equipped to face any unforeseen events. Also, they receive plenty of exercises and will make quite energetic buddies.

Hoosier Canines Details

  • Contact: (260) 350-9186
  • Location: 7455 West 050 North, LaGrange, Indiana
  • Website: Hoosier Canines

Stoney Creek Kennels

These are passionate breeders that are AKC-approved, Purdue-certified, and also USDA-licensed. Not only can you get beautiful Bernedoodles, but they even breed a wide variety of other dog breeds. Some of the popular ones are French Bulldogs, Saint Bernard’s, and Great Danes.

Moreover, their puppies are well-raised family pets and suitable for showing too. They regularly deworm the Bernedoodles and give them the required shots before sending them away with their chosen families. Additionally, you can check out the details of your puppies’ parents, and they ensure full transparency.

You’ll find extensive information about all their Bernedoodle litters and the expected babies on the website itself. Also, your pet’s excellent health is guaranteed as they pick the parents carefully after several clinical examinations.

Stoney Creek Kennels Details

SM Bernedoodles

SM Bernedoodles have some healthy, tri-colored puppies to offer you, and they assure you that they don’t shed too much. Along with their children, Steve and Marilyn raise these dogs on their property with a lot of affection. Moreover, the property is expansive, and the dogs are free to roam and play around.

They specialize in mini and standard-sized Bernedoodles that turn out to be friendly, competent, and loyal to a fault. Also, all the puppies are vet-checked, and they give you a two-year health guarantee.

An exciting part is that they allow the puppies’ mothers to interact and raise them until they’re considerably old. Additionally, with a breeding experience of over ten years, it’s guaranteed that they follow the healthiest breeding methods.

SM Bernedoodles Details

Honey Creek Puppies

This breeder has taken up breeding on his property and considers the litters to be a part of his family. Additionally, the pups are free to swim in the creek and roll around on the 2-acre yard with their mates. They have more than five years of experience breeding Bernedoodles and more with Goldendoodles.

They breed for unique colors, low-shedding coats, and pleasing temperaments. Moreover, they specialize in all sizes and generations of poodle hybrids like Bernedoodles. Also, you’ll have to go through some rigorous questioning and examination as they ensure that the pups go into loving families.

Using tools such as a double-sided whelping box they ensure the privacy of the mothers. Additionally, the puppies are taken for frequent vet visits and sleep in cozy heating pads. Your Bernedoodle is house-trained using the potty area and whelping houses and is treated for intestinal infections. 

Honey Creek Puppies Details

Gentle Giant Bernedoodles

If you’re keen on bringing home some mini or standard-sized Bernedoodles, then this breeder is a great option. Off the chance, you might even get some adorable tiny pups too. The puppies they deliver are all vet-examined, healthy, and dewormed with all the necessary vaccinations administered.

Moreover, they pride themselves on raising some of the most well-behaved and stable dogs. Just in case you can’t make it to their 30-acre farm, they also deliver pups to your nearest airport. Additionally, their puppies are adopted at lightning speed, so you must reserve one at the earliest.

Rest assured, your companion dog gets plenty of exercise and attention on their farm. Moreover, they exercise great caution while picking out the parents so that the healthiest possible litters are born.

Gentle Giant Bernedoodles Details

Best Doodle Puppy

With this breeder, you get expertise, perfection, and care; all rolled into one great package. They raise the litters on their 100-acre farm with over 80 years of experience in animal husbandry.

Since breeding runs in their family, they have all three generations working on the farm. They began breeding doodles 15 years back, and they specialize in mini (30-50lbs) and standard (60lbs and up) sized ones.

Moreover, the parent dogs are AKC registered, and health checked, and so are the newborn pups. They assure you of using the best routes and care tools possible for the dogs and guarantee healthy pooches.

Best Doodle Puppy Details

bernedoodle puppies in indiana

Why Look For Bernedoodle Puppies in Indiana?

Bernedoodles are gentle and passionately loving pet dogs that will adore your children and will likely receive that love back. Moreover, here are a few reasons to make your decision of getting one even firmer.

  • Temperament: Since they take after their parents, they’re very loyal, friendly, and sociable. Despite being stubborn as pups, due to their adaptability, they’ll take well to their families. Hence, they make for the most affectionate companion dogs.
  • Health: Due to no inbreeding, unlike pure-bred dogs, Bernedoodles live a long and healthy life for up to 12-15 years. Additionally, you only need to take them for regular vet checkups. Just watch out for common eye and ear infections, hip, and bone dysplasia, and you’re good to go.
  • Attractiveness: We’re all fond of good looks, aren’t we? Well, these dogs have thick and shiny coats that miraculously don’t shed too much. Also, you’ll likely get a combination of a black, white, and grey-colored coat.
  • Built: These stunning pups income in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 inches to 29 inches. Depending upon your preference, you can pick from tiny, mini, and standard Bernedoodles.

Final Words

Bernedoodles make adorable and attentive pets that’ll stay loyal to you for life. Just give them the attention and love they crave, and they’ll be devoted to you. It’s that simple! If you’re looking for well-bred Bernedoodle puppies in Indiana, you now know where to start.

Moreover, our 8 best Bernedoodle breeders in Indiana are quite experienced and trustworthy. Also, they love their pups, so you can always get in touch with them for some advice. May you find the most well-suited and loving Bernedoodle soon!

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