bernedoodle breeders in idaho

The 5 Best Bernedoodle Breeders In Idaho (ID) – 2024

Are you searching for a friendly and loyal dog to complete your family in Idaho? Well, then the Bernedoodle puppies in Idaho are the perfect addition, and they’ll make great companions for your children as well.

Not only are they inquisitive and intelligent, but equally charming and playful too. Beware, though; you’ll have to be present for some cuddle time every day! Additionally, they enjoy going on walks with you and are quite adaptable.

This hybrid is created through a heavenly crossbreeding of a Poodle with a Bernese mountain dog. Also, depending upon the Poodle size, your companion can range from tiny to miniature to standard. While the larger ones need their freedom of movement, the tiny ones can quickly adapt to apartments.

Another significant aspect is that they typically have fewer health issues than their parents with minimal shedding. Additionally, you can’t predict what they’ll look like, and your Bernedoodle will have a uniquely striking appearance.

Read on to get well acquainted with the 5 best Bernedoodle breeders in Idaho and how adorable these dogs are.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Bernedoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a beautiful Bernedoodle puppy!

Bernedoodle Breeders In Idaho

A northwestern US state, Idaho is simply beautiful with its lush green landscapes. It also consists of various recreation areas and a fair share of protected wilderness.

However, an exhilarating fact is that it’s home to a plethora of adorable Bernedoodles. That, too, from the most trustworthy and committed breeders in the US.

1.     Fife and Wife Ranch LLC

Like the name suggests, this a loving family devoted to breeding the healthiest and the happiest Bernedoodles. They raise these cute pooches on a 30-acre farm with the most natural resources like fresh meat and the open air.

Moreover, it’s a small breeder, so special care for litters and you are guaranteed. They breed some of the most fantastic Bernedoodle puppies in Idaho with carefully selected parents. You can even meet the parents of your companion and get to know them better.

Before taking your Bernedoodle home, you can spend some quality time with this affectionate family. Apart from that, you can also pick a few dog grooming and even horse riding tips and lessons from them.

Fife and Wife Bernedoodles Details

2.     Cry Woof LLC

Crystal Kessler, the committed and responsible breeder, has the family in mind and offers socialized and family-raised puppies. Additionally, they interact positively with the Bernedoodle puppies from the get-go and condition them gently.

They specialize in standard-sized Bernedoodles, typically weighing between 55-100 lbs. Moreover, they ensure that each parent is healthy and OFA-tested, and so must be the hybrids. By matching the parents’ personality and temperament, they check if they’re well-suited to be bred with each other.

The best part is, you can look up the Bernadoodles on their website and send in your applications. You even get to evaluate their health results, and as the litter is limited, they carefully pick the families.

Cry Woof LLC Details

  • Contact: 208-217-3008
  • Location: Bonners Ferry, Idaho
  • Website: Cry Woof LLC

3.     Raintree Standard Poodles

Raintree Standard Poodles are premium and trusted Poodle breeders and perform regular health and temperament evaluations. Moreover, their litters are potty-trained, well-groomed, and vaccinated at an early age. You can adapt and reserve puppies as early as eight weeks after birth and get a full health report before that.

Brittanie Young, the breeder, specializes in mini Bernedoodles, weighing 25-54 lbs. These pups are not only well-suited for apartments, but they’re also very loving and adequately socialized. Above all, they come with a 2-year health guarantee for up to 179 diseases.

They have a loving yet scientific approach and focus on athleticism and intelligence. Moreover, each Bernedoodle they breed is later AKC, or CHIC certified, and is microchipped too. They even repeatedly deworm the puppies and get health checkups such as OFA CAER done.

Raintree Standard Poodles Details

4.     Magic Valley Goldendoodles

Two separate households, Kimberly Hatch and Fonda Thompson teamed up and now successfully interbreed adorable family dogs. All their puppies are thoroughly tested and are taken care of by the parents of Kimberly and Fonda.

Additionally, you can get a complete analysis and report on the available pups’ health and characteristics. You can even reserve a companion for yourself from their upcoming litters once you’re selected.

They breed both Bernedoodle and Bernedoodle mixes and provide holistic ENS training up to 20 weeks from birth. Moreover, they offer you mini ones weighing 25-54lbs and standard ones weighing 55-100lbs. Your puppy will bid them goodbye with some beautiful goodies and toys as a token of love.

Magic Valley Goldendoodles Details

  • Contact:  Fonda Thompson: 208-731-0053, Kimberly Hatch: 208-421-2858
  • Location: Magic valley (twin falls), Southern Idaho
  • Website: Magic Valley Goldendoodles

5.     Sandpoint Doodles

With an experience of 25 years as a full-time job, Tanya has some wonderful Bernedoodle litters up for adoption. These breeders offer complete transparency, and you can acquaint yourself with both the parents of your desired puppy.

Moreover, they are quite well-raised with love and affection at their 10-acre ranch. They pride themselves on delivering dogs with the best temperaments and are well-suited for both individuals and families. In fact, around 50% of their puppies go on to become therapy or service dogs!

With seven highly competent handlers, your Bernedoodle will likely be calm, sociable, intelligent, and lovable. The mothers of the Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, and Labradoodles are offered a special nourishing diet. Additionally, the babies are given timely, enriching feedings to ensure stable and steady growth.

Sandpoint Doodles Details

bernedoodle puppies in idaho

Why Should I Get Bernedoodle Puppies in Idaho?

It’s not that you need solid reasons to bring these beautiful and loving Bernadoodles into your life and your home. However, here are a few reasons to help you realize how wonderful they actually are.

  • Great Temperament: Even though they’re stubborn as small pups, they mature and transform into very affectionate and adaptable dogs. They’re also quite loving and patient with children, and you can easily trust them.
  • Affectionate: They get the best parts from their parents and usually turn out to be highly loyal, attentive, and friendly. You’ll have your hands full with these as they demand your attention and love in return. This aspect makes them great companions for everyone alike.
  • Healthy: A surprising fact is that; they are usually a lot healthier than the parent breeds. That is because there has been no inbreeding, unlike in the case of purebred dogs.
  • Attractive: Who doesn’t love a little eye-candy around the house? These dogs are quite the lookers with their shiny, voluminous coats. Usually, the color is a stunning combination of black, white, and brown.
  • Built: You can find the perfect Bernedoodle for your family in various sizes such as tiny, mini, and standard. While one small pooch ranges from 12-17-inches, a standard stands as tall as 23-29-inches. Also, with attentive care, you can easily keep them in a healthy shape.
  • Trainable: Taking after the Bernese Mountain Poo, Bernedoodles are more often than not relatively easy to train. If you begin training them at an early age, you can easily socialize and calm them down, despite their headstrong behavior. That is owing to their eagerness to please you and their striking intelligence.
  • Long Life: Under normal circumstances, you’ll be guaranteed companionship for a least 12-15 years. Moreover, a tiny Bernedoodle can even thrive and live for as long as 18 years!
  • Dietary Requirements: Another advantage of these adoptable dogs is that you can feed them both home-cooked as well as prepacked food. Just ensure that it is nutritious and fulfilling, and cooked at a low temperature.
  • Exercise: Depending upon the dog’s size, it can accompany you for your regular walks or visits to the park. Even your children, for that matter, can play with these perceptive and energetic dogs. They are also good to go with both indoor as well as outdoor exercises.
  • Easy Grooming: If you’re lucky, the beautiful coat will be straight and thick. However, even the curly ones are not too much of a hassle as they don’t shed a lot. It requires regular brushing, but it can become a little bonding session for you two.

Quite evidently, caring for these bundles of joy is easy and stress-free. Apart from a few occasional problems like ear infections, elbow dysplasia, and hip and bone problems, it’ll be a smooth sail.

Final Words

It’s always recommended that instead of buying the Bernedoodle puppies in Idaho from a pet store, you contact a breeder. Not only are they trustworthy and nurturing, but they also take ethical routes. You’ll have complete knowledge about the parents and they’re always willing to guide you.

Now that you know all about the 5 best Bernedoodle breeders in Idaho, what are you waiting for? It’s high time you find yourself a perfect companion dog to fill up your home!

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