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The 4 Best Bernedoodle Breeders In San Diego – 2024

Are you tired of going to other people’s homes to play with their dogs? Do you think that it is the right time for you to get your little buddy? If you answer positively to the above-stated questions, we have the right solution for you.

If you are looking for Bernedoodle breeders in San Diego (SD), we have curated a proper list so that you can make the right decision. Bernedoodles are amiable dogs, and you will learn more and more about them as you move forward with this article.

Bernedoodles are a fantastic crossbreed that is attained after breeding Poodles and Bernese Mountain dogs together. They comprise the best features from both their parents, and that is why they have unique qualities. You will always find them playing and moving around with their never-ending energy levels.

However, Bernedoodles do not have an easy way out when it comes to finding homes for themselves. You will be able to find them easily in rescue shelters, and therefore you must make it a point to adopt them and not buy them.

The most peculiar trait about Bernedoodles is that they can adapt to any circumstances. Be it the role of being a family dog that keeps the children happy or being a therapy dog that acts as a solid companion, Bernedoodles have aced it all.

You must read this article till the end to ensure that you are well informed about the intricacies of Bernedoodles and finding the best Bernedoodle Breeders in San Diego.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Bernedoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a beautiful Bernedoodle puppy!

Bernedoodle Breeders in San Diego (SD)

You will have to be really sure about the place you choose because breeding bernedoodles requires a lot of commitment and effort. Extensive research about the breeder’s work in this field is quintessential to make an informed decision.

1.     My Puppy Crush

My Puppy Crush is one of the best Bernedoodle breeders in San Diego. They are highly committed to the well-being of their Bernedoodles, and therefore they examine the client as well before saying yes.

They also offer puppy training services that include potty training and more required skills so that your puppy can be groomed in its formative years. These puppies are given a very friendly environment to grow up in so that they can reciprocate the same thing when they are adopted by families.

This organization has many puppies that can be adopted, and all of them have different quirks and appearances. If you are looking for Bernedoodle puppies in San Diego, My Puppy Crush might be the place where your hunch for the perfect breeder ends.

My Puppy Crush Details

  • Contact: (610)-714-5875
  • Location: San Diego, US
  • Website: My Puppy Crush

2.     Deluna Bernese Home

Deluna Bernese Home is one of the most professional breeders in town to get amazing bernedoodles. They follow a strict program that is created to provide the best resources to all their tiny bernedoodles. The program remains the same for all their puppies, and they ensure that each puppy gets the required amount of attention and nurturing.

This program includes teaching the puppies to socialize and even incorporates their overall grooming. Everything starting from the puppies being comfortable around strangers to trimming their nails every week, Deluna Bernese Home pays undivided attention to these small intricacies.

They also bring out the intelligence in their bernedoodles by giving them small puzzles to solve and then analyzing their instincts during the situation. The breeders that are present in this organization are certified too. You must consider them for their services because their customer testimonials speak volumes about their excellence.

Deluna Bernese Home Details

3.     Pacific Doodles

Pacific Doodles is one of the luxury breeding stations where you will always find quality in operations. They have a set algorithm in which the client has to fill up an application form which will be critically assessed. You will advance to the next stage of application only if the organization finds that you will be able to take on this responsibility.

The premises of Pacific doodles is situated in a 23-acre vast land which is surrounded by trees. They aim to provide the most natural environment to the dogs so that they can groom adequately with all the required elements. The dogs are constantly surrounded by their parents and other dogs so that they grasp the aspect of socialization without any hassle. They are trained every day to fulfill their daily quotient of physical exercise and incessant fun.

If you want to know more about their services and the extra perks, their website consists of a lot of videos that can help you. You can browse through their existing options and then start filling the application form.

Pacific Doodles Details

  • Contact: A Form has to be filled on their website
  • Location: Burlington, WA. 98233
  • Website: Pacific Doodles

4.     Blue Skye Doodles

Blue Skye Doodles aims to provide a very homely atmosphere to their dogs so that they do not have a lot of problems adjusting when they are adopted. They feed them with high-quality food and ensure that all of their dogs are vaccinated on time. If you want them to train your dog, they will incorporate the required skill training right after the puppy is born.

Their dogs have been used as both service dogs and therapy dogs, and therefore they have unparalleled experience in training their dogs according to the needs of the client. The organization does not have many dogs so that they can pay individual attention to the ones that are present. If you live in San Diego or anywhere in Southern California, Blue Skye Doodles is a great option to get your pet.

Blue Skye Doodles Details

bernedoodle puppies in san diego

More About Bernedoodle Puppies in San Diego

Here are some more facts and information about Bernedoodles which will help you to strengthen your decision regarding adopting them. You must be aware of the intricacies of their behavior so that you can adapt according to the situations that arise.


Bernedoodles are a happy-go-lucky breed that will always be ready for cuddling. They are very loyal to their keepers and are very affectionate towards children. They have moderate energy levels, which are sufficient for them to be active all day long.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to train them while you are away from home. They can experience separation anxiety which is not good for their health. In order to avoid this, you could call someone to look after your pet, or you can even purchase some toys for them.


Bernedoodles have an optimum level of fitness to keep common diseases away from their system. Their genetic arrangement is unique, and therefore you do not have to stress about their wellness.

You must ensure that they are getting their proper meals at the correct time. Their meals are vital for the efficient functioning of their system. You can refer to a health guide for bernedoodles to make a note of all the crucial nutrients that they require.

Regular exercise is as essential as their meals, and therefore you should not be lenient in that domain. Taking them on long walks will make them happy and will also burn the calories that they intake.

Breeders Vs Shops

Adopting a dog from a breeder requires persistence and continuous efforts. You will have to fill an application form to move forward with your assessment. In the case of shops, the dynamics are somewhat relaxed. However, there are plenty of reasons that you should stick to a breeder. Here is a look at them.

  • 1.     Help

Your breeder will have a very genuine bond with the dog, and therefore they will always be willing to help you in times of distress. They will also know all the intricacies beforehand, which will help them to give an informed suggestion. This might not be the case with shop owners as they indulge in multiple transactions on a daily basis.

  • 2.     Right Advice

A breeder will always give you the right advice regarding your decision to adopt a puppy. They will tell you all the best possible options that will match your lifestyle. They want the best for their puppies, and hence they will think in terms of monetary benefits.

  • 3.     Transparency

Most shop owners tend to hide the details that can tamper with their sales. It is imperative for the keeper to know complete information about the pet. Non-disclosure may cause a lot of problems in the future. A breeder will always be completely honest about the details of the puppy so that all the issues can be dealt with in a professional manner.


We have handcrafted a list for you so that you can approach the best possible breeders. You can choose any of the options according to the preferences that you have in mind.

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