bernedoodle breeders in south california

The 7 Best Bernedoodle Breeders In South California – 2024

Do you live in California, and are you willing to have a pet? A pet that has two ears, small furry paws, and woofs? The furry paw will play with you in the park, run after you, and you can share a little bit of your food with it. It can be your most loyal friend too!

You guessed it right; we are talking about adopting a Bernedoodle. You are here on the right page reading about the 7 Best Bernedoodle breeders in South California! Did you know that California has the best weather to have a Bernedoodle as your pet? Read further to know more.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Bernedoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a beautiful Bernedoodle puppy!

What Does A Bernedoodle Look Like?

You can say that they are the gene combination of the breed mini poodle and breed Bernese mountain dog.

They have black, white, or brown tan fur on them, which depends upon the dog you adopt. The texture of the fur can be straight or curly, depending on whom you choose.

Being very willful, Bernedoodles are very witty and playful. They enjoy their outings. Generally, if you are looking for a family pet, a Bernedoodle is the best choice for you. This is because they are fond of company. They especially enjoy playing with small kids and enjoy their company.

The height of a Bernedoodle varies between 23 to 29 inches, and its weight varies between 60 to 90 pounds. They can easily live for 12 to 18 years.

Best Bernedoodle Breeders In South California



If you’re looking to adopt a Bernedoodle puppy in Southern California, PuppySpot is a reputable resource to consider.

PuppySpot is an online marketplace that connects potential pet owners with responsible breeders and shelters across the United States, including Southern California.

All breeders and shelters listed on the platform are thoroughly screened and approved, ensuring that you only deal with ethical and trustworthy sources.

PuppySpot offers personalized guidance from their team of dedicated puppy managers, access to a network of veterinarians and trainers, and a comprehensive health guarantee for each puppy.

By using PuppySpot to find a Bernedoodle puppy in Southern California, you’re supporting their mission to promote responsible breeding and pet ownership.

This makes your decision to adopt a Bernedoodle puppy from them an ethical and socially responsible choice.

PuppySpot Details

Woodcreek Ranch Bernedoodles

This place is a home for well-trained and healthily raised puppies. They have got certifications for their work, and we can even consider them as the pioneers of this field. Their affiliation is with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for the strength of adult dogs.

For the gene and genetic testing, they have been awarded for DM and VWB. This place is one of the best homes for puppies. You may consider the following contact details to get you one of the cutest puppies soon!

Woodcreek Ranch Bernedoodles Details

Cedar Creek Bernese Mountain Dogs And Bernedoodles

Cedar Creek Bernese Mountain Dogs and Bernedoodles provide a home for trained, beautiful, and socialized puppies since 2007.

That seems to be a solid long experience in the same field, right? What’s more, their focus is on the healthy lifestyle of the puppies they breed.

They have organized training camps for puppies to get them on point. They believe in training them for all things, and the result is healthy Bernedoodle puppies in California. Puppies raised here have very good— orthopedics, life span, health, and immunity.

When you go through the website, they also have shared various FAQs that can be very useful if you are a newbie buying a dog.

Also, don’t forget the points mentioned above by us. To send them an inquiry on Bernedoodles, you can go to the website and fill in the required details over there.

Cedar Creek Bernese Mountain Dogs And Bernedoodles Details

River Doodles

River doodles have the right to claim that they import the Bernedoodles directly from Europe and hand it over to you. Of course, before handing over, there is the whole training and development of the Bernedoodle puppies in California.

The owner of the establishment was brought up playing with dogs, so the organization was founded with its heart in the right place. They are aware of what it feels when you bring home a dog.

Their website has all the details about the dogs they breed. You can also send them inquires through the website. Check the following for more details.

River doodles Details

Julian Mountain Doodles

Located at the foot of the San Diego mountains, Julian mountain doodles are one of the best breeders of Bernedoodles. They have 120 acres of land planted with oak and pine trees which provides a perfect outdoor environment for a Bernedoodle.

They raise dogs between all ages and all kinds of puppies. The family of Bernedoodles is also a big part of the place.

This project was a part and idea of the owner’s mother, and this home for Bernedoodles is run in her late memory.

It is evident that they are very passionate about their dogs and find themselves lucky to have such a big and wonderful family of Bernedoodle puppies in California.

When you adopt a puppy from here, you get complete assurance about the package. They get it certified, the puppies vaccinated, and give you the perfect guide on maintaining the puppy’s health. The following are the contact details in case you need them.

Julian Mountain Doodles Details

Sierra Springs

They were given many awards, such as BBB, OFA, Baxter, and Bella. No doubt, Sierra Springs has one of the best homes for the Bernedoodles. They breed Australian Bernedoodles that become your lovable family companions in the future.

In addition, they have an excellent training program for puppies. Every puppy raised here is taken utmost care of with lots of love. The primary goal of Sierra Springs is the health and well-being of the little furry paws.

They have a specialization in miniature and medium-sized Australian Bernedoodles. To contact, you can find details below:

Sierra Springs Details

Teddy Bear Love Bernedoodles

They are located on a 7-acre ranch that provides the best shelter for the little Bernedoodles. They have bred dogs for the last 25 years since their establishment. Most of the dogs bred here are strong, healthy, and live long lives.

Some of the pets that they have are with families, or some are with single pet owners. They aim to provide the best Bernedoodle. For fulfilling their aim, they work hard and have received various recognitions in this field for years.

Teddy Bear Love Bernedoodles Details

bernedoodle puppies in south california

Why Choose Bernadoodle Puppies in South California?

You might have not known these interesting facts about the Bernedoodle puppies in California. They are the best mates one can ever have! Read further to get to know them more.

  • Apartment-FriendlyBernedoodles don’t require a large space for living and adapt themselves according to the space available. So, they are perfect for living in an apartment. Although, remember that they can be very playful and need regular exercise.
  • Low hair shedding tendency – having a puppy is synonymous with hair all over your house, is what one imagines. But, don’t worry! These dogs don’t shed a lot of hair. So they will shed hair only when they have some allergy or any serious medical condition. This is a convenient sign for owners to spot the poor health of their puppies.
  • Minimal grooming needs – they require only monthly grooming care. Although, you can comb their hair daily, get them groomed by a professional once every month and your puppy will shine!
  • Regular checkups – as Bernedoodle is a hybrid breed of dogs, it needs regular health check-ups. Visiting a veterinary doctor every month is a must.
  • Energetic – these are very playful pets and love being outdoors. Socially affable, they can play with just anyone if you take them on an outing.
  • They can be stubborn sometimes – when they find themselves uncomfortable around strangers and other people, they act stubborn and weird. They can be moody sometimes like us humans.
  • They can be called therapy dogs! – Yes, these dogs are super friendly and enjoy the company of people. Being playful, these dogs never fail to provide human therapy.
  • Loyalty package – these dogs are very loyal to their owners. Once they get friendly with you, they will stick to you like glue.
  • You will fall in love with them – these attractive dogs never fail to impress people. Being furry, these are the best friends you would never want to separate from.
  • Barking – these dogs do not bark a lot unless and until they are in a very jolly mood or there is a thief who broke into your house. Despite all their playfulness, they are quiet when compared to other dogs.

So did you make up your mind to buy a Bernedoodle? There are a lot of sellers and breeders online, so choosing from amongst all the available options becomes difficult. We have made your work easy through this list of the 6 Best Bernedoodle breeders in South California specially curated for you!

Summing Up

We hope your little pet fills your life with joy. You can also share this with your friend searching for a pet or with any other relative searching for a well-trained, socialized, and friendly Bernedoodle.

We hope you found your perfect companion with the help of our 6 Best Bernedoodle breeders in South California shortlisting guide. Go ahead and get your Bernedoodle soon!

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