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The 4 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Oregon (OR) – 2024

Bernedoodles fill your hearts with life and joy without even trying. This dog is a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a standard poodle. They are enthusiastic, friendly, and athletic. They also show placid loyalty, and goofiness and shower their owners with love and care.

Bernedoodles are amazing companions and will surely become a family member for you. If you are planning to adopt these bundles of joy and are confused regarding their adoption, you have come to the right place.

Most dog lovers ponder over the question of whether they should reach out to pet shops or breeders for adopting dogs.

If you are looking for the best Bernedoodle breeders in Oregon, here is all you need to know.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Bernedoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a beautiful Bernedoodle puppy!

The 4 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Oregon

Here is a detailed review of the 4 best Bernedoodle breeders that you can find in Oregon.



If you’re searchin’ for Bernedoodle breeders in Oregon, PuppySpot is a mighty fine place to start! They’ve got a wide selection of Bernedoodle puppies to choose from, and their breeders are screened to ensure high standards for health, ethics, and care. So you can rest easy knowin’ you’re gettin’ a happy and healthy pup from a responsible source.

PuppySpot offers helpful resources and services to make the process of bringing home your new Bernedoodle as easy as pie. From personalized travel arrangements to ongoing support from a Puppy Concierge, they’re there to help every step of the way. Plus, their website is user-friendly and makes it simple to search for and compare different puppies.

PuppySpot is committed to responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. They don’t work with puppy mills or substandard breeders, and they partner with animal welfare organizations to support their mission. So when you choose PuppySpot, you’re not only gettin’ a new furry friend, but you’re also helpin’ to promote animal welfare.

PuppySpot Details

L.K Bernedoodles

They are the premier Bernedoodle breeder in the Pacific Northwest located in Eugene, Oregon, who passionately breed and raise Bernedoodles, Poodles, and Berneses Mountain Dogs. L.K Bernedoodles take extra care of the dogs and strive to promote their health, longevity, and welfare.

Their average wait time for standard and medium generations extends from six to nine months. Similarly, for mini generations, it is nine to twelve months. You will have to fill up the contact form available on their website to receive further details.

Their adoption process is quite comprehensive. You will first have to apply online through the website.

Make sure to read the contract and price information before doing so. Then you will have to send the signed contract to their official email. Once this is done, you will have to pay to reserve your puppy.

The next step will include waiting for the team to notify you regarding your turn to choose your dog. The team will also post a birth announcement on the Instagram page once you have fully adopted the dog.

They provide impeccable service and ensure the best is provided for your doodle!

Whine Country Bernedoodles

Whine Country Bernedoodles breed their dogs with utmost love and care. Their Bernedoodles instantly become a part of your family as they are already well trained and cared for by the breeder.

 Of course, you will have to abide by their contract and pay a deposit of around $500 to reserve your puppy. The contract and contact information is available on the website

When you receive your puppy, you will be given its detailed health record (first shots and worming), the sample of food liked by the dog, and a written health warranty. The puppies are ready to be taken home by the end of 8 weeks.

The waitlist is updated regularly on the website. Once you have done all the formalities, the breeder will notify you, and you can pick up your puppy then.

You can apply for shipping as well if you cannot pick up the dog yourself. The deposit and the shipping charges are non-refundable.

If you are planning on adopting your doodle, Whine Country Bernedoodle is the best place you can get it from!

Mountainside Doodles

Mountain Doodles are highly professional breeders that provide high-quality Bernedoodles with gracious temperament and impeccable genetics. There is a lot of research work involved to prevent any potential health risk and genetic mutation. The breeder promises that their Bernedoodles will surely become your new best friend.

To match up the right dog for you, you will have to fill a puppy application available on their official website.  On receiving the application from you, the team will contact you.

They, too demand a non-refundable deposit of $500 during the early stages of adoption. The price of the dog may vary from $2500 to $3500. A waiting list is maintained on the website in order.

You can choose among multiple-sized Bernedoodles with different coat colors.  In case of any doubts regarding the adoption process, you can easily contact them.

The puppy sale is only done post the breeder’s approval. The breeder will visit your place to make sure that your home environment is fit for the dog’s welfare.

The breeder is highly committed to the dogs’ welfare. Hence Mountainside Doodles is definitely a great choice.

What Makes Bernedoodle Everyone’s Favorite Dog?

Bernedoodles are excellent family dogs. Certain reasons make Bernedoodles a favorite among dog lovers.


Most breeders suggest that Bernedoodles have the best personality and temperament. Of course, not all dogs have the same personality traits, but overall all Bernedoodles are loyal and friendly.

 They get along with everyone with proper socialization. They even get along with children and other dogs.


 Bernedoodles are considered to be the most intelligent breed of dog. Bernedoodles are hunting dogs who pick up commands and tricks quickly. They inherit this quality from their poodle parent. They can be easily trained and pleased.

Different Sizes

Bernedoodles come in variable sizes and can range between 12 to 29 inches. It entirely depends on their breeding parents. You can get smaller Bernedoodles if you live in an apartment.

You can choose them according to their size as per your convenience and living arrangements.

Beautiful and unique coat

 Bernedoodles have a striking coat that comes in different varieties. Bernedoodles can have white, brown, and even pure black coats.

Some dogs have straight hair, while others have a curly coat. The best thing about their mane is that it is hypoallergenic, and they shed less.

Good health conditions

Bernedoodles are much healthier than their pure-bred parents. Genetic health issues are less likely among them.  Poodles can have serious skin and eye issues, while on the other hand, Bernese Mountain dogs suffer a short lifespan.

Does not have any of those problems. Hence, this makes their caretaking much easier.

Tips for Finding a Responsible Breeder

It is highly crucial to find a breeder who is responsible and trustworthy. Responsible breeders are highly reliable for your dog’s welfare.

They can guide you well about necessary parameters like dog adaptation and its caring. Breeders can be a better option than pet shops for getting your perfect dog.

 Reputed and reliable breeders take immense care of their charges than any pet shop. Before choosing a breeder, you must do all necessary background checks and homework. Here are few tips that can help you to find a responsible and worthy breeder.

Meet the breeder

One of the easiest ways to determine the breeder’s reliability is by meeting them in person. You must stop by and meet them in their kennel or home. This way, you can observe the dogs as well. You can analyze whether the premises are clean and that the breeder does take good care of dogs.

Also, you can observe the breeder and the dogs’ relationship, which can be an easy giveaway of their reliability. If the dogs are friendly and loving towards the breeder, this means you can trust him/her.

Doubt clearance

If the breeder is genuinely passionate about his profession, he/she will never hesitate to answer any of your questions.  Make sure to question him/her about the breed of dogs, their condition, health, and anything and everything you wish to know. A trustworthy breeder would answer all your questions patiently since they will want the best for their dogs.

Medical history of the dog

Good breeders always maintain an unblemished medical history record of all the dogs under their charge. They will be more than happy to share their dog’s health screening, such as CERF and OFA certificates.

A good breeder will make sure to inform you about the dog’s allergies and problems before letting you adopt it. He/she would also give you direction regarding the dog’s health care.

Reviews of the breeder

Another way to determine the breeder’s reliability is by looking at his/her experience and reviews. Always look for their experience and recommendation. The best breeders will maintain a transparent record of all their work and achievements.

 Make sure to go through their profile and website for a better analysis. Also, make sure to reach out to a few of the recommendations mentioned in their profile for authentication. Do not take any chances before choosing the right breeder.

If the breeder withstands all these parameters, this means he/she is fit for the job!

bernedoodle puppies in oregon

Final Words

A good breeder will always provide your desired dog. In Oregon itself, L.K Bernedoodles, Whine Country Bernedoodles, and Mountainside Doodles are considered the best Bernedoodles breeders.

You can choose and demand dogs, with size and mane color as per your choice.  They breed dogs with strong genetics to meet up your expectations.

Bernedoodle breeds of dogs are the most suitable family dogs one could ever ask for. Getting them in your life is surely a wise and right decision. If you are from Oregon, you can contact and reach out to these breeders and make these fluffy companions your pals.

Even if you turn a blind eye, you will always receive the best results. Hence, do not overthink and get your Bernedoodle!

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