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The 4 Best Maltipoo Breeders In New Jersey (NJ) – 2024

The decision to buy a pup can be a huge one. Especially if you are starting off as a pet parent, you are even more anxious with everything and feel the urge to get things done to perfection. In this stressful situation, you might end up making a few bad choices. This is precisely why you need to consider quality breeders for Maltipoo puppies in New Jersey (NY).

Maltipoo is a popular known hybrid breed produced by crossing the Maltese breed with a toy or miniature-sized Poodle. This breed falls in the category of designer breeds as they are bred with a purpose. They don’t fall in the category of mixed breeds as both the parent breeds are known. The purpose of breeding this breed was to produce a pup that makes a great companion for allergy sufferers.

Maltipoos are feisty and affectionate dogs that love to play a lot of keeping you on your toes. They love to run around and enjoy some quality walking time. They might create a bit of trouble as they can get into extreme barking battles. But that can be calmed down with some gentle patting on the head.

If you are a first-time owner, you can consider these 4 Best Maltipoo Breeders in New Jersey (NY) before making a purchase.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Maltipoo Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an adorable Maltipoo puppy!

Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in New Jersey (NJ)

A mid-Atlantic northeastern state in the United States of America, New Jersey is one of the border towns with New York. Known for its polite and friendly population, New Jersey is also home to some quality Maltipoo breeders.

1.     Breeders Club of America

Breeders Club of America is known to give its customers the best and superior quality Maltipoo puppies in New Jersey (NY). The reason why they make it to the list of the 4 Best Maltipoo Breeders in New Jersey (NY) is because of the high breeding standards they maintain on their grounds.

They take care of each and every pup like family and prepare them well to become a part of your family. Every pup is kept up to date with shots and worming. They are also well socialized with adults, children, other dogs, and pets. So even if you have many different pets, you don’t have to worry about these puppies not getting adjusted. 

Their staff maintains all the standards essential for proper breeding conditions and a healthy environment.

Breeders Club of America details

  • Contact: 732-706-3444
  • Location: 1839 NJ-35, Middletown Township, NJ 07748, United States
  • Website:

2.     Central Park Puppies

The breeders at Central Park Puppies know the importance of a puppy in someone’s life. This is precisely why you must consider them for Maltipoo puppies in New Jersey (NY). The breeders here have over a decade of experience, and they help you find the perfect match for you and your family.

The breeders at Central Park Puppies provide healthy and hygienic conditions for a puppy to grow.  Every pup is examined by the vet on a regular basis to screen any type of health issue that might exist. They also keep every pup up to date on the shots and worming. They also provide safe transport facilities where the puppy is transported in fully sanitized and insulated temperature-controlled vehicles.

They make sure you are matched with a puppy that will change your life. This is what makes them one of the 4 Best Maltipoo Breeders in New Jersey (NJ).

Central Park Puppies Details

  • Contact: 914-207-7558
  • Location: 650 Central Park Ave unit a, Yonkers, NY 10704, United States
  • Website: Central Park Puppies

3.     The Pet Shoppe

Looking for a breeding place that is like a home to your future pup? The Pet Shoppe is just the right place to go to. The Pup Shoppe is home to 35 to 40 different dog breeds, including the Maltipoo puppies in New Jersey (NJ).

The breeder of The Puppy Shoppe has an amazing 30 years of experience in breeding dogs. They have managed to maintain the high breeding standards and provided every pup with an amazing home to live in. This breeding ground provides a cage-free environment that helps in the healthy and active growth of the puppy.

They also provide great services that include a lifetime health guarantee. Every pup is fully vaccinated and wormed. They are provided with regular health check-ups till they reach their forever family. They guarantee you the best and most superior quality Maltipoo puppies in New Jersey (NJ).

The Pet Shoppe Details

  • Contact: 732-706-5000
  • Location: Middletown, NJ
  • Website: The Pet Shoppe

4.     Bark Avenue Puppies

Bark Avenue Puppies come with an adorable motto of delivering joy one puppy at a time. They provide a luxurious life to all the puppies in their breeding ground. They not just provide excellent breeding conditions but also provide a cage-free growing environment. Instead, they provide a condo for Maltipoo puppies in New Jersey (NJ) to live a lavish life.

They provide proper socialization to each and every pup. They are made comfortable with adults and children, as well as other pets. They provide proper exercise and playtime to each pup individually. They are committed to providing quality grade breeding by eliminating all the substandard breeding practices.

Every puppy is not just pampered a lot, but they are also given every age-appropriate shot till they reach their families. Bark Avenue Puppies is for sure one of the 4 Best Maltipoo Breeders in New Jersey (NJ).

Bark Avenue Puppies Details

  • Contact: 732-741-4175
  • Location: 4 West Front Street. Red Bank, NJ 07701
  • Website: Bark Avenue Puppies
maltipoo puppies in new jersey

Why Get a Maltipoo Puppy In Arizona (AZ)?

There can be a gazillion reasons as to why you should consider getting a Maltipoo puppy at home. They are not just adorable to look at, they also come with a lot of charming characteristics that will win your heart in a snap.

  • Size: The size of a Maltipoo pup is highly dependent on the size of the poodle parent. Since there are two types of poodle breeds, a Maltipoo can have a range of sizes. If the poodle parent was a toy or miniature, these pups could grow up to a size of 8 to 14 inches. They weigh around 5 to 20 pounds.
  • Personality: Maltipoo is a very smart and feisty breed. Their favorite pastime is to nap out the entire day on the laps of their owners. A nice active play session followed by a lot of cuddles is all that you need to give them. Since it a highly active and playful breed, you can never feel lonely and bored in their presence. However, if you are looking for a guard dog, a Maltipoo might not be the right choice for you. They will alert you about the presence of a stranger but will not provide any kind of protection.
  • Care: Maltipoos prefer spending more time indoors, except for the time they are playing. They enjoy being around the family. They won’t be comfortable staying in a kennel outside, so you should be prepared for that. They are not big in size, so they can fit easily in any type of apartment. Regular exercise and training are all you need to provide them, and they will make a perfect fit for every family.
  • Activity: Matlipoos are highly active pups. They are full of energy and require a daily dose of exercise. They require some quality walking and playing time to burn that extra energy off. They love barking and enjoy a social barking competition with the neighborhood dogs.
  • Feeding: The amount of food to be fed will depend on your pup’s activity. This area is, therefore, subjective and will vary with different dogs. The general food requirement of a Maltipoo pup is about 1 to 1.5 cups of quality-grade dog food. This should be divided into two meals. The quantity can be adjusted as per your dog’s need. 
  • Grooming: Being a cross between parents with heavy and dense fur, you can expect some about of shedding from a Maltipoo pup. However, if you are someone who suffers from allergies, it might not be a huge concern. These dogs are hypoallergenic. They require regular brushing of fur to remove any debris. This should be coupled with monthly baths for keeping the hair tangle-free and clean.
  • Health: Maltipoos are susceptible to common canine medical conditions. But It is not necessary that your pup will encounter any of the diseases. It is, however, recommended to stay aware of your dog’s medical condition at all times. Regular vet visits, staying up to date with the vaccine shots will always keep you aware of your dog’s condition and help you stay prepared for the worst.

Final Thoughts

Having a dog is like having a furry family member. You need to take care of them the way you take care of anyone else in your family. It is, therefore, essential for you to check everything before you make the decision of being a dog parent.

There are a lot of tremendous breeding grounds. But it is always advisable to have a look before you finalize the purchase. Arrange for a tour of the breeding facility to know the standards being followed and the measures being taken.

Being extra cautious can never go wasted.

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