Can I Groom My Goldendoodle Myself

Can I Groom My Goldendoodle Myself – Quick And Easy Guide

Taking care of your Goldendoodle is not a negligible expense, and I’ve often heard the question, can I groom my Goldendoodle myself, as using a professional groomer will make it even more expensive.

You certainly can groom your Goldendoodle yourself, and in fact, doing it yourself is not only a cheap but a fun option as well.

If your Goldendoodle smells bad, you should bathe it. The best time for grooming your Goldendoodle is usually right after a bath.

Now, let us move on to the part where you groom your Goldendoodle easily, cheaply, and also with just a few tools.

Starting With the Brush

Before you get to grooming your Goldendoodles’ part, you should always brush its fur. Brushing the fur is not just a ritual before grooming; it is something you should do every day.

Just like human hair, fur can get difficult knots. As a result, you may pull your Goldendoodle skin when brushing if you are not careful or do not brush the fur enough. It is also necessary so that the grooming is accurate.

Be careful around armpits, ears, and the legs’ back because the furs can be extra knotty in these areas. Brush the fur gently. You can use a Hertzko Slicker Brush (affiliate link) because it is good at handling knots and matting. Furthermore, you can clean it by pushing a single button.

Now Comes The Grooming

As you have bathed and brushed the dog’s fur, the preparation is done for grooming. Now, there are a few precautions you should maintain when beginning to groom. Let’s check them out first.  

Make sure that the fur is dry when you start grooming. Human hair is easier to manage when wet, but it is the opposite case for Goldendoodles.

It is best to use a clipper instead of scissors because they are faster at the task.

Use a clipper with sharp blades- you do not want to pull the dog’s fur when you are cutting it.

I would recommend the Andis Excel Pro (Amazon link)

Oil the blade of the clipper both before and after use to ensure it stays sharp.

Now that you are ready set the clipper to any one of the four or more lengths that it comes with. If you are not sure which length you want to cut the fur to, just use the longest option and work your way to shorter options if you feel like it.

Start cutting around the neck area, then make your way toward the rest of the body in the hair’s  

growth direction. When you are one with most of the body of the Goldendoodle, you can start with the sensitive areas.

When grooming around the face, ears, genitalia, and legs, it is best to use the tip of the scissors to cut. This way, you will always be aware and will be able to pull the scissors away if your dog moves. Also, consider keeping someone with you when using the scissors- just for the safety of your Goldendoodle.

Do You Have a Nervous Goldendoodle?

Dogs are sensitive and easily excited. If your Goldendoodle is the nervous type, you can get used to the sound of the clippers from beforehand. Even though clippers are comparatively quiet, they still have a buzzing sound. So, just turn the clipper on, even when you are not grooming your dog, just to make it comfortable around the sound.

You should reward the dog with praises or treats when it manages to stay still around an active clipper. With time, the nervous Goldendoodle will calm down enough to let you groom him.

Trimming the Goldendoodle’s Nails

This should not be too difficult to achieve. Puppies require more frequent nail clipping than adult Goldendoodles. How do you know if your dog needs a nail trim? Just look at its feet when it is standing on flat ground. It should stand on its footpad, not the nails.

You can just use regular nail clippers if the dog’s nails are soft enough to be trimmed by it. A good choice is a Boshel Nail Clipper(Amazon).

On the other hand, you will find nails that are very hard to clip. In this case, you should consider dog nail grinders. These will help you trim your dog’s nails without any trouble.

However, to keep your Goldendoodle calm when you trim the nails, you will have to get used to the sound of the buzz when the grinder is on.

If you still cannot manage to cut the nails, then you can ask a vet to show the process to you.

Can I Groom My Goldendoodle Myself

You were wondering if you could groom your Goldendoodle yourself. You have your answer now, don’t you? Not only can you groom your beloved, but you can also do it very easily too.

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