Why Is My Goldendoodle So Itchy

Why Is My Goldendoodle So Itchy – How To Help!

You may ask why is my Goldendoodle so itchy, and it is normal to wonder why. Who would not want to help their precious pet when it’s visibly irritating?

There are many reasons your Goldendoodle may be itchy, and the first task for you is to figure out why. Based on that, you can move on to the treatment.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the symptoms, and how you should approach the issue.

Why Is My Goldendoodle So Itchy?

An itch is a symptom of an underlying condition. So, it is probably not enough to just treat the itch, but you have to treat what is causing the itch.

Is your pet licking or scratching itself more often than not? Apart from it being very uncomfortable, it indicates that there is another problem.

The most common reasons for itching are allergy or parasites.

Before your Goldendoodle does its skin and more harm by continuously scratching, it is best to consult a vet.

Itchy and Scratchy Symptoms

Your pet pretty much wants to spend most of its time with you, so you will be easily able to identify when it scratches itself more. If your Goldendoodle sleeps with you, you may also notice its tendency to scratch itself all the time.

So, there is a problem, and the first thing you have to do is observe where the Goldendoodle scratches itself. It could be its ears, head, face, belly, anywhere. This little observation will help the vet identify the problem faster.

What Can You Look For?

Your pet does not have arms like humans, so their form of dealing with an itch may differ. Scratching is the most noticeable sign that your Goldendoodle is getting more itches. But, there are other signs too.

Some Goldendoodles may tend to crawl or rub their itch on the carpet to get rid of it. Again, some dogs are very fond of licking. The first sign of a licking dog is a brown stain mark on their fur. The common places to look for such signs are the butt, belly, and paws.

Excessive scratching and licking may lead to coat and skin problems in the Goldendoodle. So, it is best to get the problem treated before it is too late.

When to Seek Help?

Animals cannot speak, and if your instinct tells you something is wrong, something probably is wrong. If you notice your dog scratching and biting itself, it surely is going through some discomfort.

You sure can wait before consulting a vet, but you know that’s risky. Because you never know what is causing the itch – it could be anything like yeast or bacterial infection.

The causes of itches in the head can range from a sore tooth to a grass awn stuck in the ear.

Your furry friend deserves its comfort, so it is best to seek help as early as possible. This could save the Goldendoodle from many other complications.

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What Can Cause Goldendoodle Itch?
Photo by Jayden Burdick on Pexels.com

What Can Cause Goldendoodle Itch?

There are mainly two questions that will run across the Vet’s mind when he sees the symptom is an itch.

Does this dog have a kind of parasite that is causing the itch?

If not, does this dog have some kind of allergy?

Parasites and Excessive Goldendoodle Itching

When a mosquito or flea bites you, it gets tempting to scratch the bite until it bleeds, doesn’t it? You have the sense to stop itching because you know it only worsens the condition.

Unfortunately, fleas and mosquitoes have the same effect on dogs. The worst part is the dog does not understand that itching only worsens it.

The most common reasons for the Goldendoodle itch are fleas.

If you are going on a flea hunt with your dog, the flea may hang on to your dog when it is meal time for them. As a result, your dog will experiences itches. However, fleas do not live as parasites on the skin of the dog. They only latch on when they need food.

There are other microscopic passengers like this:

Cheyletiella: It is a mite, and it also has the nickname “Walking Dandruff.” You can quite

imagine what it does.

Lice: it is not as bad as the human head lice, but it’s bad enough for Goldendoodles.

Demodex: These are usually found on wildlife and are scavengers.

The first thing vets will do is deal with the parasites while continuing other tests.

If you think that the bugs are gone, but the dog is still itching, it is time to check for allergies.

Allergies and the Urge to Scratch

As a human, you know what hay fever and allergies feel like. The pollens can cause allergies, and you experience a runny nose, sneezes, and so much more.

Allergies can affect dogs similarly. Only it is their skin that is affected.

The allergy may be anything from pollens to perfumes, grass sap to dust mites, and mold spores.

Itchy Complications

Maintaining healthy skin for the Goldendoodle can prevent many such itchy conditions. However, continuous scratching and licking can damage the Goldendoodle’s skin. This will lead to further complications like bacterial and yeast infections. Unfortunately, these are also very itchy conditions and will only make the situation worse.

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Why Is My Goldendoodle Itching So Much
Photo by Josh Fields on Pexels.com

Finding a Diagnosis – Why Is My Goldendoodle Itching So Much?

The first step in diagnosing the reason behind a Goldendoodle’s itch is to look for fleas. You will usually be able to spot them as dark flecks of dust on the dog’s hair. Other than that, you can also use a piece of damp cotton wool and look for an orange hallow around each speck to confirm the presence of fleas. These are called flea dust.

Then, you can go on to treat your dog against fleas. If that still does not stop the itching, your vet will investigate further.

The actions for diagnosis consists of:

Blood tests for the dog to check for the presence of Sarcoptes mites.

Giving medicated baths to the dog to strengthen skin health.

Anti-biotics will be given to the dog if there is an infection.

The itch still does not go away?

A hypoallergenic diet may be given to the dog to check for food allergies.

Still, no results?

Carry on skin and blood tests for specific allergies.

A skin biopsy may be on the way.

How to Stop Goldendoodle Scratching?

Want to help your Goldendoodle get free from such discomfort? There are several things you can do at home.

Use flea preventive product regularly to protect the dog.

Baths with hydrating shampoos can wash off allergens from the dog’s skin.

Anti-oxidant-rich diets can strengthen the dog’s skin health.

Diet supplements containing omega 3 and 6 oils can work as anti-inflammatories.

Be careful about the use of potential allergens like aerosol products at home.

If you have done everything to help but could not help, a vet will help.

They can identify the reason behind the itch and suggest treatment accordingly. Treatment usually includes antibiotics, shampoos, and supplements.

can you take benadryl with zyrtec How to Stop Goldendoodle Scratching

Options for Allergy Treatment

Is your Goldendoodle experiencing itches because of an allergy? Then, there are both drug and non-drug treatments you can turn to.

Immunotherapy vaccines: this is a slow process but an effective and permanent cure. In this case, the identified allergen is introduced to the dog’s body in small but increasing amounts. As a result, the dog’s boy gets used to the allergen and stops reacting to it to great extents.

Biological therapies: You will find the recent cure to be Cytopoint. In this case, injections are given to the dog every 4-8 weeks. These are anti-bodies, and it removes the pathway that triggers the itch. As a result, it stops the itch.

These are quite expensive forms of treatment. Other methods include:

Steroids: these are both effective and cheap; however, they may have side effects.

Cyclosporine (Atopica): This is a powerful medicine used during transplants to prevent organ rejection. Similarly, it prevents a specific immune response in the dog’s body to stop the itch in case of allergies.

Oclacitinib (Apoquel): This medicine is effective and without side effects. However, it is quite expensive too.

Once an Itchy Dog, Always an Itchy Dog? Outlook and Prevention?

We have both good and bad news for you in this case.

If parasites caused the itch in your dog’s body- it was a one-time thing. You get rid of the parasites, so the problem is done and dealt with.

However, if the itch’s cause was an allergy, it will more or less always be there. You can only prevent it by taking the necessary measures. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Limit the exposure to allergens.
  • Improve the skin health of the dog.
  • Wash the allergens from the skin.
  • Control secondary infections like bacteria and yeast.
  • Use Immunotherapy vaccines.
  • Use drugs to reduce the itch.

Why Is My Goldendoodle So Itchy?

There are certain kinds of itches that are harmless- like occasional itching behind the ears.

If there is something to worry about, the excessive scratching will catch your eyes. The most common reason is fleas. In case that is not the reason, it takes some effort to figure out what may be the reason. So, consulting a vet when you don’t have the answers is the best way to know why your Goldendoodle is so itchy.

Best Products for Goldendoodle Scratching and Itching

Best Flea Treatment: Bayer k9 Advantix II Extra Large Dog

If you want a medicine that can kill fleas within ten minutes of applying it, look no further. This Bayer k9 Advantix II medicine can deal with a wide range of parasites.

Furthermore, it is capable of dealing with the parasites on a large dog. It can kill the parasites through contact without any biting required. So, your Goldendoodle will be saved from a lot of irritation and deadly infections.

Most customers recommend this medicine as an easy-to-use, affordable, and high-effective one against parasites.

Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo: Pet Oatmeal Anti-Itch Shampoo & Conditioner In One!

If you want to have long-term benefits, then this shampoo and conditioner will be a wise choice. This shampoo contains hypo-allergenic, organic ingredients like oatmeal, baking soda, aloe vera with coconut. Not only does it soothe the itch, but it also promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat.

It also neutralizes the dog’s smell for days.

One more interesting thing about it is that you have the option to send a picture of your dog after purchasing the product. Then, they will donate some of their profit to a dog suffering from cancer. After that, they send you a picture of the dog that you helped. Heartwarming, isn’t it?

Best Anti-Itch Spray: All Natural Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray

Cannot tolerate seeing your Goldendoodle itch for so long? You can provide instant relief with this Oatmeal spray.

It contains plant and botanical-based oatmeal baking soda spray. It provides instant relief to a pet suffering from several things. You will find it helpful for flea bites, hot spots, grass allergies, pollen allergies, food allergies, surgical stitches from surgery, scratches, flea-bitten, or raw and irritated skin in your Goldendoodle.

Furthermore, it also has a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back if it does not work.

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