can an aussiedoodle be left alone

Can Aussiedoodles Be Left Alone – A Complete How-To Guide!

As if the thought of leaving the comfort of your house was not enough, now you have to leave behind the puppy dog eyes that love you to the fullest. But, can Aussiedoodles be left alone – and for how long?

Aussiedoodles, although a social breed of animal, can be left alone for some time at home. All you need is a bit of training, a few toys, and some special precautions before leaving them alone.

Let’s find out how you can make the alone-time of your Aussiedoodle a bit more fun and safe.

Can Aussiedoodles Be Left Alone – What Can Go Wrong?

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    Before getting to what you can do right, let us find out why you have to take care of things properly. What can go wrong with an Aussiedoodle alone in the house? Here’s a list.

    • Your furniture destroyed
    • Doggy-toilet all over the house
    • The dog feasted on shoes and other clothing
    • Items on your cushion couch

    These were only a few of the disasters that could happen, and there are many that you have not even thought of. For instance, if the dog has any form of anxiety-like isolation anxiety, it would lead to destructive behavior. Then, there should be concerns about whether your dog is house-trained and potty-trained. If you’ve got a pet dog from the local shelter- there is a chance that it is already potty-trained.

    Anxiety-Induced Behaviors If You Leave Dogs Alone

    The reason for devastating behavior in dogs can be two- boredom or anxiety.

    The result of both can be you returning to a house that looks like it was a warzone.

    In order to determine whether the destruction is caused by anxiety or boredom, answer the following question- Does your dog show any anxiety symptoms when you are planning to go outside the house?

    The typical symptoms of such anxiety include tucking its’ tail, trembling, hiding, pacing, or uncontrollable.

    On the other hand, some dogs are completely fine when you’re leaving, but with time their destructive behavior increases- this is usually due to boredom.

    You will find insights regarding anxiety in Aussiedoodles in the article here regarding how to spot a few of the more typical problems relating to dog anxiety.

    While there are some anxieties that you cannot fix yourself in your Aussiedoodle, needing professional help- here are a few tips you can follow to see if you can.

    Don’t Leave Your Dog In A Crate For The Whole Day

    can an aussiedoodle be left alone

    A solution most people turn to is leaving the dog in a crate. While it works for a short while, it is not a good option if you’ll be out for a long time.

    What is the crate like to a dog? To a dog, its crate is similar to its favorite spot to a dog, and dogs are conditioned to keep their own space clean. When you leave a dog in its crates for the whole day, it becomes a problem. Because he also has to use the bathroom. That messes with their psychology. Furthermore, it creates a mess for you to clean.

    That is not all. Aussiedoodles are prone to getting hip and elbow Dysplasia. Apart from the genes that cause it, Aussiedoodles can develop problems due to a lack of exercise, nutrition, and obesity as well. So, do not leave the dog in the crate for too long.

    aussiedoodle puppy checklist Are Aussiedoodles Calm Dogs when do aussiedoodles stop growing Can Aussiedoodles Be Left Alone

    What’s The Time Limit For Leaving An Aussiedoodle Alone?

    We are fully aware that nobody wants to leave their precious Aussiedoodlehome-alone. While you can leave it for a while, you should not leave it fr too long. Now, how long you can leave your Aussiedoodle alone at home depends on your setup and the following questions:

    1. Do you need to confine the dog to a more specific place, or can you leave it free to roam?
    2. Can your Aussiedoodle relieve itself at home, or does it require to be put out for the potty breaks?
    3. Do you have anything ready to keep the Aussiedoodleoccupied, or will it get bored alone?
    4. Would your dog be able to access the food and water, or do you need to serve it for it to eat?
    5. Is the current temperature predictable and controlled, or is there a risk of the dog being stuck somewhere in unfavorable (hotter or colder) temperatures?

    There are many more questions to be asked, but these few can work like a guideline. So, let’s dig how. 

    1. Will The Dog Find Space To Wander?

    If the dog has room to roam around, then you can certainly leave it alone for quite some time.

    However, if you must confine the dog in its proper-size crate, then make sure you don’t leave it alone for over a few hours, that too only occasionally. 

    2. When You’re Gone, Is There a Chance for Potty Breaks?

    Do you have a designated spot inside the house where your dog has been trained to relieve itself?  If you do, then the good news, you can leave your dog at home for a while.

    However, if you have to let your dog out and then back in manually, you can’t stay away from him for too long. You can ask for help from a neighbor to help your dog every 4h-5h. If it is a puppy, then every 2-hours because puppies have to relieve themselves more frequently.

    3. What Fun Activity Can The Dog Do When You Leave Him Alone?

    Dogs do not like being bored, and there are plenty of options you have to keep them mentally stimulated. The more you use, the better. For instance, you can fill up a Kong Toy using water-soaked dog food.

    4. Can your Aussiedoodle get water whenever it needs it?

    While you decide when and how much food your dog gets, it is only the dog that can decide how much water it needs. Water is extremely essential for the dog’s basic bodily functions and overall health.

    You can even buy an extra bowl to supply more water to your dog during the summer months.

    You can also buy PetSafe Drinkwell. And that’s an amazing option if you are away for 2h-8h per day.

    5. How will a sudden weather change affect your dog?

    The weatherman may or may not be right, but the weather is often unpredictable, and your dog should not suffer the worst for it. If it rains, does your dog have a shelter to get into? If it gets cold, can your dog find a place to be warm at?

    Solutions include insulated dog houses to doggy doors into the garage or home. Even if there’s a weather change all of a sudden, you do not have to leave all tasks to return back to your dog. So, it is essential you take the correct steps to protect your dog from the weather.

    aussiedoodle puppy checklist How Long Can an Aussiedoodle Puppy Be Left Alone?

    How Long Can an Aussiedoodle Puppy Be Left Alone?

    The answer depends on a number of things. For example, Doodle pups are extremely high-maintenance & they cannot be alone for too long.

    Aussiedoodle puppies that are aged less than six months shouldn’t be left alone for over 2h.

    When you’re managing puppies, you’ve got to establish a stable feeding schedule and crate. Any obstacle to this will cause a delay in the crate-training process and be a barrier in the way of your puppy’s ever-growing health.

    How Can You Leave an Aussiedoodle Home Successfully?

    Your Aussiedoodle can get quite anxious when left home alone. The good news is that you have the capability to do many things to keep your Aussiedoodle calm and let it have a good time. Here are a few things that you can do:

    Your Dog Should Be Exhausted Both Mentally and Physically

    Aussiedoodles are a very active and energetic breed, so you have to make sure that they are well-exercised. So, you should give them a walk through the neighborhood or play a little fetch in the backyard before leaving.

    While we are usually good at giving our dogs proper exercise, many often neglect another important aspect- mental stimulation.

    As one super-intelligent breed, Aussiedoodles will enjoy mental games.

    You’ll find many different games the dog would cherish.

    Puzzles With Secret Surprises Bring Your Aussiedoodle Much Joy

    You can use the KONG toy alongside food to offer the dog things to work with.

    The Outward Hounds Puzzle Brick is a suitable toy for dogs who are older and do not destroy all that’s in sight. This game requires your dog to move around the different pieces in order to reach the secreted treats.

    The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball toy must be filled up with treats before leaving. When you’re away, the Doodle would need to kick it around the floor in order to reach the reward.

    DOGTV and TV When You’re Away

    The television is quite the first-choice babysitter for parents of kids. So, why can you not use it for your dog as well?

    Apparently, you can leave your TV, Netflix, or even YouTube on for the dog to watch its favorite shows. Maybe first, you can pin down what your dog’s favorite shows are.

    Researchers have studied on it, and it includes three steps: relaxing, stimulating & exposing.

    Come Back Home for Lunch

    If you work close to your home or if you can afford a longer lunch break, by all means, come back to home and attend to your dog. This will give the dog enough time to take a break outside and get mentally stimulated. It will act as the fuel for the rest of the day until you are home again for them.

    Ask Someone Else to Take Your Dog Outdoors

    If you have to let your dog be alone for once / twice a week for a few hours, you can ask the neighbors if they can manage to give it a stroll around when you are not home. You can also ask friends or family members to do it.

    However, if you have to leave your dog behind quite often, it’d be better to find a permanent solution. You do not want to ‘deplete’ that favor account with others.

    Consider Hiring a Walker

    So, you cannot find a person willing to take care of your dog when you are not home? You can hire a professional dog walker. As per the choices in the place, the walker will come to the house every single day at a fixed time and take care of your dog by feeding, walking, and playing with it.

    It is an expensive option, but it’s a near-optimal answer for people who can’t afford doggy daycare.

    Doggy Daycare

    It’s equivalent of the Roll Royce for leaving the Aussiedoodle for the day, and you won’t have to worry about anything other than money.

    Prices would usually fluctuate based on the specific services you get but expect to spend an average of between $15 – $35 dollars each day.

    A 30-day package will cost about $200 – $500, more economical than the daily price but still quite expensive.

    Go To Work With Your Dog

    If you do not find any of the mentioned options feasible, then you have one option left- take your dog to work with you. You can leave it at the back of your car. However, there’s some stuff you must be aware of.

    If you’ve got meetings throughout the day- you should not take your dog because you will not be able to let out to breathe and play every 2hours. Secondly, if your dog barks too much – it won’t be shocking if the colleagues do not appreciate it.

    Ways To Keep Aussiedoodles In Top Shape Is it Easy to Train Aussiedoodles aussiedoodle puppy checklist Are Aussiedoodles Calm Dogs when do aussiedoodles stop growing Can You Leave An Aussiedoodle Alone For 8 Hours

    Can You Leave An Aussiedoodle Alone For 8 Hours?

    It is understandable that it’s completely against your heart to be asking the question. However, yes, it is possible if specific measures are carefully taken.

    A puppy (aged below 6 months) should never be left alone for over 2h. While you can leave an Aussiedoodle for eight hours, consider issues like its anxiety and distractions to keep it perfectly safe and alright.

    Outdoors Access

    One primary concern when leaving your dog alone is how it will relieve itself? If you’ve got to confine your Aussiedoodle in its crate with no access to the outdoors, there is a high chance you will come back to an unwanted mess, which of course, is not on your dog.

    Aussiedoodles must relieve themselves every 4-5 hours, and that is why you should not leave one alone for over 5 hours. Puppies need to go more often. If you cannot manage for it to go outdoors to relieve itself, there should be a place at home and training for it.

    Take Small Steps

    If you’ve got to leave your Doodle for a long while, you should make it accustomed to it gradually. Purchase the dog when you can take leave from work. Then, leave it for one hour, two hours, and gradually add to the hours. Make sure that your dog is alright with the increasing hours being left alone.

    It’d be even better if you can ask a neighbor or family member to drop by during these long periods of absence. They can remove the Aussiedoodles’ boredom by taking it out on a walk.

    Remove the Boredom

    Aussiedoodles require to be stimulated or engage in destructive behavior like eating your shoes, destroying your furniture. This is why you’ll have to take it out on a stroll or arrange something stimulating for it.

    You have the option to fill up a Kong using a little water-soaked dog food. This will offer him a snack, but it’ll get him stimulated as he strives to get the food out as well. Chewy toys but having the TV or radio on are also good ways to distract the dog from several problems.

    Warmth and Comfort

    While crates are an amazing way to train your dog, you cannot expect the dog to stay in the crate for 5-8 hours, can you? Even you cannot. Therefore, a comfy bed will be a better thing to give to him.

    Moreover, you should ensure you are providing your dog with the right temperature. During summers, you can leave the fan on to not just make it cold but also to cancel out noise that could make your dog bark. During winter, you can just make the bed comfortable enough with more layers.

    Hydration and Exercise

    It is very necessary that you leave at least a water bowl water for your dog to drink any time it wants.

    You should try and wake up one hour early before work to take your dog on a morning walk. A nicely exercised Doodle will not be bored as easily and won’t wreak havoc while you are gone.

    Final Words

    There is no sure answer to whether you can leave your Aussiedoodle alone or for how long. It depends on a number of factors. For example, if you live on thirty acres of land, there is enough space for the Aussiedoodle to run around and a way back into the house when the weather changes. This means that you can live your Aussiedoodle alone for a while with access to food.

    However, this is not always the case. But, even if you do not have the resources and space, you can make a favorable condition for your Aussiedoodle to be left alone.

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