Can Two Female Rottweilers Live Together? & Can They Get Along?

Can Two Female Rottweilers Live Together & Get Along?

Rottweilers are one of the smartest breeds of dogs which is why a lot of people like to adopt them as pets. They are loyal and honest and protective of their owner and home. However, when it comes to adding two Rottweilers puppies to your home, you should understand the complications.

When it comes to owning two Rottweilers, the thought that they will sort their things on their own and get along is not right. This means you should do your research and not make any decisions without considering all the aspects.

Petting two puppies is a task. And when they are the same breed, it becomes challenging. When it comes to adopting two female Rottweiler puppies, you should take into account a lot of things to make sure they can live peacefully together in your home.

Let us try to find the answer to the question whether two female Rottweilers can live together and get along.

2 male rottweilers

Can Two Female Rottweilers Live Together?

You might love Rottweilers so much that you want multiple of them with you. You might come across an adorable pup who you think would love playing with your female Rottweiler. Or you might see that the local dog breeder has two last puppies left and they are female Rottweilers who love to be together.

You might find it difficult to choose one over the other or to separate them from each other. You may decide to bring both the female Rottweilers with you. But the question that arises in this situation is whether they will live with peace and harmony. You might have to think a lot about bringing two same breed female dogs.

Expert dog knowledge says that though the pups may be adorable and playful at the time, their play fights can turn serious as they grow. It is often said about female dogs that they are not as dominant as males. But the truth is different in most scenarios. The fights between two female dogs of the same breed can reach a point of life and death.

As a dog owner, you certainly want to avoid such a situation for both the dog and yourself, whatever are the implications. There are chances that the two female Rottweilers start competing with each other as they grow and fight in front of you. They can fight over anything and race to be the first of the two. Both of them may want to be the first to be fed, first to walk through a door and first to get a toy and the list doesn’t end.

Owning Two Rottweilers

Do Two Female Dogs Get Along?

When you see two little puppies playing and cuddling together, you might feel like adopting them both. However, there are chances that they engage in some fierce discussion as they grow and mature. You might think that the two ladies will get along really well. But it is likely that they make their fights more serious as they grow and even injure each other severely.

This is most common when the two female dogs are of the same breed or when they are of similar ages. This can also happen when you have an older dog and introduce a younger one to the house. When the two of them are closer in age, they compete a lot.

If you are trying to adopt a younger female dog while owning an older one, there is a risk involved as well. It is possible that the younger pup considers the older dog weak and therefore tries to dominate it, resulting in a fight. Though this may seem to be disheartening, it is important that you consider the results before trying to get two female dogs into your home.

No dog owner would want to own two dogs who constantly fight and give rise to problems in the house. You should also note that this may not happen in your family and your female dogs can live peacefully together. There are instances of two female dogs getting along great and living together all through their lives. However, it is worth checking on both sides of the situation to make sure you as well as your dogs stay safe and happy.

Can Two Female Rottweilers Live together

Owning Two Rottweilers – A Complete Guide

Owning two female Rottweilers is not a good choice but it is fine to own two Rottweilers of the opposite sex. While this has a greater chance of success, here are some points you should keep in mind to avoid any problems.

The first thing is to use different strategies and tools to manage their behavior and keep them disciplined. Tools like tethers, crates, and baby gates help with behavior management as you reinforce a positive attitude through training.


Though training is vital for dogs, it becomes more essential when you have two dogs in the house. For example, it is much easier to intervene successfully in an escalating conflict when the dogs respond to your cues to become calm.

Stay Calm

You can adopt a calm and serene behavior around your dogs, particularly when they are aggressive. Avoid shouting, screaming, or yelling when the dogs fight because this will only increase the stress further and worsen the situation.


A tired dog is more likely to be obedient so you should try and make sure your dogs get enough exercise to reduce their stress levels and the risks of conflict between the two Rottweilers.

Will Two Male Rottweilers Get Along

Raising Two Male Rottweilers – What You Should Know?

Raising two male Rottweilers involves the same considerations as keeping two female Rottweilers. Even when the two dogs are neutered, there are chances they get aggressive and fight. However, it does not mean you should never own two Rottweilers because this depends a lot on the nature of the two dogs.

If you already have a Rottweiler and want to bring in another one, you should consider introducing them on neutral ground to see how they get along. If you find that they don’t fight or get aggressive, you can bring in the other male Rottweiler for a trial period to evaluate how things go in the household. While most of them can get along peacefully, adopting two male Rottweilers is often like a game where the future consequence is unknown. The two puppies may become so bonded and dependent that they may find it difficult to bond with you.

Raising two make Rottweilers at the same time may instill greater behavioral problems into them as compared to pups raised individually.

Do 2 Female Dogs Get Along

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