best age to breed a rottweiler

Best Age To Breed A Rottweiler

Rottweilers are quickly becoming one of the more popular breeds of dogs in the United States to the fact that they have a very loyal and loving nature. This increase in demand has led many owners to consider breeding their own rottweilers. Whether you have a male or a female dog, there are some fundamental things you should understand before you ever consider breeding them.

A Rottweiler will reach its sexual maturity at 2 years of age. This is the same for both male and female dogs and experts agree that this is the earliest you should ever breed them. With the health of your female Rottweiler, experts also recommend that you avoid breeding before her second cycle.

In this article we will talk about what the best way to breed your Rottweiler is and why breeding them too young is too old is inadvisable.

Why You Have To Wait To Breed Your Rottweiler

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    Your dog’s health should be your number one consideration when choosing to breed them and ensuring that you protect this as much as possible means following a specific set of guidelines.

    Breeding your dog too late or too early can cause a serious problem. Dogs that are bred to young and usually lack the maturity needed to a healthy nurse a little of newborn puppies.

    Things You Should Know Before Breeding a Female Rottweiler

    Successfully breeding a female animal is far more complicated than breeding a male.

    With this in mind breeding a Rottweiler when they reach their first heat cycle which can happen as young as 16 months it’s not something that you should consider your veterinarian will advise you for the best and safest results you should wait until she’s at least 2 years old and then stop breeding before she reaches the age of 8.

    one of the biggest risks attached to breeding rottweilers before they’re ready is that you can cause extreme confusion and some serious mental anguish this regularly results in these young mothers completely neglecting their new litters of puppies.

    Waiting to breed your Rottweiler until she’s too old can also lead to a series of different defects occurring in her puppies and also create serious health issues for your dog.

    As a Rottweiler gets older, the quality of the eggs she produces will deteriorate making it increasingly difficult for her to safely carry pregnancies to term and when she does, it can also result in puppies being born with different defects.

    Things You Should Know Before Breeding a Male Rottweiler

    Has recovered previously in the article although breeding a male rottweiler is far less complicated than a female, there are a series of considerations that you need to take into account to protect their health.

    Male rottweilers like females should never be bred until they’re sexually mature and at least two years of age.

    You should also breed him before the age of 10 as the quality of their sperm will deteriorate when they get older.

    Always take your man rottweiler for regular veterinarian checkups to make sure they’re healthy enough to continue to breed.

    Screening from a vet regularly will help identify any potential health problems that could be transferred to your dog’s offspring. Identifying these genomes early enough discontinue the possibility of them being spread through the breeding process.

    Best Age To Breed A Rottweiler

    Obviously, when you’re breeding your Rottweiler your primary purpose is to produce a healthy litter of puppies and look after the health of the mother.

    To do this, understand the importance of breeding and age and how both can affect the health of the puppies and the dog.

    Breeding a Rottweiler Too Young

    If you breed either a female or a male rottweiler before they are ready this could have the potential of some serious consequences for their puppies. You also risk mentally damaging the younger female when she’s bred too young if you don’t wait for her to be fully developed they can prove very difficult for her to successfully carry a litter of puppies to term.

    It also increases the possibility of silver than miscarriages as the stress placed on her young body is greatly increased.

    Despite the fact, you may hear some careless breeders saying rottweilers are mature enough to be bred at one this is not true their pelvis has yet to be fully developed and during the welding process, this can easily lead to the loss of both mother and puppies.

    Breeding a Rottweiler Too Old

    Once you’re Rottweiler has produced several healthy litters of puppies. It’s time to consider that she may no longer be safe to breed. Statistically, as a female Rottweiler gets older, she said a much greater risk of stillbirths and miscarriages.

    If you consider breeding your female Rottweiler past the age of eight, you risk her eggs becoming inviable and producing litters of puppies that may suffer from a series of different illnesses.

    Abnormalities are far more common in older dogs eggs and waiting too long are over breeding can easily result in unhealthy litters of puppies.

    Breeding too old can also result in mothers having severe difficulties in safely nurturing and raising their puppies. It is very common for female rottweilers to lose their ability to produce a healthy amount of milk, essential to the support of their puppies. Someone will even dry up long before their puppies have weaned.

    Information is power when breeding your Rottweiler. Experts who recommend that you check they are in the most optimum level of health before breeding, and this can be done by taking them from regular veterinarian visits. As the dog gets older and they may have had a few liters of puppies, always check to see if they’re safely capable of carrying another litter to term before you consider breeding again.

    Your dog’s health should always be a priority before any financial considerations. If your intention is to become a successful breeder, putting the health of your Rottweiler first will ensure they can safely produce litters of healthy puppies.

    best age to breed a rottweiler

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