best age to breed a cavapoo

Best Age To Breed a Cavapoo

In this article we will be taking a look at the topic of breeding a Cavapoo, what is the most appropriate age for breeding, and some basic information about breeding.

The best age to breed a Cavapoo is between the ages of one to five years. During this period there are likely to be fewer complications than before or after this window. The absolute maximum age is under eight years for healthy breeding.

When breeding a Cavapoo there are several factors you have to consider. Read on to find out all the details.

Protecting the Health of your Cavapoo During the breeding

Breeding a dog is something that many dog owners find to be a rewarding experience, but it is also something that should only be done after weighing up a number of factors to ensure that the dog is suitable for breeding.

Before you think about breeding you should evaluate the overall health of your dog. If your dog has developed health issues that are a cause of concern then you should think twice about breeding. If the health problem can be resolved then do so before breeding. If the problem is chronic then you should abandon the idea.

Has the dog previously been bred? If so, what is the health of the offspring? If they have developed hereditary problems then you should reconsider your plans, as your dog is clearly bad breeding stock. The creed used by professional dog breeders is “Breed to improve.” The idea is to improve the bloodlines of that breed, not to weaken the breed.

If your dog has been bred before. How did the pregnancy go? Most vets will agree that dogs who have had a C Section which was not scheduled, a previous Miscarriage, or troubledlabor and delivery, should not be bred again.

Breeding too Young

Dogs are usually sexually mature at just six months, however, is suggested that you do not breed a dog until it is at least one year old, and has had a full season before attempting to mate her. Before a dog is bred it should be both physically and mentally mature. If you attempt to breed a dog that has not reached maturity it can take too much of the dog’s resources, making complications more likely. In extreme cases breeding too young can have fatal consequences.

Breeding too Old

Most Kennel Clubs will only register litters from dogs under eight years of age. Most experts will suggest that the oldest you should really breed is five years of age, but the absolute limit is eight. They also suggest that dogs should only have a maximum of 4 to 6 litters. Again, some kennel clubs will not register litters that exceed this. Unfortunately, some puppy mills will totally ignore these guidelines, to the detriment of the dogs and puppies concerned.

General Health Issues with a Cavapoo

There are at least three main health problems that the Cavapoo is frequently susceptible to. These include the following:

Hip Dysplasia

According to the American Kennel Club, this is a common problem in several breeds of dogs. It is an issue that can have a huge effect on the quality of life that the dog enjoys. Hip dysplasia is a hip deformity. This deformity appears while the dog is growing. In a healthy dog, the “ball” and the “socket” in the hip joint grow at an equal rate. This is not the case in a dog with hip dysplasia and this results in a “loose” joint. This condition tends to run in families.


The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty in Animals/WebMD state that Cataracts can be caused by disease, the dog growing old, and eye trauma, but the most frequent cause is inherited eye conditions. Removing the cataract from the eye of a dog will cost the owner around $2,700 to $4,000 in the USA. It is very similar to the surgery given to humans and is the only way of resolving this problem.

Mitral Valve Disease (Endocardiosis)

Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA an award-winning veterinarian stated that Endocardiosis is the most common cardiac problem with dogs.

Sometimes called Mitral Valve disease this disease is responsible for 75% of all canine heart problems. The degenerative process that causes this disease is genetic in nature. Treatment is normally through special medication.


Talk to experience Cavapoo Breeders, they can be a great help to you as a novice. Possibly your vet has information about someone locally or contact Cavapoo Love (USA) for a list of breeders on their website and other information. If you are in the UK, you may wish to contact The Cavapoo Club Great Britain, who also has a breeders list.

Understanding the cycle

Like human menstruation, the heat cycle regulates the reproduction of your Cavapoo. You should be familiar with this cycle. Female dogs will heat for the first time between 4 months and 18 months. The heat will last around 2-4 weeks. A general rule is that your Cavapoo will be fertile for something like 9-10 days from the commencement of heat, and will remain so for about 5 days. After becoming mature, most dogs will go into heat on a regular basis, which maybe every six months – twelve months

The Four Stages of the Heat Cycle

Proestrus: Swollen vulva, blood discharge. Male dogs will be interested but the female will obstruct by tucking her tail.

Estrus: Swollen vulva, lighter color discharge. Males are still interested. The female will move her tail out of the way to facilitate mating.

Diestrus: The moment has passed and the male is no longer interested. The female is also no longer receptive. If the female is impregnated then she prepares to whelp, if not the vulva will shrink.

Anestrus: Female is no longer in heat until the next cycle begins (Proestrus).

best age to breed a cavapoo

Best Age To Breed A Cavapoo

When to breed my Cavapoo?

Ovulation generally occurs between the tenth and fourteenth days after the onset of blood. This is the optimum time to breed.

How do I know my Cavapoo is pregnant?

It’s quite complicated by there are some easy to spot indications. These might include a color change in the nipples, At about 4 -55 weeks into the pregnancy the waist begins to expand and the tummy gets larger. Between 6 -9 weeks, the belly becomes expanded and the mammary glands start to swell.

Will having over 4 litters shorten my dog’s life

No, this is not the case.

Should I breed the dog more than once during the heat?

Breeding two or three times during the Estrus phase will be more likely to succeed.

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