What Is the Best Age to Neuter a Maltipoo

What Is The Best Age To Neuter A Maltipoo?

Maltipoos are cute little pups that you get when you cross-breed a Maltese and a Poodle. These cute and cuddly little dogs are great companions and love to snuggle. One of the first things you may wonder when picking up your pup is what is the best age to neuter a Maltipoo?

Vets generally agree that the best time to have your Maltipoo neutered is right around the time that they are between four and nine months old. This timeframe is when the dog will hit puberty, and timing it right will bring with it several positive health benefits.

For Maltipoo owners that are interested in learning more about when the best age to neuter your pup is and why it is recommended to do so, you could benefit by reading on.

What Is the Best Age to Neuter a Maltipoo?

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Getting your Maltipoo neutered at the correct time can ensure that your little pup gets the full benefit from a number of health effects. As stated previously, the best time to get your Maltipoo neutered is right around the ages of four and nine months old.

That is quite a broad timeframe, but vets agree that getting them neutered during this time is the best choice. That is because it is during this time that your Maltipoo will reach the age of puberty. Once you notice your dog has reached puberty it is a good time to get them neutered.

Most commonly this will be when your pup reaches six months of age, but make sure to check to make sure your dog has hit puberty before bringing them in to be neutered. There is not much worry about getting your Maltipoo neutered too early, as an experienced vet will be able to tell you whether or not they are ready to be neutered.

Avoid getting your Maltipoo neutered once they are an adult. If they have already reached adulthood there can be risks of complications during the surgery, and no owner wants to have to put their dog or themselves through that.

Also, do not get your Maltipoo neutered if they are overweight or of poor health, as complications can also arise due to this. If you have concerns about whether or not your Maltipoo is ready to be neutered make sure to consult your vet.

Why Should I Neuter My Maltipoo?

There are so many different reasons that you should neuter your Maltipoo, one of the most notable being that it will improve the quality of life of your pup almost assuredly. Also, you won’t need to worry about your little buddy running off and getting the neighbor’s dog pregnant!

Getting your Maltipoo neutered helps with their health. Getting him neutered will eliminate the risk of him getting testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is a major killer of Maltipoos, so getting rid of the root of the problem before it ever becomes a bigger issue is a great move.

Neutering your Maltipoo will also guarantee that he is at his best behavior all the time. Neutering is the best way that you can prevent behaviors that stem from wanting to be territorial, and will also reduce the aggression of your dog.

If you don’t want your pup marking his territory everywhere, he goes or trying to run off in search of a mate then neutering him is the best way to go. It not only gives you less of a headache, but the health benefits that your Maltipoo will enjoy make it doubly worth it.

Another thing that many dog owners may not think about is the fact that you can save the lives of other Maltipoo pups. There are millions of animals that suffer the fate of euthenization every year because there just aren’t enough owners able to take care of them. Preventing the birth of unwanted litters of pups is another good reason to have your Maltipoo neutered.

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How Should I Care for my Maltipoo After the Surgery?

Immediately after the surgery is complete you may notice your pup still a bit woozy due to the anesthesia. Depending on the clinic you go to, your dog may spend the night there or be allowed to go home on the same day. This all depends on how well your Maltipoo handles the surgery.

If they experience some discomfort after they are neutered then they may be distributed some pain medication. In general, over the next week you should limit the activity of you pup until they heal up.

Always check the area for any signs of swelling or unnatural redness as this may be a sign of infection or other issues. Most commonly you will have a post-surgery checkup scheduled around a week after your Maltipoo gets neutered. The vet can then check on how your pup is doing and remove the stitches.

Take them on walks and limit the speed at which you go. Try your best not to allow your Maltipoo to run around, as this may tear their stitches or cause them discomfort. Think about putting them on a leash and taking them on a short walk so that they can get their energy out.

Simply take care of your dog and ensure that they do not overly exert themselves while their wound heals. After they have fully recovered from the surgery, they will be ready and raring to go for some much-needed playtime, so make sure to indulge them in that!

maltipoo care after surgery

Things to Think About

There may be some dog owners who are on the fence about getting their Maltipoos neutered, so here are a few more things about neutering that may serve to convince you it is a worthwhile thing to do.

  • The procedure is totally painless. A general anesthetic is given to your beloved Maltipoo to ensure that he gets through the surgery without experiencing any pain. He’ll be in and out without even feeling a thing.
  • There is no worry about your Maltipoo becoming fat or lazy. Ensuring that you pup gets regular exercise and playtime will keep your puppy trim and handsome. And really, he should be getting these things anyway.
  • You also do not need to worry about your Maltipoo becoming any less “manly”. They will still be a tough boy that loves to play, and with the elimination of the risk of testicular cancer you can spend many more years with your best buddy.
  • You vet will inform you whether or not your pup is too young to be neutered. Generally, it will be done right around six months old, or when your Maltipoo reaches puberty.


What Is the Best Age to Neuter a Maltipoo

Choosing to have your Maltipoo neutered is one of the very best things that you can do for them. Aside from bringing them a good number of health benefits, you reduce the possible stress that you may experience due to a more aggressive and territorial dog.

Just make sure that you get your pup neutered at the correct time. Right around puberty is the best time, and this occurs most commonly at six months for a Maltipoo. If you are unsure whether or not your pup is ready for the surgery do not hesitate to consult your vet.

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